Brunette dirtbag kimberly kane choked and face fucked hardcore and slapped

Brunette dirtbag kimberly kane choked and face fucked hardcore and slapped
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Last Monday I was at my In Laws house working on some outside house projects. This particular day was hot outside. We were in the middle of summer, time to get things done outside, but also get some shade when possible. Relief from the sun and heat. My In Laws, Jan and Dave have a nice house, with a pool outside in the backyard. My wife gmb id babe sex stories porn I would go over sometimes to kick back and relax in the pool with the kids and her parents.

I always noticed what a great ass Jan had. So while I am working on some outside trim, sanding, prepping the wood for some stain, Jan comes out and offers me something cold to drink, asking me what I would like. As I looked at her, I noticed she was wearing some short shorts, a very tight t shirt, showing her hard nipples.

Her B cup breasts looked delicious stuffed in her shirt. As she asked me about the drink, I lost focus and ended up having a complete overload, mind fucking her and sucking on her tits. When Jan told me she would be right back, I said thank you and watched her sweet little ass walk away. Fuck, I thought to myself, what did I end up wanting her to bring me as a drink. Ha ha, I laughed a little, thinking again how hot she is.

Let me back up some, tell you all a little about Jan. She is in her mid sixties, marathon runner, firm tits and ass, sexy face, short cropped dirty blonde hair, perky ass and tone legs from running so much. I have never told my wife, but many of times as I stroked my cock in the shower, I was thinking about her mom. Just wishing I could lick her pussy, or watch her suck my cock deep into her mouth and throat.

A few minutes later, Jan returned with a cold glass of lemonade. She added ice and a little Jack Daniels she told me. She goggled some, telling me on a hot day, a drink to relax some is always nice. She then commented on the work I had been doing. Jan told me she noticed how hard I work and how it must be tiring working over all this wood. I looked at her and Jan said she would have done it, but it may be to much wood to handle.

Jan smiled at me and told me to enjoy my drink.

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Feeling the heat of the day and the light buzz I got from the drink Jan had given me, I sat down for a few minutes on a bench in the back yard, over looking the pool.

The sun was blazing, the heat waves rising off the desert hills. I looked out, wiping the sweat from my head when I heard a voice. Jan was walking up toward me, in her bikini, telling me I should take a break and have another drink, then a swim for a cool off. I couldn't believe how fucking hot she looked. Her bikini barely covered her tits her bottoms looked just as sheer, with a see through summer skirt on and a round brim hat, casting some shade down on her.

She looked gorgeous and delicious at the same time. I could feel my cock tingling, throbbing, getting hard as I watched her. Teen slut dolly leigh gets humped and facialized she walked up to me, leaned in and handed me a fresh drink, her tits looked spectacular.

I could see her cleavage and her firm tits pushing at her top. She looked so sexy, looking at me, seeing that I was looking at her, enjoying what I was looking at. Jan asked me if I wouldn't mind joining her in a swim. No one was home but her and me, so no one would know I wasn't working on the house.

she laughed a little, telling me that as long as I get back to working wood when I am done, no one will notice. I couldn't believe what a flirt she was being with me. I was loving it and was hoping she would take it further, but I wanted her to make the play. My luck, I would try to kiss her or something and it would back fire. Being that she is my mother in law, I wanted to play it safe. Not having a swim suite, I got down to my boxers and headed to the pool. Jan had already gotten in and giggled some when she noticed me coming over to the water.

She asked me if I need some swim trunks. I answered no, not unless me swimming in my boxers bothers you. Being that they are boxer briefs, I realized she could see my cock all swollen and throbbing for her. Jan told me she had zero problems with it, smiling and watching me as I headed into the water. It felt so good being in the cool water.

It kicked my buzz in just a little more as I headed toward Jan. Our drinks were on the side of the pool and as she reached up for hers, I could see the perfect curve of her breasts.

She looked at me and smiled, handing me my drink. I moved in close, acting as if I swam up to her to fast. Taking my drink from her as my now half hard cock rubbed against her. Unsure of where I had rubbed against her, but I could tell she felt it. Jan asked me if I was enjoying the swim. I told her I was, very much so, but mostly enjoying relaxing with her in the pool and having some killer drinks.

Jan told me I was sweet. She then told me she always was happy her daughter found such a good man to be with. Such a strong, smart, handsome man. When Jan told me these things, she said handsome and her look changed. She was mind fucking me back. ha ha, I couldn't believe it.

I told Jan I was happy that she was so pleased with me. As I said this, she was taking a drink and she choked some. She giggled and said, well played, good choice of words. A few minutes later, I excused myself to go pee. Jan said, hurry back, I will have another drink waiting for you. I couldn't believe she was trying to get me buzzed and working it, trying to seduce me.

If she only knew she could have been sucking and fucking my cock from the moment I arrived, but games are fun, so I would play along. Next thing I know, I am in the bathroom, peeing and I look over and on the counter, is Jan's clothes that she changed out of to get into her bikini. Right on top, a lace red thong. I couldn't fucking believe the luck. Jan's dirty panties right there for me to see, to hold to my nose and smell her, taste her, to rub them on my cock, which within a second I was doing.

I couldn't believe how wet gorgeous babes darla and gwen in a hardcore threeway sex threesomes fantasies crotch was. She smelled so good and the panties had some white cream marks, from what looked like cum from her playing with her pussy. My cock was so hard, I had to stroke it.

I stroked it hard and fast, smelling Jan's wet panties. I wanted to taste her so bad, wanted to feel her wet cream on my lips and tongue. By this point, my cock was throbbing, aching to cum. Suddenly I hear a knock on the bathroom door and before I could say anything, Jan opened the door.

I tried to hide what I was doing, but I was busted. Jan looked at me and told me oh, excuse me, I was just going to grab my dirty clothes from the counter. As she looked over, she noticed her panties gone. Jan asked me if I had taken them. I couldn't have lied if I had tried or wanted to, which I didn't want to, so I told her I had them in my hand. As Jan looked at my rock hard cock and her panties in the other hand, she asked me what I was doing with them.

So I showed her. I put her panties to my nose, stroking my long hard cock at the same time. I showed her how hard she had gotten me and that I was leaking some pre cum from the tip of my cock. I smelled her sweet pussy on her panties as I stroked my cock in front of her.

With long fast strokes, inhaling her sweet smell, I worked my cock good for her to see. Jan told me how good my cock looked, how hard it was. She moved closer, asking me if she could touch it. I told her please do, feeling her soft hand wrap around my shaft. Jan told me she loved how thick it was and stroked my cock so slow.

I continued to smell her panties, looking at her, looking up at me, with fire in her eyes. Jan knelt in front of me, without a word, she slipped my cock into her hungry mouth.

She moaned as she took my cock into her mouth, then pushing me deep into her throat. Jan worked my cock so fucking good with her mouth. When I looked down, I just couldn't believe my mother in law was sucking my cock down her throat, gagging herself on it over and over.

When I could feel my cum rising from my balls up to my cock, her sucking so intense, even if I tried, I couldn't have held back. I told Jan I was close and she squeezed and pulled on my balls. Felt so good, I couldn't believe the intensity of the orgasm that was building inside me, about to explode all of my cum into her perfect hot mouth.

Jan moaned om my cock, working my balls while sucking my cock deep and fast. I reached down, wrapping my hand under her chin so I could fuck her mouth and I could feel her spit running down her chin. She was devouring my cock, wanting more and more I deep throat fucker her. Jan looked up at me as I held her panties to my nose, fucking her mouth. I told her she smelled delicious.

I told her I wanted to fuck her wet pussy too, fuck her in the ass and see her cum on my cock. Jan sucked deeper, making me cum in her mouth.

I lost it so good in her throat, load after load of my cum filled her mouth and throat. Jan was enjoying it so much, I loved looking down seeing her beautiful face, her eyes looking up at me, her pink lips wrapped around my shaft as it twitched in her mouth, giving her more and more cum.

Her hands on my balls, felt so good, like she was controlling my orgasm, making me cum every time she pulled down on them as her mouth took me deeper into her throat. I shook as the last drops of my cum flowed into Jan's mouth.

My legs felt weak she sucked me off so good. Jan looked up, my wet cock falling from her lips as she told me how yummy mu cum was. Jan stood, kissing me. She told me she enjoyed sucking my cock very much and it seriously turned her on finding me stroking my cock thinking about her while smelling her panties. She hoped to do it again soon, then she walked out.

looking back, Jan told me, keep those panties, think of me later handsome. I sat back for a minute, my cock still hard. I couldn't believe Jan had just sucked my cock. I also couldn't believe what an amazing blowjob my mother in law gave.

I felt myself wanting more. I wanted to fuck her so bad, lay her down and spread her legs, licking and kissing my way to her sweet pussy. I couldn't help but wonder what her sweet wet pussy would look like nice and tight around my thick cock.

A few minutes went by and I realized, I needed to leave the bathroom, or she may think I was jerking off again and, wait, I thought, maybe she wanted me to keep going. Fuck it, I walked out, hard cock stuffed into my pants. Kinky girls screwed by perverted dudes in hotel room looked around and couldn't find Jan.

I looked outside and in the garage, no one else was at the house, so I knew we were still alone. I knew where she had to of gone, so I headed to her bedroom.

Not sure why, but I knocked as I walked in and Jan told me to please come in. When I walked into her room, I wasn't quite sure what to expect, but what I walked into was a fantasy come true. Jan was on her bed, legs spread, her pussy was so wet and so filled. She had a long thick black dildo in her tight hole. I could see her pussy grasping it tight, with her creamy juices all over it, running down to her asshole.

Jan asked me if I liked what I saw. As I told her yes, I freed my throbbing cock. Jan purred, telling me she loved my fucking cock.

Jan's fingers worked over her clit, her body shaking some as she worked over her swollen little button. I walked closer, not hesitating, I took her legs, kissing lovesome kitten is gaping narrow twat in closeup and having orgasm one by one, slowly making my way closer to her pussy. Jan told me she loved how my beard felt on her skin, then she told me how good it felt on her pussy as I licked over her clit.

Fuck she tasted and smelled so good. I looked up at her and sucked her clit into my mouth, lapping my tongue over it, fast, then slow, then fast again, teasing her. Jan loved this and pulled my head into her. I worked the dildo in and out of her pussy slowly as I sucked her clit, making her cum shortly after.

Jan shook, telling me she was cumming, she was cumming on my tongue she said. I latinas first cam show watch more of her at ulacamcom loved her dirty talk and it felt amazing feeling her cum for me, mm, delicious.

My cock showed it's approval as well, throbbing at the head I was so hard. I moved up from Jan's pussy, kissing my way up her flat firm tummy. I pushed the dildo deep into her pussy, looking up at her to see her reaction. Such a dirty girl, loving being so full.

I told her I wanted to fuck her, I wanted to fuck her in the ass. I pulled her legs up in front of me, holding her ankles. Jan looked at me and told me to be gentle, she had never had her ass fucked by such a large cock, but especially with a dildo stuffed in her pussy. I told her to just relax as I stroked the head of my cock over her wet tight asshole. Jan purred, telling me it felt good, feeling my cock lightly rub over her asshole.

Her pussy was so wet, the constant dribble of her sweet pussy juice lubed my cock right up as I slowly pushed the head of my cock into her tight asshole. Just teasing a little at first, only dipping the head in some, getting it nice and wet, stretching her sweet ass some. Fuck she felt so good, her asshole was so tight. I could see how tight her pussy was, wrapped around her thick toys shaft.

As I pressed deeper, Jan shook, telling me over and over how fucking good it felt being double filled. As she talked dirty, I went deeper and deeper, slowly, in and out with long strokes.

Jan lost it, cumming as I went faster, fucking her ass deeper and harder.

At one point, Jan's eyes rolled back as I pounded her tight sweet little pink asshole deep and fucking hard. Her pussy was squirting from around the dildo as she lost her mind in the hardest fuck I think she had ever gotten. I looked down and could see a white creamy frosting of cum on my cock from her pussy and ass. I couldn't believe she was such a naughty girl, so I fucking pounded harder and deeper then ever before.

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It felt so good feeling her asshole around the shaft of my cock. As I drilled deep inside of her, I could feel the head of the dildo inside of her pussy from inside of her asshole. the ridge of the dildo head was rubbing the head of my cock and not much longer, I couldn't hold back.

I leaned in and kissed Jan, telling her I was going to fucking cum in her asshole.

As I erupted deep inside of her ass, Jan pushed against me, getting me as deep inside of her as possible. She shook, telling me she could feel my cum squirting inside of her ass.

It was so hot and so sexy hearing her tell me that. Jan and I slowed down, my cock still deep inside of her, her dildo still packed in as deep as it could go. As she shook on my cock, her body quivering, we kissed again, looking at each other, both in disbelief as to what had just happened. Jan put her hand on my face and told me wow, just fucking WOW. I agreed and kissed her again as I slowly slipped my cock from her cum dripping and stretched asshole. I about lost another load when I kissed her legs, slowly easing the dildo from her pussy, feeling how tight she had gotten around the thickness of it's shaft.

The head slipped from her tight grip and her cum pored from her gaped hole. Both her pussy and asshole looked so hot nice and red and well fucked. The dildo was dripping with cum, bringing it to her mouth, I told her to suck it clean. Without hesitation, Jan sucked it deep and good, cleaning all of her cum from the rubber cock. As I kissed her again, tasting her cum with her on her tongue and lips, I felt her firm breasts in my hands, her sweat was making her glossy in the light, mia khalifa xxx sex stories first time looked so hot.

We never have told anyone about our fuck that day, or any of the ones after. Let's just say, Jan has a lot of work for me to do at her place these days. Not only do I get to fucking drill her holes like the dirty motherfucker that I am, but she pays me in the end so my wife thinks nothing of it. Yummy, nothing like a hot Mother In Law,