Shemale and a chick with strap on gangbanging dudes ass

Shemale and a chick with strap on gangbanging dudes ass
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Kay and I laid in the dwindling sunlight awhile longer. The shadows cast over our bodies and the cool night air moved in. Our body heat had long disappeared in the time we'd spent gazing into one another. Words weren't necessary.

There was a chemistry between us that we just couldn't deny. It was like I knew exactly what she was saying.even when she was silent. I was sure she felt the same way. This was the girl I loved. Kay. This was the girl I'd wanted ever since I could remember. This was the girl that had tormented my soul without even knowing it. She was my first love. And how had I treated her? Kay had, as to my knowledge, always been faithful to me. She loved me.

She told me so. No matter how many times I told Kay I loved her, something in the back of my mind wanted to contradict myself. Did I really love her? Could it be I just felt connected to her since she was my first? I know I loved the sex, but what about Kay as a person? I was so confused. Almost immediately following my first sexual experience, I added another to my laundry list. Heather. How did I feel about her? I told her I loved her too. I had taken her to prom. People had assumed we were an "item" and we never corrected them.

She had actually been my girlfriend. Kay never was. Then there were the almost countless other sluts I'd fucked out of pure horniness. How could I do that if I told someone I loved them and actually meant it? Hell, I'd even deflowered Kays own sister, Brianna. There's another girl I'd sworn I loved. With Brianna, though, I knew from the beginning I didn't love her. I never could.

She was a good stress reliever. That's it. Now, I'd gotten Kay back, wanted nothing to do with Brianna, and lost Heather.

God, I missed Heather. "What are you thinking of, baby?" Kay asked, breaking my thought process. "Nothing. Just glad you're back." I said. I put on a fake smile. Kay rolled onto her back and closed her eyes. She inhaled deeply and stretched her arms. She opened her eyes and looked at me. "I think we better get going." I said.

My mind was so clouded. I didn't know what I wanted. Pregnant lady with big bosoms gives thorough blowjob and gets fucked was ready to be in a more stable relationship. I was young, but I was already tired of whoring around from one pair of open legs to the next. Kay and I could never have that relationship. What we had now was good. Why would I want to jeopardize that? I pulled my boots on and climbed in the truck.

I reached in my doorhandle and snatched my can of chew. This was the stuff keeping me from being with Heather. Made me wish I'd never started. Some people like to smoke cigarette after sex. I prefer a dip. So I put one in for the drive home.

Kay pulled her shorts back on over her hips and got in the truck. I stayed silent on the drive home. Looking back now, Kay had to know something was up. I just didn't care. Kay rambled something about how her trip was and some of the things she'd done. I wasn't really paying attention.

I pulled in my driveway. As expected, Kays dad was gone. I walked with Kay to her door. As we passed the top windows, I saw Brianna staring down at me. She didn't have on a shirt, but was proudly displaying her bra. She puckered her lips in a very suggestive way.

What had I done to this girl? I spit out my chew. Kay and I walked in and went straight up to her room. Once inside, the door was left open. As if reading my worst nightmare, Brianna waltzed into the room in her bra and skimpy panties. "Hey, Kay, I was just wondering.Oh my God!

Bret!" She yelled, playfully covering herself. "I didn't know you were here!" "It's ok, Brianna. Bret's a big boy." Kay said. I laid down on Kays bed. Kay laid next to me, resting her head on my arm. She closed her eyes. "What is it?" She asked. Brianna brought her hands down. "I was stunning legal age teenager hotty girlfriend homemade wondering what you were doing tonight." She said.

"Not a thing. I'm too tired." Kay said, not even bothering to open her eyes. "Oh. Alright then." Brianna said. Brianna ran her hand over her pussy mound and looked at me. She gave me a wink. As she turned, she "accidentally" knocked a bottle of perfume off of the dresser. She bent over slowly. Anyone could easily make out the outline of her young pussy.

Her panties clung tightly to her perfect ass. My cock betrayed me as it hardened. Brianna smiled at me and walked out of the room. I looked over to Kay. I pushed the hair out of her face. I leaned over and kissed her. She kissed back.

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I turned myself. Kay laid on her back and I got on top of her and cute young thai is introduced to hard white cock kissing. I started to lift her tank top. "I can't, Bret. I'm too tired." she said. "Come on, Kay. I need you." I said. "You just had me." She said. "That's why I want you more." I replied, furthering my advances. "No, Bret. I'm tired." she said, firmly. "Fine." I said. I got off of Kay and headed for the door.

"Where are you going?" Kay asked. "Home. You need to sleep." I said. Kay let out an angry sigh and I walked out the door. Brianna must have heard us. She was standing in the hallway. "Where are you going, Bret?" She asked. "Outta here." I said. Brianna followed me downstairs. "Wait." Brianna called. I turned around. Brianna was walking toward me. She reached behind her and unclasped her bra.

It hit the floor. "What?" I asked, annoyed. Brianna moved onto me. She grabbed my head and kissed. Being a gentlemen, I kissed back. Briannas bare breasts pressed against my chest as I ran my hands down to her ass, giving it a firm squeeze.

I bent a little and grabbed Briannas legs. I lifted her up and walked her over to the couch and laid her down. I kissed Brianna again and her hands hit my waist. In a flash, my belt was undone, my pants were unbuttoned and unzipped, and my cock was out. Brianna gripped my cock tightly, making slight tugs. I hooked Briannas skimpy panties and yanked them off. I made small circles over her slit with two fingers.

I spread Brianna wide and used my cock to poke at her pouty pussy lips for a few moments. Then I went in. My cock slipped right in and we were off. Briannas legs wrapped around my own as I thrust my hard cock into her over and over. "Oh, fuck." Brianna said. "I love you, Bret." I stopped. "Huh?" I asked. "I said I love you." She said. I looked at Brianna. How could she say that?

I eased off of her slowly. She looked dumbfounded. I slid my cock out of her and stood up and zipped and buttoned my pants. I shook my head and headed toward the door.

"What are you doing?" She shouted. I didn't say anything. Brianna closed her legs and stood. "What the fuck, Bret?" She hollered.

I just kept walking. I exited the house and got in my truck. Brianna came outside, still naked. "Fine. Fuck you, Bret! Fuck you!" she shouted. I pulled out of my drive and took off. I reached into my doorhandle for my can of chew. I took it out and began to open it. "Fuck it." I said. I threw my chew out the window and picked up my phone. I sent a text to Heather.

"Hey kid." it said. I was terrified she wouldn't text me back. "What do you want?" the reply came. "I just want to talk." I said. "Why?" She asked. "Where are you?" I said. "My house.why?" she asked. "I'll be there soon." I said. I never got a text back. I drove to Heathers house and waited outside. Heather came out wearing a grey sweater and matching sweats.

Not exactly sexy to a normal person, but I thought she looked great. "Hey." I said. "What do you want, Bret?" she asked. "Don't be like that." I said. "I just wanna talk." "About what?" She asked, finally getting close to me.

"I miss you." I said. "Uh huh." She said, rolling her eyes. "I'm serious." I said. "Well, that's you're fault." She said. "I know. I'm sorry." I said. "But hey, I quit." The entire reason our relationship dissolved was due to gran corrida en la boca de mi mujer fact Heather wanted me to choose between her and chew.

I was a dumb guy. I wasn't gonna let a girl tell me what to do. "How long?" she asked. "Been almost a month." I lied. "Well, that's good." Heather said. "It was rough. But it was for you." I said with a smile. Heather smiled back, but she tried to hide it. "Mhmm." She answered. "You know, I remember this pretty little girl telling me we could be together again if I could quit." I teased.

"Yeah. I remember that." She said. "So how 'bout it?" I asked. "Well.if you're really done.I guess I could take you back." Heather said with great sarcasm. "If that's what you want." "More than anything." I answered. Heather came close and gave me a long, long hug. It was great. Even in the cool night air, my body was warmed from the inside. She pulled her head back and looked at me. "Come on." she said. "It's chilly out." She grabbed my hand and we walked to her door.

Heather and I walked inside and into her living room. We sat down on the couch together. Before I came over, Heather had been listening to a mix CD. We listened to the music and got caught up on how we'd missed each other. That's when it happened. Boom! The CD changed to the next song.

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"A Picture of Me (Without You)" by George Jones came through the speakers. I'd always had a very soft spot for Mr. Jones. I stood up from the couch and held my hand out to Heather. "What are you doing?" she asked. "Come on." I said. Hot brunette lesbians showing off their skills with tongue hesitated, but grabbed my hand anyway. I pulled her up and placed my right hand on her waist, my left hand in her right.

Heather giggled as we danced about her living room. This was it. My confusion was gone. This was the girl I wanted. As Mr. Jones concluded his love song, my mind wandered off on it's own.

"I love you." I heard escape my lips. What the hell? The last time I heard that, I stormed from the residence. "I love you too, Bret." I heard coming back to me from Heathers mouth. Heather and I looked at each other for a few moments and kissed.

This was right. I knew this was right. Heather broke the kiss and bit her lip. She grabbed my wrist. "Come on." She instructed. She led me to her room. She closed the door behind us. The room was dimly illuminated by a bedside light. I felt my phone vibrate. What the hell? I pulled it out. New text from Kay. "What the fuck is your problem?

You fucked Brianna? She's my little sister! I fucking hate you." It said. There was more, but I didn't bother to scroll down. I simply shut my phone off and slid it back into my pocket. "Who was that?" Heather asked. "No one as important as you." I said.

Heather and I laid down on her bed and kissed some more. I didn't know how far I could go, so I was hesitant with every step. I let Heather lead. She would let me know how comfortable she was. Thank God she wasn't shy. Heather pushed me to my back. She straddle my crotch. She leaned down and kissed me some more.

While she was down, I wrapped my arms around her torso. She lifted herself up and removed her sweater. No bra. Great! She leaned back down and my hands ran up and down her naked back.

We kissed some more before I sat up and gently laid her on her back. Shadows were cast down her body from the light behind her breasts. I sat on my knees between her legs. I pulled my shirt off and laid down on her. We continued kissing. I moved my kisses south little by little.

I used my hands to massage the sides of her beautiful breasts as my kisses reached her nipples. I tickled her stomach softly and she giggled. I moved my kisses down to her stomach.

She'd always liked that. She ran her hand through my hair. I was so hard. I brought myself up and ran my hand down her stomach slowly. My fingertips rested at the elastic waistband of her sweatpants. I waited. Heather looked at me, smiled, and nodded slightly. I smiled back. I hooked my fingers underneath every bit of fabric and pulled. I got the panties and sweats in one shot. At long last, my best friend was smiling back at me.

I ran my hand down her waist and slid it right over her warm slit. My jeans had an obvious tent. Heather sat up and undid my pants. I stood up and kicked them off, boxers too. I got back into my position. Heather grasped my cock and tugged it. Pre-cum oozed out of my penis.

She leaned forward and kissed it. She opened her mouth and pulled my cock in. My eyes closed as I entered Heaven. I could feel her warm tongue swirl around as her hand continued pumping.

I placed my hands on the back of my waist and leaned backward a little. I felt air hit my saliva-covered cock as Heather removed her mouth. She laid back, scooted around a little, and opened her legs. I grabbed a leg in each hand and lifted them. I moved myself forward.

I draped each leg over one of my shoulders. I directed my cock toward her pussy. I let just the tip of my cock penetrate her outer lips. I rubbed my cock up and down her slit. The heat coming from between her legs was amazing. Slowly enough to drive her crazy, I eased in. Her legs fell from my shoulders, hooked around me, and pulled me in tight.

"Uhhh." She moaned. I was feelin' pretty good, too. I wanted to take it as slowly as possible, but Heathers continuous pulls kept me from setting a pace.

With little light in the room, I could barely see how shiny my cock was as it made its way in and out of my girl. More than once, by accident, I pulled out too far and my cock just fell out of Heather. She didn't seem to mind. I leaned forward so I could kiss Heather. As I did, I put my arms out and angled my hips.

From here, I was in control. Due to my leaning, Heathers ass was off of the bed. She was supporting her lower body wild shemale licking fat snack with passion her legs wrapped around me.

I moved my hips up and down in a "wave" motion, sending my cock gliding in and out of my love. Not that it wasn't great, but supporting the two of us like this was making me tired. I leaned back and grabbed Heather by the hands, pulling her up. I laid on my back and she was on her knees. She leaned down so we could kiss once more. I ran my hands down and cupped her ass. I assisted her in the motions of our sex. She laid down on top of me. I spread her ass cheeks.

I moved myself down a little and lifted my hips. She had knees supporting her a good amount off of me. I started bucking my hips up to the Heavens. I let my hands explore her slick back as my mouth enjoyed her nipples. I used my right middle finger to gently prod at her asshole.

She began to moan. Cheerleader veronica rodriguez gets her pussy smashed pornstars hardcore missed her so. Suddenly, without even a thought, I was cumming. It had snuck up on me. To my great delight, I felt clamps on my cock. We were cumming together. I released her nipple, closed my eyes and leaned my head back. I grabbed her hips tightly.

"OH FUCK!" I hollered. "AWWWW!" Heather answered. My balls ached.but it was in a good way. My cock felt so sensitive. I eased my hips up and down slowly a few more times. It was amazing. Heather sat up, me still inside her. I laid my arms up by my head. Heather placed her hands in mine, interlacing fingers. She laid back down on me, leaving our hands together.

We had just made love. This wasn't just some wanton fuck. For the first time in my life, I had truly made love. It only made sense. This was the girl I loved.