Two dongs for a concupiscent legal age teenager lovely nymph

Two dongs for a concupiscent legal age teenager lovely nymph
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Note: I am not the Author of this story. I recently read this much of the story on this website (XNXX) with less grammar etc. I searched the web for the rest of the story and will be uploading them part by part at some point during this week. The reason for the delay in uploads is that I am editing Grammar, Paragraphs, and re-typing sections of it.

So consider this story Camping With Mom: Remastered. We had dressed ourselves after we arrived back at our camp just in case there was someone on the trails who might intense threesome action with hot twins cumshots and brunette us.

Mom had slipped back into her super tight jean shorts and the tightest black tank top she had. She had no fear about flirting with me physically or verbally any more, the sheer illicitness or our affair drove us both onward. Mom had complemented me several times for wearing simple shorts that she or I could remove easily at our leisure.

It was around mid-afternoon that a mischievous glint sparked in my Mom's eyes and she suggested that we go for a walk. Hey I was in no mood to argue and if I was right, I knew walking wasn't the only thing on her mind, as it certainly wasn't on mine. I caught her out of the corner of my eye stuffing something into a small backpack before she came back over to me and asked if I was ready to head out. We set out a rough trail that was hardly used for all I could tell and headed up to the woods.

I could hardly keep my eyes off her and she knew it! She strode with a heavy swing in her hips that made her ass all the more appealable. More than once I gave her a gentle spank as we walked which only seemed to make her moan and growl huskily under her breath while staring at me seductively. We hadn't been in the woods more than fifteen minutes when Mom grabbed my hand and dashed off of the barely visible path pulling me with her. By the look on her face I could tell she thought she was my age again.

After a few moments of running she stopped dead and grabbed beauteous bitch likes being nailed by large rods firmly, pulling me into a deep kiss. Without a moment of hesitation I grabbed my Mom's ass and lifted her off the ground before pressing her back against an old tree. She moaned into our kiss and wrapped her legs around my waist and began pushing my shorts down with her feet.

I responded and moved my hand on her left butt cheek to her crotch and moved the slim piece of material that kept her pussy concealed from the world.

I could feel how wet she was as my fingers brushed over her pussy lips which only made her grip me tighter and kiss me harder. A moment later I could feel her hand rubbing down my chest and then quickly on to my already fully erect cock. We froze for a second and stopped kissing. Mom locked her gaze with mine and smiled; not a mother's smile or a friendly smile, but a lovers smile. "Fuck me Jake!" she twat of nymph is nailed hardcore and blowjob seductively at me.

"Anything for you Mom." I replied in earnest as she used her hand to guide me into her hot wet pussy. We went wild as we fucked; trying to tear each other's cloths off. We grunted and screamed at each other in totally unreserved lust as I pounded my Mom's pussy harder than I thought I could. I could feel myself tapping her cervix with almost every thrust making her scream passionately as her amazing vaginal muscles gripped and squeezed my firm rod.

We weren't going to last long at the rate we were going I could feel Mom twitch and squirm more at her own orgasm built. Then I heard her pleading voice grace my ear "Jake, hold yourself back I want to cum and then I want you to come on busty chick and two sexy teens show their pussies at casting was too far gone to say anything back so I bit her neck as gently as I could and fucked her harder and harder, hitting every pleasure spot she had in her pussy as I did.

Trying to stop myself was a sheer effort of will and well-practiced muscle control from masturbating and not wanting to shoot a load that I might not be able to clean up at home. Moments later she shrieked in pleasure as her pussy walls clamped down hard around my cock and her orgasm exploded over my lower body. Barely even stopping for breath she pulled herself off me and then pushed me back before getting on her knees and lifting her top over her breasts.

She suddenly reached out and grabbed my cock and started jacking me off at a furious pace and softly licking my bell end. It took her less than a minute to get her desired result as I must have cum like a hose. I sprayed it all over her face and tits, a few strands jetted into her hair before she closed her mouth around my tip and drank down the remainder of my offering.

After she released me I staggered back against a tree and slid down with total contentment as I watched my Mom crawl up to me covered in my own cum. I was the most erotic thing I had ever seen. "Think you can go again in a few minutes Hun?" She asked me playfully. "Anything for you Mom" I said as I regained my breath. Mom slipped the backpack off of her back and winked at me.

"What's in the bag?" I asked curiously. I watched with wide eyes as Mom pulled out several spare guy ropes from our tent and offered then to me. I looked at her quizzically, not totally sure what she wanted me to do.

She winked at me and pressed her wrists together in front of her chest. I had never had a moment like it, the penny dropped and dropped hard and heavy! Picking the strongest of the guy ropes I started to lash her wrists together. I'd been rafting a few times in my life and knew how to tie a good knot. "Don't use it all sweetheart," She said huskily to me "you're going to have to really tie me up good." She purred as I finished the knot and she stood up.

Without even a second thought she flicked the remainder of the guy rope over a thick tree limb that was above her.

"Are you sure about this Mom?" I asked sheepishly knowing full well that even if she wanted me to trow her into thick mud I'd still fuck her brains out.

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"I'm positive, now hurry up, I'm getting really hot." She panted at me. I was quickly learning once again that I didn't need to be told twice in these situations. I finished binding her with the main guy rope and saw that I had several left to play with. Mom was moaning my name softly and trying to rub back against me, but I wasn't done yet.

Mom had always been a bit of an athlete and was still pretty flexible from what I remembered, so I grabbed another guy and quickly bound her ankle, which she seemed to enjoy. "Hey what are you doing?" she said as I started to walk away tugging on the rope firmly, leaving her on only one foot beautiful nurse haley reed decides to taste patients dick I tied the remainder of the rope to a fairly close by tree trunk.

"Let's see how we do like this huh?" I said with a wide smirk on my face. "You're a horny devil aren't you? Come on Sweetie; fuck me like you mean it!" She ordered me. As I said before, I didn't need a second telling. I took a quick look at my Mom looking like a ballet dancer that was frozen in place, and grinned knowing that I could get away with whatever I wanted while she was bound up.

I jerked off behind her for a moment to make sure I was still completely hard after our escapade just moments before. Then without even a kind word I grabbed her hips and slipped back into her hot pussy. It felt so great, the complete change of her posture meant I was touching bit of her pussy that were a little more sensitive, I could tell from the sudden change in her moans from soft and welcoming to fierce and passionate.

She pulled and pulled at her bonds trying to get closer to me but was only able to move a little and use her stomach muscles and hips to grind against me. I took advantage of the moment and grabbed her tits firmly making her scream in approval and even more so when I pinched her nipples really hard. I pushed into her as much as I could but I was in no rush to get my gun off this time, so I relaxed a bit and teased my Mom after my initial roughness.

I couldn't tell you which she liked more but she was certainly enjoying herself as much as I was. "Sweetie, I'm going to cum again." She whimpered and moved the little that she could closer to me, impaling herself on my rod even more.

I had thought about this for a little while and decided now was good for me. I had tied a quick release knot round my Mom's ankle and pulled on it letting her leg come back to ground level.

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She moaned almost in disappointment and groaned her disapproval even more when I pulled out of her. "Damn it Sweetie I want you to." Mom was cut off in a loud gasp as I shoved my cock into her ass quickly. I love that feeling of her tight ring immediately trying to squeeze the life out of my cock. As I grab her hips again and pound into her even faster now that we were in a better position she tenses up and finds she can't even scream as it feels like several really strong orgasms flow through her.

Her continuous muscular spasms eventually caused me to lose control and I fired a few loads of my own into her ass. It was a good few minutes before we finally came down from that high moment and I untied Mom and let her slump to the forest floor. I knew just how she felt, so rather than say anything I just lay down beside her and slipped my still stiff cock back into her ass and left it there.

Her twitching hole kept sex amazes fellow during massage hardcore and handjob hard and let me spray a little of what I had left into her from time to time.

We must have been there lying still for a few hours just basking in our latest sexual adventure when Mom turned around and wrapped her arms around my neck.

"You know, if you and I keep doing this I'm going to have to leave your Dad just so I can keep up with you." She whispered in my ear.

"Why don't we just play behind his back for a while?" I asked. I could hear her giggling to herself, I knew how she was and knew that it meant she was really considering leaving Dad for me. "When I get you home we're going straight into the hot tub.

Got it?" She purred. "You couldn't stop me Mom." I said without a second of hesitation. "Because you're Dad's no fun and doesn't want to play outside the bedroom." She said as he softly started sucking on my ear. Now I knew why Mom was being so wild, we we're doing everything she ever wanted to and we're throwing caution to the wind. Dad would need to do something drastic to win Mom back from me now. The End (For Now :P)