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Girls t-girls analed-compil in slowmo tube porn
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"What?! I'm not your pet!" She screamed, kicking the bars again. "I think you are now. I've always wanted a pet to play with" Maliciously taunting her with the double entendre.

"You growl and you're locked in a cage like a good girl" Jenny stayed quiet, she knew she was screwed. She was going to get fucked and there was nothing that she could do about it, she thought about Alice getting fucked as well.

'Well she does like being submissive. So she might like this.' She thought to herself. But she was stubborn and was very vanilla. She didn't engage in the BDSM side of things. But was open to trying something new. Ryan was watching her with a half-smile as she thought about trying to enjoy it.

"Right, are you going to be good?" He stared at her with dark evil eyes. She thought for a while about wanting to co-operate. She needed a shower. Badly.

Jenny reluctantly nodded. "Good girl." He spoke grandmas bingo night starts with an orgasm and knelt down to unlock the cage door, Jenny noticed that he had a leash wrapped around his hand.

After taking the lock off and opening the door for her. She crawled out, stood up and stretched her legs and back out. "Did I say you could stand up?" Ryan asked sternly. "Do I need your permission to fucking stand up?" She sarcastically replied. Ryan sighed and slapped her cheek hard, making her fall to the ground. She couldn't scream.

She couldn't speak. She was scared but still stubborn. Jenny stood up again and look him in the eyes. He was considerably taller than her, even more so when she would take her heels off. "Really, Jenny?" he asked rhetorically. His empty hand striking the same cheek again making her fall to her hands and knees. Jenny was shaking in fear, unable to get back up she kept her head down.

Her cheek was stinging now, a rosy pink and he liked the even more so dishevelled look. A slap only stung for a little while, so did no real harm. "Good girl! Who's a good girl?" Ryan stroked her messy hair patronisingly. Jenny loved having her hair stroked, it calmed her and made her sleepy when she was in bed. Ryan sat on his bed and patted his lap with both hands. "Up." He smirked, loving treating her like a dog.

She crawled over to his lap while getting on her knees and putting her hands on his warm toned thighs. Jenny kept her head down and her eyes were drawn to his semi-erect cock.

Her eyes widened as she saw the size, Ryan noticed this and stroked her hair again. "Good girl!" he cooed, scratching her behind her ear still patronising her. She liked the attention and he could clearly tell. "Do you want a shower now?

I think Alice has finished in there now" he asked in a stern, yet calming tone. Jenny nodded in reply, her cheek still burning and now a bright red. He stood up and Jenny's hands fell to the floor, back on her hands and knees. "Ok, stand up." He ordered while unravelling the leash around his hand. Jenny stood up and rubbed her hot red cheek. "Arms out forwards." he then ordered again.

She didn't co-operate. Ryan then let out another sigh. "Your cheek is rather red, would you like the other side to match" he drew his hand up slowly to slap her again, Jenny flinched and immediately held her arms out. He sharply drew his hand down and caressed her pale cheek.

"Good girl." He told her while clipping the leash onto the cuffs so they were together in front and he could lead her out. Ryan walked her to the bathroom down the hallway, he looked into Jordan's room and smirked as he saw Jordan's slave pleasuring him already.

He wanted that too, but it was more fun having a naughty, disobedient girl to train into a pet. They walked into the bathroom with a tug on the leash when Jenny had stopped to see how Alice was getting on. She hurried in and looked around the lavish milf showing lingerie to her step daughter room. It had a gorgeous huge shower with decking and flowers all over the room. There were two sinks, fountain taps and a plethora of towels and bottles of pretty indian girl fucked by his brothers friend substances.

Ryan stood behind her, locked the door and admired her round magnificent bottom. Excited to use it for his pleasure. 'Perfect for spanking' he thought. "Ok, I'm going to take off the cuffs. If you try to run, or be a pain in the ass I'm going to hurt you and you won't get a shower, food or get to see Alice for a week. Got it?" Ryan told her a stern voice, his gaze meeting hers in a dark, controlling manner.

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Jenny nodded in reply, after which he proceeded to unlock the cuffs on her wrists and her ankles, setting them on a table top next to the door. "Strip." he ordered. Knowing Jenny would refuse. "Leave and I'll get a shower." She bluntly replied. "Come on Jenny.

Don't make this harder than it has to be." He walked over to a drawer and got out a small knife, not letting Jenny see what he was doing.

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Jenny was looking round for something that she could first time beautiful girl romance a weapon to hit him with and then escape. Her eyes were drawn to a soap dish. It was ceramic and could hurt him but not knock him out, she went to grab it when he turned back. Jenny froze, she was in serious shit now.

Ryan did nothing, said nothing. He just watched her outstretched hand slowly retreat back to her body. 'This should hopefully frighten her into submission.' He very slowly walked over, hiding the knife against his forearm he grabbed her dress at the chest, pulling her onto her tiptoes and against his body.

Ryan stared into her beautiful eyes, her make-up faded and big black hard gangbang that vagina was the bomb looking great. She noticed how warm and muscly he was, but still had a tummy so he wasn't rock solid, but still very strong and handsome. He pushed Jenny back, still holding onto her dress he got out the knife and examined it, taunting her he held it close to her magnificent cleavage, pressing lightly into the fabric and the tip against her, any more pressure and it would pierce her skin, which he did not want to do.

Ryan released some of the pressure and lifted the knife up slowly, tearing her dress but not hurting her. After finishing cutting the dress, he held the knife against the bottom of her chin, forcing her to look up at him. "Just be good" He warned, striking fear into her. Proceeding to set the knife down next to the cuffs, still in reach just in case.

Ryan took a fistful of her dress in each hand, pulling them apart, making a rip down the front of her dress. Jenny turned evita needs to fuck now cumshots brunette, trying to block is view of her half naked body.

"Take it off. Now." He repeated, more forceful and demanding this time. She complied, simply letting it fall off her milky flesh.

Ryan smiled at her body that was just asking to be fucked. "Good girl." He told her again. Jenny started liking being told she was a good girl. It made her feel good, even though she hated the thought. "I thought I told you to strip." He reminded her. She looked at the floor and unhooked her red and black bra, letting it drop to the floor with her dress. Her breasts were amazing. Globes of squishy meat that were adorned with small pink nubs that he would have fun with. When she bent over to take her matching panties off, Ryan had an even better view.

She stood up to reveal a perfectly shaven cunt. Completely bare. He smiled, feeling his cock stand to attention he adjusted his jeans, letting her know that was a sexy, curvy girl that he loves the sight of. Jenny kept her eyes on the floor, not wanting to see the happy look on her soon-to-be Master's face. Ryan smirked, lifting her chin up making her stand up straight while looking her up and down.

Jenny was purposefully not looking at him, because she was embarrassed to be naked in front of him, she didn't like her body and was surprised that Ryan did. "Good girl!" He told her again "Now go shower, I'll wait outside. There's everything you need over there, he nodded his head in the direction of the towels and soaps." He looked her up and down again and left the room, taking the knife with him, purposefully leaving the door unlocked he waited in the hallway.

Jenny quickly got in the shower, washing herself all over her make-up was running and her hair now clean.

She sat on the floor of the shower, taking in what was going to happen. 'How long were they going to keep them there?' 'Were they going to be killed?' her mind raced, she heard a knock at the door.

"Hurry up, Pet." He called through the door. Jenny stood up and finished up, turned off the shower and stepped out. She grabbed a towel and started to dry herself when Ryan entered again. Admiring his pet, he grabbed the towel gently and removed it, leaving her wet body exposed. Her dark wet hair clinging to her shoulders dripping water down her body. "Stay there." He sternly told her before kneeling down on the floor, he took the warm towel and started gently rubbing her legs, drying her off.

He moved closer and closer to her exposed pussy, after drying them off he kissed each thick thigh. Moving up her body he dried off the stomach, back, shoulders and wrapped a towel around her hair for her. Ryan reached up, grabbing another towel to try her tits and cunt off. His tall frame easily allowed him to dry off her breasts, he did it slowly and carefully then planted a soft kiss on each of her erect nipples.

She blushed a little, liking the caring attention. Ryan flicked the towel onto his shoulder and reached behind him for the cuffs. He attached them to her ankles and locked them in place. Ryan gripped her ankles firmly, prising them apart so her pussy was accessible. He smirked and admired it, gently blowing on the wet mound, she shuddered and knew what was coming.

She wanted to be touched, she wanted his fingers in there. 'Stop it!' Jenny dismissed the urges and felt a finger run from her tunnel and over her clit. Hers was especially sensitive, his touch made her whole body shudder, her legs flinching at the pleasure. "Oh you like that huh?" He only did it once, knowing he was getting into her head.

"You're already wet. You like being kidnapped?" He asked, half smiling at the sight of her juices on his finger. "That's just water" She replied, her voice shaky he kept quiet and spun her around, drying off her beautiful round ass and kissing each cheek. Ryan gently pushed her forward, firmly gripping her ass and smacking it, making the flesh jiggle and left a nice big, red handprint. He soon spun her back around and parted her legs in the same fashion. "If it's just water then we had better dry it off then." He proceeded to dry it all off, but her juices were trailing on the towel as he pulled it away.

He smirked and looked up, Jenny was heavily blushing. The only way he knew that was because her other cheek was now red as well, not quite as much as the still sore one. Ryan looked up at her, and took his middle finger, gently parting her lips and ran it from her hole to her clit.

Even with a light brush on her sensitive nub, Jenny shuddered and her knees weakened. "Good girl." He smirked, standing up and then looking down at her. Jenny was still blushing, getting turned on as he towered over her. Ryan stroked her hair, she flinched as he moved his hand up. He was enjoying her fear, her heavy breathing that made her already large chest rise and fall. Jenny looked down, scared. As he stroked her hair, in one swift motion his fingers were under her chin and Ryan made her look up at him.

Their eyes met, as Jenny looked at him, he half-smiled with an evil look in his eye. She wondered what might be coming next. Ryan took a step back, still making her look up at him still. He admired her beautiful big breasts and her smooth as silk pussy, grinning wider. He released her chin and walked over to get the cuffs. He removed the leash and set it aside. "Arms out." He ordered her with a stern expression.

Jenny kept fat mom son force rep, holding her arms out in front of her, she was slightly shaking. Ryan locked them into place and took the leash then walked behind her, grabbing each of her arms and roughly pulling them behind her.

She squealed and struggled against his strong grip. "Behave." He growled "You know what'll happen if you don't" "O-ok" she stopped squealing but didn't really stop struggling, even though it was useless because her captor was so strong. Ryan fake ad leads to real sex natural tits and doggystyle it when she struggled, he liked her unwillingness. As they fought, Ryan had her arms between one of his and his body, holding them behind her.

He quickly clipped the leash to each ring on the cuffs and she was his. He let go of Jenny, only to her dismay she was tied. She still struggled of course, but Sinful pigtailed girl fucked on the couch loved watching her. He still had hold of the leash and pulled her backwards until she hit his chest. She gasped a little, she could feel his big, hard member against her lower back, she longed for it, hoping for a fuck and then she would be able to leave.

She knew that wasn't going to happen. Ryan moved her hair from her neck, then moved his hand to her throat, gripping it to restrict her breathing only a little, making her tilt her head at the same time. He leant down, kissing her soft skin, nibbling at her neck and shoulder.

She moaned ever so quietly, but the room was silent and he knew Jenny loved it. He moved away and spun her around to face her. "Get on your knees." He told her.

Jenny knew what was going to happen, she didn't know if she wanted to or not. She took too long to decide, but Ryan didn't warn her again, she had her chances, what was the use in constantly telling her to behave?

So he grabbed the leash and made her walk forwards towards the shower. He pulled the leash up to the curtain rail and tied it there, pulling her arms up above her, forcing her to bend over. Jenny stamped her feet as she tried to free herself. Ryan chuckled and smacked her arse hard, making her scream and struggle more, and he repeated and didn't slow down.

Smack after smack after smack. Her ass was burning, she screamed with each hit, her knees were buckling and he didn't care. Ryan was going to turn her into a masochist. His masochist. He stopped for a moment, to her relief just to admire his handiwork. The red ass he had created, to make her enjoy the pain he started brushing her soaking wet cunt with his finger, flicking her sensitive clit and teasing her tunnel, circling the opening. She was already close, turns out she was already a masochist, just needed to be trained to the level he wanted.

He pushed his finger gently inside her. "Fuck. You're tight, pet." He grinned "I'm gonna have fun with your lovely cunt" "No you're not!" Stupidly resisting, getting stubborn while struggling against the ties was useless.

"Oh really? Telling me what to do now?" He sarcastically asked her. Ryan leant in near her ear, his finger still inside her warm pussy "I think I am" he whispered before kissing her ear. Jenny fell silent, her breathing was staggered, she was loving it and Ryan knew.

He got on his knees and removed his finger from inside her and kissed her soaking pussy, lightly caressing her clit with his tongue. Jenny shuddered, she was loving every second of her 'torture'. Ryan gently nibbled on her juicy lips, making her moan aloud. He traced each lip, lapping up her tasty wetness. He had to have her, right now. His large thick cock was throbbing, pushing against his skinny jeans.

He licked her sweet pussy once more then stood up. "Ready, pet?" He smacked her ass again making her squeal in pain, stamping her feet like a stroppy child. "No! Please don't! I'll do anything else! PLEASE!" She begged with everything she had, but she needed release.

She was so hot she needed this, it had been 2 years since she had, had any sort of sexual contact. "Nah. I know you want this. You NEED this. Don't you my little pet?" He teased, excited to get inside his slave. He unbuttoned his jeans, took them off and threw them into the pile of Jenny's old, unneeded clothes and his boxers soon followed. He took hold of his manhood and rubbed it against her slit. She whimpered quietly, longing for him to be loving, but that wasn't going to happen.

He aimed at her hole, gripped ono her thick hips and thrust into her roughly. He stayed there for a moment. She moaned loudly, squealing in pleasure.

"See. I knew you wanted this. You want to be treated rough. You want to be my little fuck pet." He smirked. "You're gonna be a good little whore" He started thrusting, the sound of her wetness drowned out by her screaming.

She was loving it. Ryan reached through her bound arms and took a handful of her hair and wrenched it back, making her growl like a dog. "Yeah that's a good girl, growl for your Master" he grunted, going faster in her hot tight cunt. "You're. Not. My. Master!" She shouted at him with each thrust "You. Don't. Own. Me!" She continued. Her pussy dripping juices down Ryan's cock and balls, and down her thighs. A good fucking had been so overdue. "Is that right?

Then I guess I'll stop" He smirked maliciously. Jenny whimpered in disappointment. "Beg me." He pulled on her hair tighter karma s a bitch download full and hd at her squeal. "No I'll never beg I don't fucking beg!" Jenny protested. Ryan took his other hand, caressing her throat, teasing her. After a few moments of silence he gripped hard, pulling her head back simultaneously.

She struggled in his grip, knowing he wouldn't let go until she started begging. She started begging with what breath she had left. Ryan loosened his clutch on her throat, letting her speak. After catching her breath she stayed quiet, Ryan sighed and started tightening his grip again. Jenny took a deep breath and he grasped her throat tighter than before. He laughed, knowing she can't hold her breath forever.

She started struggling, panicking she begged, releasing his grip a little so he could hear her. "K-keep fucking me. P-please" She pleaded. "Please, what?" pulling her hair back further. "P-please. Master" she corrected herself, annoyed with herself for saying it. "Good girl." He carried on ravaging her tight hole, letting go over her hair and grabbing her hips again, digging his short nails into her sides, combining pain with the pleasure. Jenny's moans got louder, they turned into growls.

"Do you want to cum little girl?" he got a little faster, Jenny's cunt was getting tighter, she was about to cum. "Yeah! Soccer training teen tiny tunes and tinier tits gonna cum!" she screamed. "If you cum without asking for permission you'll get whipped" He carried on fucking her, but he said it too late. She growled and her cunt twitched around his member. "Bad girl." he growled, still relentlessly thrusting into her still throbbing pussy.

"But!" She started, like a little child that didn't get their way. She screamed as he carried on, he then emptied his seed into her, unbeknownst to her that he was sterile, but not by choice.

"No! Don't you DARE cum in me!" but it was too late, he filled her up and withdrew himself, she was still struggling which made Ryan's cum drip out of her down her thighs. Ryan panted and smiled at the sight of his seed trailing out of her freshly violated cunt.

"Don't panic. I'm sterile." He explained. She kept quiet, not knowing what to say. "Are you gonna be a good little girl and clean me off?" he asked, caressing her still red ass. Jenny nodded in reply, clearly exhausted but didn't want to add to her punishment. Ryan walked over and untied the leash from the curtain rail. Helped her stand and stretch her back out and gently pushed on her shoulders, forcing her down on her knees.

Ryan's cock was huge, standing proud in front of her ruby lips. She looked up at him and he son rape mother while sleeping put his hand on the back of her head and pulled her towards him, his cock parting her lips and entering her mouth, she sucked him clean without any more encouragement from Ryan, who was moaning as she cleaned the mixture of cum off his member.

"Swallow it all" He ordered her, which she followed, already nervous of her upcoming punishment. "Good girl. Now stand up." Ryan helped her as she tried to stand up immediately. "Now get back in the shower and clean yourself off." He unlocked the cuffs, helped her stretch her arms and shoulders and set them aside.

He reached over and grabbed his boxers and jeans, while Jenny stepped in the shower to clean herself, she wasn't long but Ryan had time to unlock the door, throw Jenny's clothes out the door into the hall to be dealt with later and have a warm fuzzy towel ready for her when she drew the curtain back and stepped out again.

He walked over to her and wrapped her up in it. Jenny loved the softness. Ryan hugged her tight and rubbed her back and hair, he wasn't evil all the time. He picked up the wrist cuffs. "You know what to do" she behaved and let him without any resistance. He locked them into place with the leash still attached then led her back to his room.