Therealworkout busty teen stretched out by dads friend beautiful and cumshots

Therealworkout busty teen stretched out by dads friend beautiful and cumshots
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Claire Hello my name is Aaron McMurray; I am 19 years old and fairly fit. My Messed up weekend begins on Saturday morning. I wake up and like usual my mother made breakfast and was hurrying out the door with my dad to the store.

My twin sisters were still asleep, they are 16 years old. They are Alright in looks from a brother's point of view. A bonus I have realized over the years about having younger sisters is that they have smoking hot friends. Like there friend Claire, she was 17 teen years old she was not thin but not big she was the perfect size in the middle all in all she was 5'6 at least had to have a "C" cup.

Well as I digress, I was down stairs eating when I heard something from upstairs and I just figured it was my sisters getting up. So I looked down at my food and when I looked up there was Claire standing there only in her bra and panties. As I saw her, my jaw almost actually dropped, I don't know why but I couldn't stop staring at her. She just looked so hot, it was around this time when she realized what she did and she rushed upstairs. When she returned "Sorry" she said.

"What was that about" I responded. She stood there for a moment and said "I forgot I wasn't at my house." "Oh!" I replied "Yea" she said. Joking around I got up and as I walked by I whispered "I'll say this. it was a nice show for me." I continued my way towards the stairs when I stopped a school uniform force fuck look back and saw her smiling and blushing.

I chuckled to myself as I headed to my room. I sat at my computer for about 20 minutes, when I heard talking coming throw the wall. I put my ear to the wall to listen in it was my sisters room I could almost hear every word they were saying. "What happened" I heard my sister Annie say. I heard Claire explain our little experience in the kitchen to them. "OMG" my other sister Becca. "What did you do after that" Annie said trying public teen car blowjob first time bj lessons with mia khalifa not outburst in laughter.

"I just ran up the stairs and put on a short and shorts" Claire responded. Then Claire got in to what I said to her.

What happened next SHOCKED me I heard Claire say the reason it made her blush was that she kinda likes me.

I thought to myself "oh this could be a fun weekend after all." I didn't plan on doing anything anyway; all my friends were away so the timing was perfect. I decided today would be the day of simple flirting. I walked down stairs, looked around and saw my sisters in the kitchen, but there was no sign of Claire.

I walk back up the stairs as luck would have there was Claire walking out of the bathroom wearing nothing but a towel. "WOW, two shows in one day, is it my birthday" as I walked by. Claire looked up at me and said "well don't you have bad timing," "or" I countered, I paused "I have good timing." Claire blushed, smiled and continued her way back to my sister's room. It was about 7:00 Pm now, not much has happened since the bathroom incident.

As I walked down stairs I heard my parent tell my sister that they were going out for the night and wouldn`t be back till tomorrow. I continued my way down stairs into the kitchen, A few minutes pasted when I heard my sisters tell Claire they were going to the store and would be back in like an hour or so. "Behave Claire" Annie and Becca said at the same time. At this point I ripped up any plans I had for the weekend, this was happening tonight.

As she walked into the kitchen the power went out. "Damn" I said, "What happen" Claire said with as shaky voice. "The box probably went out again I'll be right back" I replied.

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As I walked into the basement and into the back room where the box was. I as I enter the room I put an old shoe between the door and the frame, a few minutes later I heard noises from upstairs the n Claire open the door and walked in. "Hey I just about have it" as I said the word the power came back on. "Hey" we both yelled, as we turned around I saw the door close. "No" I screamed, "what" Claire said. "The locks broken we are in here till someone comes and opens the door" I responded. "Crap" she said, looking for something in her pocket, "crap, Crap, CRAP, I forgot my phone upstairs.

"So did I" I replied. A few minutes has past when I realized it was a perfect time to strike, sort of speaking. I can consider what I had going for me at this present time: 1. Claire and I were in a room with no way out. 2. There have been two encounters between the two of us today.

3. I overheard her saying that she kinda likes me. So I had no idea how I was going to do it I thought to myself. Then all of the sudden opportunity knocked "Jesus it cold in here" Claire said in a shivering voice. BINGO, "Come here" I spoke softly. Nervously she got up and walked over towards me. Without warning I grabbed her and placed her between my legs. Now both of us sitting down, my legs open with her back towards me.

I was hugging her from behind, "Now isn't this better" I said boldly, "Oh yes thank you Aaron" she said still in shock from what had just happened. We sat there quietly for several moments, Then I said "So when do I get another show". I could have never guessed what she said next, "You can have a show horny babes receive a cock for holidays big tits and cumshot you want" she said in one of the sexiest voices I think I've ever heard.

Jackpot I thought to myself, hugging her closer than before. I now slowly lowered my head towards her ear and said "Maybe next time you'll let me join you". "Oh would you look at truck stop whores hidden cameras she chuckle "its next time." That's all I needed, I grabbed her head and twisted it slowly towards mine.

I kissed her softly; when I felt her mouth open I opened mine as well. Our tongues darted in and out of each other's mouths. I slowly used my right hand to explore her body.

I lowered my hand towards her pussy my hand slightly touched it and I retracted my hand. She started kissing my neck; she made her way up to my ear and whispered "Go ahead." Knowing this I returned my hand to its journey. I slowly undid her pants; with one hand I might ADD. At this moment I had now changed positions, I laid her on the floor on her back with me on her left on my side.

With assistance from her we slowly removed her pants and panties; this uncovered her now very wet pussy. I used my index and middle fingers to slowly rub her fully swollen clit. Minutes pasted and I slowly inserted my fingers into her throbbing pussy.

As I inserted I heard her moan for the 1st time. I continued my exploration while she removed her shirt and bra.

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I kissed down her neck towards her gorgeous boobs. During my little adventure I heard and felt her moaning. I continued to pleasure her when I felt her hand grasp my head and pull me to her face, she kissed me passionately. I was in a slight daze from my head hurting a little. During my daze Claire flipped me over and got on top of me. Claire grabbed and basically ripped my shirt off; glad I was wearing a button up one. Claire kissed me passionately again, then she look at me "I have a question" she asked while kissing down my neck.

"What" I countered the question, "Why are you doing all work" She asked still kissing down my body. "I don't knoooowww" I stuttered as I felt her hand grasp my semi-erected cock. My arms that were holding my back up gave way as the pleasure rushed through my body. I hit my head on the floor, "You okay" Claire asked in a worried tone.

"Yeah. I think" I answered, "You think" Claire said in angry tone while still working on my slowly growing cock. "You ready" she said in a sneaky beautiful blonde teen vanessa cage takes two big cocks, "Ready for what" I Questioned. "This" She answered as she slid her mouth over the head of my cock. I felt her tongue swirl around my cock while she moved her head up and down.

The pleasure was so intense it was almost unbearable, I felt Claire climb her way back up to my face and she started kissing me again. "My turn" I said with a smirk, "Your turn for whaatt" she screamed as I flipped us over. I slowly started down her body again towards her now throbbing hot and wet pussy. I softly licked her swollen cilt while reinserting my finger into her wet pussy.

Claire almost used up all her lung capacity on her long and loud moan. I continued to pleasure her for a few minutes. Claire was moving her body in ways I did not know was possible.

"Ow" I shouted as Claire pulled me by my hair towards her face. "You have about 10 second to FUCK ME!" she screamed into my face. "10" she started the countdown, "hmmm" I said loudly to annoy her. "9" she continued, "Well I Don't know" I replied striking a nerve. "8" she yelled, "umm" I whispered to her.

What Claire didn't know was that this entire time I was taking aim so to speak. "7" she said with rage on her voice, "6" she said almost freaking out. "5", "5" I said with her to annoy brazzer com ultra sex stories story more. "4" she yelled giving me the look of death."3"she said, "2" I said quickly after her. Now Claire was so enraged she might actually kill me, but before she could say one I looked her in the eyes and said "Round one FIGHT!" as I rammed my now fully erected 8 in cock into her demanding pussy.

"Yes" Claire screamed, "Yes FUCK me Aaron.FUCK ME!" she continued. I was fucking her brains out, almost literally. "Oh Aaron I think I'm" she said being cut off by her moan, "Your what" I asked know the answer.

"I'm. I'mm CUMMING!" she screamed with all her breath, "So am I" I Grunted with her. I continued thrust after thrust until, "Yes" We Both Screamed. I felt my large load unload into her welcoming pussy. I also felt her pussy milk every drop of cum out of my cock. I looked down at her and kissed here passionately. We got up and put our clothes on and cleaned up.

"Luckily this is also where we keep the paper towel" I said jokingly, "Yeah" Claire chuckle. We waited about 10 more minutes before we heard the front door open. "Hey" Claire started yelling as I banged on the door. Seconds later the door open and my sister Becca was standing there.

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She looked down at us "Well.How long have you two been in here" she started laughing. "Long Enough" I shouted as I rushed by her and upstairs. It was now 9:00 PM I thought to myself, we were in there for 2 hours or so.

"A personal best if I do say so myself.Which I do" I Chuckle. The Rest of the night was pretty uneventful, just a few looks and kisses here and there. I was in my room when I heard them talking again; I went over to my wall to hear if Claire would tell them about our little fun session.but nothing, not even a slight mention. It was now 1:00 AM and heard them going to sleep so I decided to do the same. I slipped out of all my clothes except my boxers.

I lied in bed for only a minute when I heard my door slowly open. I quickly sat up and looked at the door, there was Claire standing there in nothing but her bra and panties.

"Hey Aaron" She said "What" I answered as she slowly closed the door and walked over and said "Round Two Fight" The McMurray Chronicles Chapter One To Be Extreme forced anal cry scream in pain first