Lick my cum covered feet clean cei

Lick my cum covered feet clean cei
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Well, this happened a week after my 21st birthday. One of my best mates (Nathan) and I were playing Kings Cup. It was just the two of us so it wasn't really much of a game.

Just a lot of drinking. He made the rule "no pants". So when I drew a rule card I said "no undies". We've seen each other naked plenty of times so it wasn't a big deal or anything.

We ended up playing "never have I ever". I don't remember which one of us said it, but "never have I ever kissed another guy" was said. We looked at each other for a moment, then we both took a drink.

The next one was something like "never have I ever wanted to hook up with another guy". Again, we both she also wants a sperm beard from you at each other for an awkward moment then both took a drink. So I said "let's go". We went into my room, with just our shirts on. By the time we got there, we were both hard as rock. Off went the shirts and he pushed me back on to the bed. He climbed on top of me and started kissing me.

He worked his way down from my mouth, to my neck, to my nipples, and for some reason, my armpits (which was actually really good), then finishing on my throbbing cock. He sucked it for a good ten minutes or so, doing a better job than most girls I've been with. I could feel my self getting close to losing my load deep down his throat, so I pulled his head back up to my face and kissed him. I rolled him over and repeated exactly what he had just performed on me.

Even the armpit thing. I was amazed at Nathan's cock.

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I've seen him naked plenty of times, but never hard. He was definitely bigger than me. By a couple of inches at least. He was just not as thick as me. Having a dick in my mouth felt strange at first but it became enjoyable really quickly. Just hearing him moan and feeling him thrust harder and deeper told me I was doing a great job. I decided to give deep throating a go to get an idea of what I put chicks through when I pull their heads down deep.

At first I gagged only about five inches down. Quite funny. Then I managed to take it all.

I held myself there for at least 10 seconds without gagging. He went wild. I reckon a few more of them he would have definitely blown straight down my throat. He must've been close to blowing because he pulled me up quite quickly so I was laying on top of him.

We kissed for a while then I suggested 69 which worked really well. I was on top as we started going to town on each other. Deep throating the fuck out of each other.

Fuck that was hot. He licked and sucked my balls for a while then started to lick my ass hole. Absolute best feeling that was. I tried to do the same on him but I couldn't quite reach. So I sat up and basically buried his face in my ass. I pushed down a little harder each thrust until his tongue was deep inside my hole.

He ate my ass so well. I poor guy begs for his release but masseuse wouldnt listen massage handjob allowed him to breathe and got up off him to return the favour.

He told me to lay on my back. I was expecting him to mount me the way I did him but instead he grabbed my legs and dragged me to the edge of the bed where he knelt down on the floor and started sucking me once again. As he slurped up my precum covered cock he started fingering my hole. Definitely felt weird.

One finger at first. Then two. Then three! That hurt. He fumbled around a bit inside me. I could feel him going deeper as he kept changing the number of fingers he used. Just as it started to feel good, he stood up and gently inserted his rock hard cock inside me.

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He was arched over the top of me fucking and kissing me softly. As my hole adjusted itself to accommodate him, he went deeper and deeper until all 9 or so inches were deep inside. He was fucking me. And I was loving it. He started pounding me harder and harder. Faster and faster. We tried several positions but my favourite by far was the first position we we're in.

After receiving a good pounding, he whispered in my ear "my turn now" as he slowly pulled his uncut cock from my ass. He laid back on my bed as I tried to reenact what he done to me. Licking and fingering his ass felt so wrong but turned me on even more. My cock was absolutely throbbing and begging to get inside him. I probably should have loosened him up a bit more with a fourth the blowjob i can give you will be the best of your life tube porn because when I put my cock inside him, it really hurt and we had to stop for a little while for him to catch his breath.

With the amount of pain he was in, I half expected him to lose his erection but instead stayed very solid. As the pain turned in to pleasure, with each thrust I watched his cock drip a little more precum.

I just had to taste it. I pulled out and gently sucked his knob collecting as much precum I could. Delicious. I then put his legs over my shoulders and resumed fucking the shit out of him. I arched over him to kiss him when he grabbed my back and started scratching me.

That was hot. I leant back and jerked his cock while still fucking him. That didn't last very long because he soon screamed out "oh shit I'm gonna cum". I felt his hole really tighten and spasm around my cock as squirt after squirt after squirt went all over his chest and stomach.

I was not far behind him when all of a sudden I felt that I was about to cum. I pulled out sprayed mine over his. My first shot hit him in the chin. After we both caught our breaths, I cleaned our cum of his cock with my mouth and then licked up the puddles on his stomach. Sharing it by kissing him. Considering how much cum there was, it didn't take us very long to swallow it all. After all the cum was gone, I climbed up next to him and we just laid there kissing and stroking each others dick as they slowly started going soft.

About five minutes later, we were both sound asleep. The next morning was a little awkward. We woke up spooning with hard ons. I wanted to go again, I think he may have too.

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But we were both running late for work. We haven't spoken about that night or done anything since.

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And I'm really glad that our relationship hasn't changed. If anything, it's gotten better. I will definitely do it again with him. I wish I can do it again with him. I find myself thinking about that night quite often when I jerk off.