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Young shy teen melissa mandlikova does first time porn teen amateur teen cu
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The family reunion was better than most. As usual, it was held on the old family farm inherited after the death of my grandparents. Uncle Harry had taken it upon himself to add some improvements. The 100 year old cinder block farmhouse was basically untouched. It sat roughly in the center of three acres of farm buildings. Typical of that long ago era, the house had an enormous kitchen.

It was half the square footage of the house. When this was a working farm, my grandmother prepared lunch for and fed the field hands in this kitchen. A hand hewn oak table, 12' x 4', occupied the center of the kitchen.

Chairs of similar construction circled the table. Two miniscule bedrooms, a laughably tiny bathroom and a small living area completed the sturdy dwelling. The old barn at the far end of the property became a communal shower. The barn's enormous pass through doors at either end were intact. A 7' high cinder block wall split the building roughly in half. A water pipe extended the length of the wall. Showerheads sprouted from either side of the pipe, providing male and females a private, albeit cold, shower area.

The tree shrouded lawn area was intact. The many and varied trees provided shade in a park like setting. Our family pitched tents in the clearings formed by the various clumps of trees.

It added an element of privacy. I pitched my tent adjacent to an old corkscrew willow; mom and dad tent was just the other side of that same willow. That first night, we gathered around a large log fueled hot asian masseuse rides dick massage and handjob. It was a rough 3' x3' teepee shaped affair.

This conflagration occupied a space at the back of the property across the lawn from the tents. It was adjacent to the fields but behind and between the farmhouse and the barn.

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Uncle Harry was holding court, making a nuisance of himself telling stories he had told countless times before. His wife, Aunt Ethel, while shushing him was also making spectacle of herself in a black one piece swimsuit that was at least a size too small.

Her enormous jugs pushed obscenely out of both sides and the top. And that was just my father's side of the family! At 47, my mom is a full figured bosomy woman.

She has the signature red hair of her side of the family. She wore it in a layered bob. In her stocking feet, she stands about 5' 9", maybe 170-180 pounds.

Years ago, I peeked in her lingerie drawer and saw her bra size. She was a 36C then. As I watched her across the fire, I could see she was a good deal larger now. I would say she was closer to 38C to D. My mother's family are boozers. Despite the implied and express disapproval of their spouses, her brother and sister were doing their best to empty the accumulated liquor for the group.

Trooper that she was, mom was doing her best to keep up with her older siblings. The title of their conversation could be Incoherency! It was punctuated by interrupted sentences, slurred incomprehensible jokes followed by loud guffaws. Mom reached the point where standing was not an option. She sat wide legged on the ground, her legs splayed in front of her. From my vantage point, I could see her cotton Bermuda shorts pull tightly against her pussy.

In the shifting play of light and shadow caused by the blazing fire, I thought I could see the outline of her sex. Her sweat stained tee shirt clung wetly to her, emphasizing her large breasts. I mentally shook myself. A small smile found its way to my lips. I was perving my mom! Like most teenage boys, she had been the object of my early sexual fantasies.

As I grew older and, hopefully, wiser she took her bbw with large tits masturbating on webcam in my mind as the mother figure that all other women must measure up to! Dad and I shared private jokes about mom, the casual drinker, trying to keep pace with her veteran drinker siblings. We made a little bet on which one of us would have to walk her to their tent or could she make it alone.

Privately I wondered if I would have to walk them both to their tent. Now I must confess I was doing my share of drinking! Like most drunks, I must point out how much the others drank while minimizing my intake! Nevertheless, we were all drunk!

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It was a good night. The sultry Midwest August day cooled to a comfortable night. The arc of the Milky Way filled the cloudless sky on this moonless night. I sat next to my father, Tom. Dad is a paunchy 50 years old. At 6' 3" and a good 250 pounds, he is an imposing figure. I am the same height but 30 pounds lighter.

Playing football in college kept me trim. I watched as his head dropped to his chin, only to snap back as he fought sleep and alcohol. The heat of the bonfire served only to intensify the effects of the alcohol. My name is Joe Cross. I just graduated college with a degree in IT Management.

I start a position with a firm in the Silicon Valley in two weeks. This was quite possibly my last family reunion for a while. Since I had been home, I had figured out that he and mom were not having sex much if at all. I mean my room is just down the hall and the silence at night was deafening!

When I was still a teenager, they provided lots of masturbation material with their loud lovemaking. Mom was a screamer and when dad hit that good spot, her screams echoed through the house!

Loud shushing and giggles usually followed. Across the blazing embers of our fire, my cousin Anne caught my eye.

She slowly and suggestively ran her tongue over her full pink lips, ending in a puckered moue. My cock stiffened at the promise of that lewd gesture. I puckered and blew her a kiss. Nervously I glanced around the fire. No one, especially her husband, Sam, seems to have noticed us.

In some ways, with her red hair, freckles and large breasts, she was a carbon copy of my mom. Then all of the women on that side of the family were voluptuous with full hips. Anne used to tease me that she was not big but statuesque! We were both 22 and had been fucking each other since we were in our early teens.

It started with normal inquisitiveness of "show me yours and I'll show you mine" and quickly graduated to some of the best sex we had ever had. We shared xxl tits babe alia starr big boobs and pornstar firsts: The first oral, our first 69, our first anal and, ultimately our first child.

Our 4 year old daughter sat between Anne's husband's legs, her head against his thigh, sleeping peacefully. A pang of jealousy shot through me as I watched them. The fact that another man was raising my daughter hurt deeply. The added fact that he slept with my woman every cute eighteen year old asian luscious cutie caused my jaw to tighten and my fists to clench.

I forced myself to relax. I knew the decision to convince her then platonic boyfriend to fuck her and convince him he got her pregnant was the right one. The scandal of disclosing that our incestuous relationship produced our angel, Susan, would have ripped the family apart. And the social stigma would have followed our baby for the rest of her life. Yes, we had made the right decision, but still it hurt.

Before Susan was born, I left for college. The school was 8 hours away so my visits home were for Christmas and summer break. I found out about my daughter's birth in one of my infrequent calls with my mom. It hurt that I could not be there. In the intervening four years, Anne and I had many stolen moments. During the summers, there were more cheap motels than I can remember.

When I was home for the holidays, there were passionate sweaty black wife tongue skills part full wivescamnet in the back seat of cars. Once, during Christmas, we risked all for a quickie in the basement storeroom of my parents' house. Above us, we could hear the entire family singing Christmas carols.

Anne leaned over an old dusty trunk and pulled her strapless black polka dot party dress around her waist. She left her cream colored boy shorts on. She loved the salaciousness of walking around with a pussy full of cum.

I plowed the depths of her married pussy. If they had been listening instead of singing, they would have heard the animalistic snorts, groans and moans of our illicit sexual act. If they had taken a few steps down the hall and even fewer down to the basement, they would have seen me invade that luscious tight pussy. They would have heard the screams of our orgasms as we came together and I planted my seed deep in her womb. She told me later it felt deliciously wicked to sing carols with the family while my come soaked her panties.

I asked for and got those panties to take back to school with me. I had girlfriends on campus, but I love to sniff those panties while I masturbated. Another time I stopped by their bungalow for a visit. Her husband offered me a beer and apologized for not spending more time with me.

They were having friends over later and he needed to mow the grass. Anne and I exchanged pleasantries as we sat in her living room. We talked about school, married life and Susan. I held up my empty beer questioningly. Anne smiled broadly. She stood and walked into the kitchen. She turned to face me and lifted her housedress to her chin. She was naked under the dress. She turned slowly modeling her post pregnancy naked body for my eyes.

Her breasts were large hot babe gets a facial after slamming milk filled. Her coral pink nipples were rigid. She had stopped shaving because her husband preferred a full trimmed bush. Her ass was fuller, rounder and even more alluring. She turned slowly so that her ass was towards me. She bounced and made her ass jiggle.

She looked over shoulder and grinned devilishly. She let her dress drop, reached in the fridge, and got me another beer. Later Anne took me upstairs to see our baby. She was sleeping peacefully in her crib. We could hear the burr of the lawnmower just below the window. I leaned over and kissed her lightly on her precious forehead. Anne and I faced each other and embraced. We watched our baby sleeping peacefully. Slowly, our heads move together.

I could feel her breath blowing warmly against my face. We extended our tongues and let them touch lightly. As our heads came closer together, Anne's tongue invaded my mouth.

Our tongues dueled as our passion grew. I sucked hungrily on this delectable invader. I raised her dress and squeezed her ample ass as we kissed. Both of our breath quickened. When I ran my hand between Anne's legs, her pussy was drenched. As her husband mowed the grass just below the window, we made out like teenagers.

I pushed her against the wall and mauled her nipples with my free hand. I had two fingers jammed deep in her eager pussy when the baby started fretting. I stepped back and Anne picked our darling up. It was time for her feeding. Anne unbuttoned her dress. Her breasts were pink and turgid with breast milk. Anne's crying caused her to begin expressing milk for our hungry daughter.

Droplets of breast milk gathered on her swollen nipples and leaked on her abdomen. She brought Susie to her breast and let her suckle. Anne's face held a beatific expression as she watched our daughter.

I leaned over and suckled the other teat. My hand found Anne's pussy again and I finger fucked her to orgasm while our baby and I suckled her milk filled breast. Those moments were few and far between. They merely whetted our appetite.

They did not sate our lust. They added to it. We were prepared to take higher risks to quench our incestuous hunger. In fevered phone sex, we plan this night. She would sneak into my tent after everyone was asleep. It was a crazy, terrible risk. All of the tents were pitched in a fairly tight area among the trees of the old family farm.

The good news was her tent was isolated from the others behind a few trees. The bad news was that mine was just a few feet from my mom and dad. The risk was considerable but our lust knew no bounds. My father was the first to call it a night. He said his good nights and staggered across the lawn to his tent. Anne and her husband and our angel were next. Gradually the group scattered to their tents.

My mother was hanging on; chatting blearily with Aunt Ethel. I finally made my way to my tent. I was a good deal drunker than I had planned. Nevertheless, my dick was hard with the anticipation of Anne's visit to my tent. I woke in total darkness.

The only light was the thin glow of the Milky Way streaming through the screen of my tent. I heard the soft burr of someone snoring next to me. In the gloom, I could make out soft outline of a female shape. I silently cursed myself. I had fallen asleep. Anne had sneaked out to meet me. She had probably tried to wake me and could not. Now she lay sleeping next to me. How long had she been here? How much time did we have left?

I shook her lightly and quietly called her name. She rolled to her back and mumbled something incoherent. The soft light of the stars outlined her body through the heavy screen flap of the tent. The mounds of her breast were larger than I remembered.

Her hips felt fuller. My incestuous lover had gained a few pounds I laughed ruefully to myself. I pushed her T-shirt up. I leaned over and took one succulent nipple in my mouth. I rolled my tongue around its rigid circumference. At first, there was no response. I transferred my attention to the other breast, sucking it while rolling the nipple of the other between my thumb and forefinger. That earned me a groan and a slight upward thrusting of her hips.

Realizing she was probably as drunk as I was, I fumbled in the darkness and undid the clasp on her shorts. When I pulled the zipper down and tugged, she instinctively raised her hips. I pulled them off and tossed them in the corner of the tent. I straddled her, balancing my weight on my knees and arms. From this position, I tongued each nipple. Sexy slut rides the cock sextury and hardcore I trailed my tongue wetly through her cleavage, down her abdomen to navel.

I paused there letting the hot wet tip of my tongue probe her navel. Oddly, it was an outie. I recalled Anne's navel was an innie. Perhaps childbirth and time had forced it out. My sucking of it drew a groan from my love. I could tell my foreplay was arousing her. I could feel her hips thrusting up against my belly. The aroma of her sex filled the tent. I traced down her lower abdomen into the bristly thicket of her sex. My tongue moved lightly down the swollen wetness of her labia.

She groaned loudly and made to say something. I shushed her. She giggled and shushed me back. Alcohol and lust made her voice unrecognizable as she slurred huskily: "I know, I know!" I turned my head sideways and French kissed her moist pussy. I pressed my mouth hard against her wet swollen pussy lips forcing my tongue deep in her love hole. I flicked my tongue around as though I were kissing her mouth. "Oh fuck," she groaned. Her hands went to my head, holding me tightly against her. Her hips thrust up, a deep moan issued from her mouth as my assault continued.

In the gloom, I saw her hands travel to her breasts; she pulled hard on her nipples. I transferred my attentions to her clit. I used the tip of my tongue to duel aggressively with her hard little man in the boat. I flicked it repeatedly back and forth. I could feel her wetness streaming down my chin. I finally sucked her clit into my mouth. I emulated the things her did when sucking my cock. I eased two fingers into her now sloppy wet pussy.

I aggressively finger fucked her while sucking greedily on her swollen clit. Anne went wild like she had never had before. She placed her hands palm down on either side of her body and began thrusting her hips up with a wanton need.

"Oh shit," She groaned, "don't fucking stop!" I felt her hands clawing at my shoulder. Taking it as a sign, I turned and offered my dick to her.

She inhaled it, sucking hungrily. She gagged as she tried to force more of my cock down her throat. I slipped two fingers in her pussy. Her hips bucked hard against my face. I felt that tingle in my balls. I was close to coming. I knew she was too as her clit continued to swell. We came together.

I exploded in her mouth, pumping my seed deep down her throat. Spurt after spurt filled her mouth and overflowed wetly onto my hips. Simultaneously she squirted hard and long, drenching my hair, invading my nostrils and burning my eyes. We collapsed, breathing heavily. She rolled to her stomach, covered in sweat, gasping for breath. I rolled on top of her, my still rigid member settling between the mounds of her ample ass.

I rose on my arms and began to saw my cock up and down between her perspiring cheeks. I heard the soft burr of her snoring as she dozed back off. No, my love, I thought, no sleep tonight. I have waited too long for this moment. I placed the head of my cock at the opening of her anus. We both loved anal! It added a layer of depravity to our illicit love. We usually had to do it slowly, allowing her to overcome her anxiety as I gradually entered her.

But her drinking and our lovemaking had her ytuv xxx sax in ebony desi relaxed that I slid in balls deep with little effort.

She woke on my second thrust. "Fuck!!" She moaned huskily. I forced her head into the softness of the down filled sleeping bag. I felt the rage of jealousy fill my heart. My breathing was labored as I envision her, my woman, my lover, the mother of my child fucking her cuckold of a husband. I leaned close to her ear and whispered hoarsely: "Does he fuck you like this?

Does his cock fill your ass like mine does?" Her head rose and deep snatch drilling action hardcore and blowjob began to slur loudly: "Whuh are.?" I reached down and forced my finger in her mouth. "Shhhhh! Doesn't that taste good? It's covered with your juices," I whispered urgently. I too wanted to scream as I plumbed the velvet channel created by her tightening sphincter muscles. Only thin layers of cloth separated us from the other tents, especially my parents.

She sucked hungrily on my finger as we reached a rhythm. Her full ass thrust up hard to meet the down thrust of me pounding her eager anus. She was animal, snarling and growling as I fucked this most intimate of full xxx story xxx gane song me. I leaned back.

I raised my arm and brought my hand down sharply on her full ass. My lover grunted loudly and pushed back hard. I raised my other hand and brought it down in another vicious slap on her other ass cheek. She turned into a wild woman, mewling, snarling, I could hear her fingers scratching my mattress. "Take it, you motherfucker, Take my ass!" I stopped and let her fuck my member. She was up to the challenge, redoubling her efforts, pounding and bruising my pelvic bone as she drove herself to orgasm.

I felt her wetness hit my thighs as she buried her face and came with total abandon. Her thrusts slowed as she came down. I was exhausted from our exertions and the lingering effects of the alcohol.

I rolled to my back, gasping for air and covered in sweat. I felt rather than saw my lover rise to her hands and knees. Her lips pressed hard against mine. I could smell the odor of stale alcohol as her tongue dueled with mine. Then she repeated the journey I had made down her body with my tongue with her own tongue. She kissed the hollow of my neck.

Her tongue trailed down and across each nipple. She nipped lightly at each one, drawing a sharp gasp from my lips. That drew a sharp teen fucked too hard xxx alone with a drone from her before she continued her journey down my body. When she reached my cock, I grabbed her head, trying to stop her. I knew the residue of anal sex covered my cock.

I tried to stop her. She roughly slapped my hands away. She grabbed my penis at the root, her hand cupping my balls. Her tongue started at her hand and licked up my tumescent member. At the head, she kissed and tongued my slit before going down and repeating this cleansing ritual of my cock.

She straddled me. She reached back, grabbed my cock and slid it into her sopping wet hole. She lay on top. I gripped her large ass as she bounced frantically up and down. She whispered urgently in my ear: "Tom, this is amazing!!" Tom????' Confused, I reached over and flipped the switch on my Coleman lantern.

In the blue glow of the 15 watt bulb, I saw my mother's sweating face! Her eyes were closed, her face twisted in a mask of wanton lust. Her hands were on my chest, her large pendulous breasts swinging invitingly above me. Her hips rose and fell as she frantically rode me. I was fucking my mother!! She thrust down hard driving me even deeper in her birth channel. I leaned forward and captured one of her swaying nipples in my teeth.

Mom grunted loudly and continued driving toward her orgasm. My alcohol soaked mind tried to process what was happening. Somehow, mom had entered my tent instead of her own. And now my dick was filling my mom's pussy.

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My come, my swimmers were going to begin that journey up her birth canal to her womb. I was realizing every boy's fantasy! I was fucking my mother. My come was in her belly! My cock had filled her ass and brought her to orgasm. If Anne was a great fuck, mom was amazing! Her lush body was made for fucking. I flashed back to her nocturnal screams when I was a teenager. Was she riding dad like this when she screamed?

Or maybe he was fucking her ass like I did and that caused her screams? I reached up, grabbed both of her huge melons and squeezed. She moaned and her eyes popped open. The alcohol continued to cloud her vision and, I suspect, her judgment. "Joe, she said, Joe, is that you?" Her thrusts slowed but continued. "Yes mom it's me!" I thrust up hard once, twice three times. Mom grunted loudly. Her pussy clamped down as she drove us both to orgasm. I spurted deep in that pussy I had come from 22 years ago.

Mom was still rocking back and forth on my softening dick. "Joe!!! Oh my god!! Joe!!!" "Mom, mom, be quiet!! Everyone will hear you!" "What the hell are you doing in my tent?" She whispered drunkenly. As she spoke, she rose to one knee, balancing herself with her hands on my chest. She straightened the other leg as she went to funny xxx story sex stories free off me.

I watched as my cock, covered in the whitish foam of our incest, popped wetly from her pussy. Our juices matted her reddish brown thatch. Her still swollen pussy lips gleamed wetly. I witnessed the obscenely erotic sight of my come dripping out of my mother's pussy.

It dribbled on my drenched pubic hair and balls. Mom's eyes followed mine. Her eyes widened as a large tear shaped drop of semen elongated and then fell on my crotch. She covered her pussy with both hands. In my drunken state, I was not sure if she was trying to prevent me from seeing my come drip from her or hold it in.

"This is MY tent, mom! Somehow you ended up in here instead of next door!" "And we had sex! Oh jezuz I fucked my son!" She rolled to her back breathing heavily. Then she rolled to her side, amazing teenie slut swallows his whole schlong delicious ass sticking out.

"Fucked my son!" she mumbled drunkenly. I waited for the thunder of recrimination and guilt. I waited for her eyes to flash with the lightening of anger and contempt.

I knew the storm was coming. However, what I heard was the loud drunken burr of her snoring. In the dim light of the lantern, I could see the wetness of my pubic hair.

I saw the trail of juices across my thigh, ending on the sleeping bag. I was still drunk. The strenuous sex had exhausted me. I reached over and turned off the lantern. I scooted closer to mom, my semi hard cock resting comfortably in the crack of her ass. I threw an the legend of chocolate big dick blowjob over her, cupped one beautiful tit and dozed off.

I do not know how long I slept. I woke with morning wood. The stars still shone brightly through the netting. My arm was still thrown over.who.the fuck was this?? Then it came back to me. Mom and I had fucked! The large ass my dick was pressing against was my mother! I reached over and turned on the lantern. Mom snored loudly. She had moved to a semi fetal position with her ass pushed out toward me.

My rigid tool rested easily between the inviting pillows of her full mature ass. I sawed my dick lightly in that exquisite channel. Nothing! She kept snoring. I used one hand to raise one of her cheeks. Her anus appeared to be winking at me. Our dried juices matted her wiry thatch. I wet my thumb and experimentally eased the tip into mom's rectum.

Her sphincters tightened reflexively. I slid my thumb slowly in and out. She groaned softly. I leaned over and let my spit drool on her anus. I worked my thumb in and out of mom's ass.

Mom reached back and covered my hand with hers. I eased two fingers into her moist love hole. I seesawed thumb and fingers, into ass, out of pussy, out of ass, into pussy. "Fuck Tom, what has gotten into you? Don't stop, I love.!" My mother pulled away from me and sat up on her knees.

"What the fuck!!" She shouted. "Shhhhh mom!" "Don't shush me, young man!" "Mom, you are going to wake everyone up!! And the first question will be what are you doing in your son's tent naked with his dried semen on your pussy!" Mom's eyes were as wide as dinner plates, but she got the message. "Jezuz, Joe, what have we done??" She whispered plaintively. I realized that while we were not as drunk as we were, we were still under the influence of the alcohol.

Why else would we be having this relatively restrained conversation about the incest we had committed! "We had sex, mom!" I hesitated briefly, then added, "And dam good sex too!" I watched her blush in the dim glow of the Coleman lantern. She raised her arms, her hands flopping uselessly at the end of her wrists. "But I thought you were your father!" "Yes mom! I know that now." She absent-mindedly rubbed her ass.

Revelation washed slowly over her. "You fucked my ass!! And then I.!" Her eyes widen as she stared at my semi hard tool. "Oh my fucking god!" mom moaned despondently. "I never even did THAT for your father! Or anyone else for that matter!" I sighed heavily. "I guess the real question is what now?" Incongruously, mom tittered.

She pointed at my cock. "You are huge!! It will be days before I can walk normal!" I was confused and it must have shown on my face. Mom rolled to her hands and knees. "For now, young man, you are going to finish what you started. I wanted to feel that massive piece of man meat in my ass and pussy one more time!" I rose to my knees and moved toward my mother's ass, my dick rigid with anticipation. Mom groaned loudly as the bulbous head of my cock again entered her fantastic ass.

She looked back over her shoulder. Her face twisted into a mask of wanton lust. She pushed back, sliding me deeper into her anal chute.

She raised a finger to puckered lips. "Shhhhh," she whispered, "this is our secret!" *** The night was turning to a grey dawn as my mother left my tent and took the short walk to where my father lay sleeping in their tent. Her wide legged gait caused me to snicker. She turned and stuck her tongue out at me. Then she twisted one balled up fist in one eye then the other, giving me the universal pantomime for: I'll give you a black eye! I laughed and crawled back in my tent.

Soon I dozed back off. I woke to the bright summer sun and the chatter of voices. I threw on some shorts, grabbed my towel and shaving kit and made my way down to the communal shower. Alone in the shower, I could hear women chattering on the female side of the wall. The cold water felt good after my night of drinking and strenuous sex. I started getting a chubby as I recalled the amazing sex with my mom.

As I exited the shower, I met Anne. She wore flip flops and white mid thigh cotton robe. A white towel turban covered her fire engine red amateur milf double blowjob with facial cumshot. We hugged each other spontaneously. Without a thought to where we were, I wrapped my arms around her. "I'm sorry!" She wailed. "Susie got sick and I was up all night with her!" "It's ok baby, it's ok! How is she?" Before she could reply, I heard someone behind me.

I turned and looked into the wide-eyed stare of my mom. Mom's robe was similar to Anne's caroline chojnacki and ashley schappert tube porn. Her hair hung damp and limp about her face.

Her eyes were red and puffy from losing sleep. My mother had an epiphany as she watched Anne and I embrace. "You were waiting for Anne last night!!" I nodded weakly. Mom's mouth fell open. She was traversing a mental route that was leading to the ultimate truth. "And Susie is not only my grandniece, but my granddaughter??" Anne and I nodded weakly in unison. Mom struck her forehead with the heel of her hand.

"Well, fuck me!" She whispered in wonder. Then she looked at me and began to giggle. The giggle turned into a nervous laugh. I raised a questioning eyebrow. "Hopefully," she murmured wistfully, touching her belly, "she won't have a new cousin!" Anne looked at each of us in confusion. Then her mouth fell open as the recognition of what had happened slowly came over her.

"You don't mean that.! I mean you and your mom didn't.?" In unison, mom and I nodded our heads, "Oh my word.oh my word!! What a mess that would be!!" Anne mumbled. I called to mom as she started back to her tent. In the distance, I can see our family members beginning to stir.

I raised my finger to puckered lips. "Shhhhh, our secret!" Mom nodded and waved her arm in the air without turning around. "Hopefully, baby, hopefully!"