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Tress knows how to suck black cock tube porn
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THE KINCAID FAMILY KINK - part 6 & 7 by Oediplex 8==3~ Part 6: Harry's mom arrives with a story to tell The memories, of the last things she remembered, replayed in her head, like a flashback in a 'B' movie. "I love you, Mandy!" cried her son, Jack. The first time he had called her by her first name, when they had made love. "Oh, yess! I love you too, Jack. I love you too, lover!" She said. And then they once more drifted off.

Their dreams were lovely, as they cuddled together, on Jack's bed. They slept late, not waking until there was a loud knocking at the door. Mandy at first thought it was a dream. But it came again. Then once more the person was not going away. 'Who the hell could it be?' Mandy wondered as she staggered to her bedroom, grabbed her robe, and stumbled to the front door. She looked at the clock on the way. 'Jeez! It was almost eleven!' She and Jack had slept quite late.

Harry, her husband, wasn't due until the afternoon. The knock came again. She opened the door, expecting a neighbor wanting to borrow something. But who was standing there, shocked her awake.

It was Libby, Harry's mother. What she said, instead of, "Sorry to surprise you, dear." was like a nightmare instead. Libby looked her beautiful hottie loves being stripped and screwed and down, then right in the eye, and said, "You have been fucking Jack, haven't you Mandy!" Then before she could respond, Jack walked into the living room, still nude.

"Oh! Hi Grandma!" he exclaimed. Mandy, felt faint, her knees wobbled. Jack seeing her begin to sway, rushed to her side, and helped her to the sofa. Their clothes from last night were strewn on the floor. Libby walked in, shutting the door as she did, and sat down across from her. Concern showed on her face. "Jack, go and get us some coffee, please. Make it quick." "Mother Libby. . ." Mandy was at a loss, as to what to say. The evidence of their sins, was clearly all around.

And what was Jack doing, naked in front of his grandmother? "Sorry to surprise you, dear." Libby said. "Didn't Jack mention that I called yesterday, and said I might drop by today? Clearly not. He ought to be more thoughtful for his poor mother. Especially now that you two have been screwing around. Don't worry, Harry told me all about it.

I didn't believe it hardly, until I talked to Jack, yesterday on the phone. That's when I told him, that I likely would be coming up to pay a visit.

I wasn't sure of the time. But I wanted to speak to you before Harry got back. I have to beg your apology, you see." Jack came back, still without a stitch, but with two mugs of coffee, steaming. "I used instant, and nuked it. But it's a fancy brand. Cream, I remembered for you, Grandma. Black for you, mom." Libby accepted a mug, and got a good gander at Jack's genitals. "Jack," she said, matter of factly, "don't be rude, or are you just showing off?

Be a dear, and go to your room, let your mother and I chat a bit. Put some clothes on, for heaven's sake. Just cause I know your secret, doesn't mean that I want to see your slim teen megumi shino takes double penetration. Well. . maybe later. Now be a good boy and skedaddle." When Jack had left, she continued. "Harry came to see me yesterday morning. He told me he had a confession. I wasn't shocked.

I had long known he had a thing for mommy. But I wasn't going to go there, especially while his dad was alive. Nor did I wish to have anything to do with such shenanigans, since he was married to such a wonderful girl as yourself, Mandy. I didn't want to let his fantasies turn into a nightmare.

As I expected they would, if you ever found out. Nor, would I ever want to hurt you that way, dear." "But when Harry confessed, I told him as much.

Then he told me the whole story of what had been going on lately, here. At first, I didn't believe it. I called his bluff, so to speak, and phoned here to get the truth. Jack answered. I asked cautiously, if anything unusual had been going on in the home, as of the last several weeks. Jack guessed then, that Harry had come to see me. When I confirmed that his father was there with me, he opened up about the video, and the general gist of things.

After that conversation, Harry and I talked a great deal more before I consented to. . Well, that's what I have to ask your forgiveness for. It's been quite a while, and I'm afraid, I gave into temptation with my son as well!" Mandy was not getting her mind around the whole thing yet. The coffee was helping, but still it was a lot to take in, all at once. "You. . and Harry?" "Yes, dear. I was still reluctant, even though I had the complete details, and Jack's confirmation of, well, the.

. the uh. . new dynamics taking place in your household. Harry told me that when he got to see you and Jack, doing the. . having each other completely, that he realized that he really had to try to have. . relations with me. He evidently, had planned to approach me earlier, since he phone to tell me he'd be dropping by on Saturday. That he had something special he wanted to share with me. I never dreamed it would be sex. Not at my age." Mandy studied her mother-in-law.

Petite, with a still handsome figure. Her face was lined, but she was only. . ? "Sixty-five" Said the elder woman, as if reading her mind. "Libby, I hope Poor girl blowjob his boyfriend at webcam look as good as you when I get. . to that point." "Thank you dear, it's just genetics, my mother was of the same good stock. She called us minxes. But that was a private joke, as we both were rather wild in our youth.

I rather think, perhaps Jack has that side of the family. Anyway, back to Harry's bold plan. So he arrives, bulky nailed by black man hardcore blowjob makes this big confession, about he has been horny for me all his life, and what it has recently led to.

The three of you mixing and matching in bed, so to speak. Fully sexually liberated family by bare back studios starring cory chase and jennifer bliss 4 scenes I confirmed that outlandish story with Jack, we continued to talk." "He wanted to get me to bed.

I was reluctant to do so, without your permission. I mean, I have been widowed for five years. It's been even longer since I had sex, since Harry's dad wasn't up to it, the last couple years when he had been ill, and impotent. Harry has always been able to charm me into getting his way.

It's not evita needs to fuck now cumshots brunette if he isn't a handsome devil.

Takes after his dad, and Jack's part of that linage as well. They all three look like the Lord saved the mold, and Jack could almost be his grandpa at that age." "Harry said he understood. But perhaps he old age mom sith son just give me a back-rub, and then take me out to dinner afterward.

I used to love back-rubs. I mean, I still do, but there is nobody around to give me one. Unless I ribald swarthy adorable teenie and her fuckmate hardcore blowjob a masseuse, at the seniors health club I go to.

So I felt that was a compromise, for the moment. Harry went and got the talc, and some towels. He had me lay down on the bed. I was just in my bra and panties, but Harry had seen me in that outfit for years. We were never overly modest, in our home." Mandy interrupted. "Libby, do you need more coffee?" "Actually, would you have some sherry? I know it's a bit early, but this caffeine is not doing anything but jangling my nerves. Or brandy, even better." Mandy went and poured two large brandies, in snifters and they sat together on the couch, as Libby continued.

So there I am, in my underwear, and Harry starts to work on my shoulders. Mind you, I had no intention of anything but to get some relief for my old bones. He works down to my strap on my back, bypasses that, then makes great things happen to the small of my back.

I'm in heaven, and half asleep, I'm so relaxed. He moves to my feet, and starts to work up from my toes. He's is so good with toes." "Yeah, Harry's good with toes alright!" Mandy nodded in agreement.

"Then my soles, he has an amazing touch, like he just knows where the aches are, and what you need to make them go away." Mandy was nodding, she remembered how Harry had always had a special way, of making the most from his hands, on her sore muscles.

"Then the calves, and the back of the knees. I was completely disarmed, and rather in some la-la-land, by then. So when his fingers went to the inner thighs, I had no idea that he was doing anything untoward. Then back up over my hips to the small of the back, and worked the sides, as well as the shoulder blades.

I hardly knew when he undid the strap, but then these long strokes up and down the full length of my back, were just what the doctor ordered." "As his hands went up, they slid along the sides, and touched just ever so lightly the pout of my breast. It felt perfectly natural by then, for his hands to be moving that way. I thought nothing of it, at the time. Then he worked at the small of my back again, but pulled down the top of the panties to get at the muscles with a deep massaging.

Before I considered that becoming perhaps a little naughty, he worked his way down my thighs, on the outside, all the way to my feet, then up again, but now on the inside and higher. This is a very nice brandy, Mandy." Mandy poured her some more. She was fascinated by the tale of her husband, and his obvious seduction of his mother. Who would have guessed?

Well, maybe she might have, considering the recent confessions and events in the family. "Well, some time about there, Harry got out of his shirt and pants, saying he was getting a little warm and he wanted to keep the clothes fresh for going out to dinner, as he hadn't brought a change with him. I was so relaxed, I just murmured 'Okay'; then his hands were back, making that magic tingling over my body.

Things kind of blended and blurred for a while. His hands were along the side of my body, up on my thighs, on my bottom. I realized that somehow my panties had gotten all the way down to the base of my ass-cheeks, they were binding a little, so I said okay, when he asked if I wanted them off." "At the same time he got rid of the bra, out from under me.

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So, without actually making a direct decision to, I was then naked. He was still rubbing me all over, but now I was starting to get turned on. I was wondering if he planned to seduce me, when I felt his fingers brush my pubic hair, and I went instantly damp. By then I was hoping he was going to seduce me. His hands came up, and cupped the bulge of my breasts, which squashed out the sides. I raised up, and they went seeking the nipples, which were stiff.

He found them no trouble, and tweaked them, then rolled them. I spread my thighs, involuntarily. I was getting hot, it had been seven years, and I'm only human." "I understand, Libby. You couldn't help yourself." "I could have, but I didn't want to.

You and Harry and Jack, were all having fun. I wanted to, as well. If I couldn't help myself, then Harry would owe you the apology. But I wanted in on the action. I raised my bottom, and felt my son's hard thing jutting in his boxers. Harry knew that his moment with momma had arrived.

He pulled and kicked off the shorts. Then I felt his dick on my bare skin, right between the cheeks.

I was practically dripping. My tits were aching for his hands, and my vagina had never felt so empty, and in need of a man. We didn't have to say a word, it was understood what was going to happen. Then Harry was on his knees, he pulled my ass danielle black girl w hot body gets white creampie p, and took me.

His hands grasped my tits, then went back to my hips." Mandy was mesmerized by the erotic narrative, of her husband ravishing his mother. "My son, he stabbed that big prick into his mother's red, raw middle without a how-do-you-do, and went to town.

He banged my hole to beat the band. I stared cumming about the third stoke, and I couldn't stop for several minutes after. Just when I though I couldn't spasm anymore, he would try another angle, or another rhythm, and I would peak again. I had to finally beg him to let me catch my breath. My nipples were too sensitive from rubbing on the sheets.

It was more than enough." "But once I rolled over, and cooled off a little, he got between my legs, and this time, he came too, that last screw! He was even bigger, and deeper fucking me that way. I really got to feel the full girth, and length of his big cock. So Mandy, I apologize, for not checking with petite blond chubby teen cherie deville in impregnated by my stepallys son first, as I had intended to do.

To ask if it was alright, if we had your permission, for Harry and I to make love. But you know how it is with the Kincaid men, once they get their hands on you, it's tough to resist." "It's fine, Libby. I just wish that Harry had let me know what his plans were. I would have been glad to allow that particular indiscretion on his part, to be permitted. Since it was all in the family, so to speak. How did you like having your son fuck you?" "It was terrific, he had such passion, and lasted so very long.

Like he wanted to make it go on forever. I was so turned on by the sin, though of course, it wasn't so naughty as it would have been ten or twenty years ago. Back then, I certainly would have said no.

But of course it's different for you and Jack, with him a grown young man, and Harry wanting to see you two screwing, and all. How. . is he, Jack I mean, in bed that is? Like Harry?" "No, it's different, Harry is a great lover, and I really enjoy making love with him. But as you said, there is something that has a. .

spice all to its own, about fucking your own son." "I. . wonder. . what it's like with a. . grandson?" Mandy laughed, at Libby's shy suggestion. "Well, why don't you tell me, when you do. I bet that Jack would be willing to make it with his grandma, he is such a horny little demon." "Like father like son? Wanting to fuck their mothers, and any female in the family?" "Why don't we get him out here, and see." said Mandy, with a twinkle in her eye. "JACK! Grandma has a question. Come out to the living room." Jack came out, he had an old tee-shirt and a pair of sports shorts on, but was barefoot.

"Grandma, did you and dad do it?" Libby reached out, and felt for Jack's dick, she found it easily. "What do you think, you little motherfucker?" She stroke her grandson's meat. "I think that you had a good time with my father, who is now a motherfucker too!" Mandy pulled his pants down, and as she suspected, from watching Libby's manipulation, there was no underwear on her son.

She reached up, and pulled off his shirt, he bent to make it easier to strip off. Then he was once more displaying his proud prick before the two women. Nude, he was like a Greek statue. Libby put her mouth on his cock, and sucked. Mandy looked up from the couch and said, "Grandma wants to know how good in bed you are. I told her she ought to find out for herself. How does that sound to you, sweety?" Libby lifted her head, and looked at Jack.

"Will you be you be my Honey-Grand-Sonny? You want to give me a try?" "Yeah, grandma, I wouldn't mind. . if it's alright with mom. . and dad." Jack thoughtfully allowed that his folks ought to be part of the decision-making process, though he was sure what the outcome would be, all things considered. Just then, Harry walked in the side door to the kitchen. Mandy looked up and called out, "Darling, we're in the living room." Harry walked in on his son naked, before the two women he loved most, and began to laugh.

"Not now, son, I want to take us all out for a big Sunday dinner.

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I think tonight we will need all the energy we can pack away. Mandy, I promised mom a dinner last night, but we. . went to bed early. I was up at six yesterday, to make the trip down to her house. I just sort of collapsed after giving her a rub down." "Rubbed her down, felt her up, made her feel good inside and out, and all over; is what I heard, you romantic motherfucker, you!" "Uh, yeah," Harry laughed again at his new status. "How did you and. . motherfucker-junior do?" "Oh!

We had a dinner-date too. But we ate before thick cock in a red haired teens ass messed around and had our fun.

We stayed up late. Libby, had to pound on the door for a long time to wake us. But I haven't eaten any breakfast, yet, I doubt Jack has either, and Libby had two brandies already. I think Sunday dinner, sounds like just the ticket!" "So Okay! Let's have a blow out, at that new fancy new place that opened up. I've been meaning to take you there anyway. Mom will be staying for a couple of days at least, in the guest bedroom. Libby, I'll bring your suitcase in, and your garment bag.

We'll make this a terrific family reunion. I'll call in tomorrow, I'm owed a day off at least, since I closed that big deal last week." Harry had hardly been happier, than Mandy had ever seen him, his face beamed.

She felt glad that he was back, she had missed him, even though the time with Jack had been wonderful. This evening was going to prove interesting.

She wondered, just who was going to wind up sleeping where, and with whom. The Kincaid family kink was going to become an even naughtier knot, with this new twist!

Part 7: The kink becomes a naughty knot; conclusion The restaurant that Harry had made reservations at was situated in a luxury hotel in downtown. All of them quite liked seafood and that became the theme of the meal.

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Clams for appetizers, with the small talk touching upon the symbolic and reputed aphrodisiacal properties of the food. Harry had a rainbow trout, Jack opted for salmon as always.

Mandy decided that she wanted lobster claws and Libby followed suit. The champagne flowed as several bottles of the establishment's finest were uncorked. Dessert was chocolate and cinnamon mousse, with a snifter of Grand Marnier all around the table of the four. As they were rising from the table, Harry revealed another surprise. Being a thorough planner, he had made reservations for a suite of rooms in the hotel itself.

They would not need to go back home this evening. So much the better, thought Mandy, as none were quite sober, so no driving while inebriated was necessary. A thoughtful son, was Libby's conclusion, since that would provide a quicker retiring to the activities which would be family playtime of passionate engagements.

She lustily anticipated the entwining entanglements and erotic entertainment for all four of the Kincaids; father/son/husband, mother/mother-in-law/grandmother, daughter-in-law/mother/wife, son/grandson/original instigator of the family's kinky fun. When Jack saw the accommodations he understood the potential dynamics instantly, and admired his dad's inspiration in making the reservations there.

The suite had a combination dining / parlor area with both table and chairs for meals, it included a wet bar. On the other side there was a couch, two easy chairs, TV - DVD - stereo setup; a door led to a half bath off that side. Then the large bedroom was furnished with two king-size beds, and big walk-in closet, and a plush bathroom with a huge jacuzzi, shower and even a bidet. Harry tipped the bellman generously and said that their luggage would be sent up later. He grinned at his family as he went to the bar and offered to serve drinks, "I suppose that it might seem curious that we arrived without a suitcase, but clothing is likely unnecessary, considering what I predict about our expected agenda!" This got a chuckle from the other three.

Libby had a sherry, Mandy a brandy, Jack a Heineken, and poppa popped a split of bubbly and drank from the bottle like it was beer. They settled on to the sofa and cushy seats, Jack used the remote to bring up some mellow music.

After a little chatting about how wonderful the meal had been, Harry asked his mother if she would like to dance. Jack followed his father's lesbian awesome babes love reaching orgasms dildo toy and stretched a hand to his mom Mandy and the two couples swayed to an old time standard, with a slow and romantic beat.

Then as they glide close to each other, in an unspoken moment, but done by some mutually recognized cue, they switch partners, Harry with his wife now cut the rug and Libby with her grandson tripped the light fantastic. The married couple kissed and best black guygystyle compilation on earth vol 2 their arms around each other, obviously very much in love and lust still, though the events of recent days might have undone less liberated pairs.

Jack and his grandmother were tightly clenched as well. Their legs were such that their thighs mashed against each other's crotch, Jack's erection obviously evident and his pressure was making her wet. He kissed Libby, Harry was Frenching Mandy. They exchanged dance companions once more and by the time the music ended it was almost a standing make out session for the foursome.

Harry headed toward the bedroom hand in hand with his sprightly and still spry mater, scion youbg girl old man sleeping his paramour close behind.

As they crossed the broad boudoir, Libby led the way to the over-sized closet and all the Kincaids wound up in there undressing, though they helped one another to get pared down to their birthdays suits, the garments hung with less care as the frolic got a bit rambunctious with pricks poking butts and tits tempting lips and fingers groping crotches and grasping cocks, even a goose or two was given.

It was almost a free for all foreplay on their feet, as giggles and chuckles and squeaks, shrieks and squeals were emitted from the rollicking family. They nearly tumbled out of the confines on to the nearer of the expansive mattresses, altogether, where in a tangle of limbs and hunching torsos and kissing faces they provided affectionate proof to each of the amorous mood by touching and orally stimulating every and any erogenous zone on one another.

Even Mandy to Libby, and Jack to Harry; inhibitions were swept away by the heat of the fire in their loins. All the caresses and kisses they shares were living demonstrations of their love and abiding lust for this sort of sordid swinging incestuous soiree they were engaging, sexy lesbians fill up their monster asses with milk and ejaculate it out carnal and consanguine lusty lineage.

Then Mandy said in a clear voice, "Harry, you got to watch Jack and I doing it. Ever since Libby told me about your seduction, I pictured the two of you. Right now I want to get an actual live view of my husband having his mother.

Making her feel as heavenly and horny as I get when Jack balls me. Show us the true motherfucker you are, don't be shy, bang her your best, Babe!" "Not on these stiff bedspreads!" exclaimed Libby and the family made short work of stripping the beds down to the sheets. Then Harry manipulated his parent to be on her hands and knees, facing away from the other bed, so that Jack and his mom could sit on the opposite mat and view the doggie-action from a 'behind-the-scenes' perspective.

Mandy could see that her mother-in-law was indeed a bit hirsute in the privates, as hubby Harry hammered at her center with his own furry bushed woody. The pornographic display was too erotic for her to endure without a healthy helping of hard dick from the son who sat beside her.

Motioning that that they also ought to join the orgy in similar fashion they assumed the same position observing son and mother as grandson and his own mother made horny cougars with huge boobs get their pussies pumped get their man hi same movements in mimic of the other's coupling. Soon Libby turned her head back and saw the younger man pounding the pud of his live-in lover.

She said, "Look!" to Harry. He turned also to see his wife and son engaged similarly. "I got to get a closer gander at them gonads going at it!" Libby declared and they disconnected to come round the far side of the other bed and gained a good look at the pair, son sawing into his mother with unabashed enthusiasm. The hell of a humping Jack was pumping to Mandy soon had his dad's dong long again and Harry pushed Libby up on the bed to resume their boffing again.

Now both couples were on the same bed, like a horse race, neck and neck - in fact Mandy turned to Libby and started necking with her, Frenching her and reaching over to tweak a nipple. Then Libby returned the physical pleasuring. Jack looked over at Harry and spoke one word that finally tied the family kink into the knot it was twisting and turning and the complex turn-on it was turning out to be, a twaining of the double duo, a quad tandem tangle of epic Oedipal proportions, passions past the point of no return in a fevered forever the filial fucking of female parental paramours.

Harry heard his son speak and obeyed with joy and vigor. Mandy's ears absorbed the sound but in so hot a heated moment it didn't register, until the gents, the ladies jockeys in the pony sporting of the dueling doggie position jointly moved. Libby did too, but she anticipated the moment, so when her grandson said, "Switch!", she was gleefully in favor of the outcome, as the two men exchange partners, as on the dance floor - now on the platform of love.

In a few seconds she felt the slimmer longer penis of her child's child enter her body, and she laughed at the sheer salacious rapture that thrilled through her body, radiating out from her vagina like a burst of light, flaring a flushed rush of blood surging in her veins. Mandy reacted with renewed energy to the sensation of her husband's stout stalk spreading her cunt with its randy bulk. It felt terrific to have him back inside her, proving his love and desire again for the woman he had married.

It both reassured her of his fidelity (abet, within the family circle) and created that same magic that had been theirs at the earliest, lately reasserted through the incestuous interest of their prurient offspring, reinvigorating and revitalizing their sex lives. Said same son was banging his grandma as heartily as he had fucked Mandy, and his mother loved her son for his brave and lewd audacious desires which had given his dad the lecherous courage to turn his lust for Libby into this licentious family orgy.

They were all liberated now to allow their lust to be unbridled, uninhibited and unrestrained by any conventions of society's ideas of propriety. Libby turned around to have her Honey-Grand-Sonny get on top of her to be face to face, nipple to nipple, missionary method in sinful coitus, hips bumping, crotchs slapping, smack-dabbing, lips smooching, plain old-fashion fucking.

Mandy and Harry followed suit. The bed rocked with the synchronized ramming of the raunchy family. It was a sturdy structure however, and hardly groaned in its joints from the punishment that the double drubbing upon it produced. But the same could not be said of the four screwing on the sheets.

They were now moaning and making all sorts of verbal cues to the approaching paroxysms. It was going to be multi-orgasmic-orgiastical fantastic, simultaneous, full frenzied cascade of Kincaid climaxes; the calls and cries signaled the dramatic cums of each, as the timing swept up the dynasty of swingers in their wanton wild kinked-up cums.

Then the cataclysm of orgasms crested with a crescendo of copulation. Jism flowed, quims gushed, contractions clenched and spasms throbbed; the fulfillment of every physical manifestation of rapture erupted and washed over the four fuckers.

Libby felt the thrusting of Jack to her deepest inner self, right to the cervix and the throbbing of his pulsing penis produced exquisite ecstasy in her entire being. Jack felt the spewing of his semen down to the very root of his dick, the flow of his seed spurting in hot geyser flows, wishing that his grandmother was not past childbearing age, what a thrill if he could have impregnated her!

Harry was nearly delirious with the pleasure and joy of the moment, to be fucking his beloved wife, who had fucked their son before his eyes, to have made love to his own mom, and now his son share that bond too. It was beyond any fantasy, more than a dream cum true and the reality of their family finally united in licentious carnal union was an overwhelming exaltation.

Mandy Kincaid was pleased with how her husband Harry was fucking her. It was hot and heavy, hard and sweaty and she cumming so hard she actually about fainted. Her brain was filled with the electrical storm of sexual pleasure as her husband blasted into her. Her son, her other lover was making his grandmother peak and she knew that the blessing of his semen presently spilling in Libby's womb was a delightful squirting she would soon experience again.

This was a paradise she could hardly have conceived of a few weeks ago, when the guys returned from their trip. But it was so, and the wild family kink the Kincaid kin carried secretly had been brought to light as that fire of fuck-lust flared to roaring arousal. She had caught alight from the burning lust of her two men, and its flame had spread to Libby too. Now they were engaged in a menage that put any Gordian convolutions of a lover's knot to shame.

Not that she felt any shame or regrets, rather she was exhilarated that these things had come to pass, but she knew that these cums would not become passive but grow ever more passionate, and thrive amidst the deep love her family had for each other. There would be plenty of sex for all from now on. Where just a pair could become complacent in their lovemaking, the dynamics of this mix made for a renewing zest and revitalizing zeal that would forever be a fresh and fun family fucking folic, and their Kincaid kink could be counted on to kick their sex lives into high gear until kinkdom kum!!