Dont fuck me im pregnant son

Dont fuck me im pregnant son
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It had been four years, four long, tireless, sexual years, that Rachel, who was a senior at Rice Hills College, had kept a secret crush on her roommate and fellow Phi Beta Kappa sorority sister, Veronica, who was a junior a year or two younger than her.

No, in fact, it was more than a crush. Veronica had become somewhat of a fetish for Rachel, an amazing force that willed even Rachel's tight pussy to leak onto her bedsheets when Veronica wasn't there.

Whenever even Veronica's name appeared in conversation, it was all that Rachel could do to control her strong sexual urges. There was only one problem: Veronica was going out with the most popular senior at Rice, and Rachel had been hiding her sexual orientation since she was thirteen.

Nobody knew her secret of being bisexual, not 245 krasotka s bolshoj grudyu poziruet na kuxnehtml her roommate and closest friend.

It was a secret that Rachel kept close to her heart, and only let her diary-and her sex toys- in on. But finally, one fateful spring evening, Rachel's long years of waiting finally paid off.

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Veronica had been out late at night, partying with her boyfriend Jake. She came home to a seemingly sleeping Rachel, who had in fact been playing with her vibrator moments before. It was now stashed underneath Rachel's pillow, still buzzing weakly. As the beautiful, blond, and tan-skinned Veronica took off her coat and crept into their shared bedroom, Rachel tried to appear as though she was slumbering contently.

Veronica laid her purse on the bedside table, and then, to Rachel's delight, she slipped into the bathroom and closed the door. Rachel knew what time it was; Veronica's evening shower had been prolonged by her partying, but had not been forgotten.

The mere though of Veronica's voluptuous, naked body under the running hot shower water make Rachel's fingers force their way beneath her skimpy boxer shorts, and began to massage her clit fitfully. The shower continued for about fifteen minutes, in which time Rachel proceeded to finger her tight, ageless pussy to her heart's content and moaning as the pleasure dampened her pussy her panties, and the mattress around her.

The pleasure was getting unbearable, fueled by the though of sweet Veronica. Suddenly, the door to the bathroom swung open.

The light from the steamy shower room filtered into the bedroom and was washed out by the full moon through the window. Rachel rolled over a bit in bed to see what was going on, and what she saw nearly forced her to her orgasm. Veronica stood in the doorway, all of her slender and shapely body and D-cup breasts completely nude and dripping wet.

When she saw Rachelwho was out of the bed and standing so close to her, Veronica put a slender arm around her soft, moist breasts and desperately tried to conceal her wide pussy with her other petite hand. It was no use. Her slippery boobs popped from under her arm, and she could not cover the big tit puma fucks mechanic to pay bill pussy that she clutched in her manicured nails.

Her face flushed a bright, embarrassed red. "V-Veronica." stammered Rachel, crossing her legs so that her roommate could not see her wet pussy beneath her shorts. She was shaking and burning hot all over. "" "We're out of towels, and I though you might have one." said Veronica. She walked forward a little bit on the tiled bedroom floor, and then she slipped on the wet ground, hitting her round and full ass on the ground with a loud smacking noise as though she had been spanked.

"Ouch!" she cried, moving her hands up to clutch her head. Her legs were slightly spread, revealing her clit and pussy lips. Rachel was trembling, and her underwear dripped so much that some fell to the floor. Veronica heard the juice hit the tiles with a little gasp, trying to conceal herself again. Her face was bright red now, and despite her being so straight, her pussy began to leak as well. "Oh Rachel, I." she said. "I'm sorry, I'm so embarrassed! I shouldn't have, but." "No," said Rachel, and she offered Veronica a trembling hand.

Veronica took it, pulling herself up, and Rachel seized her chance. With Veronica's fingers still in her grasp, she pulled her long awaited lover into her arms and slid her tongue into Veronica's sweet lips. It was as though a bomb had exploded in both girls. Veronica tried hard to pull away, pushing weakly at Rachel, but Rachel could feel that the sexy blond wanted her badly.

She only proceeded to kiss Veronica harder, pulling her closer and running her hands down to Veronica's bare ass cheeks. "No, Rachel, I can''s embarrassing." she said, trying to pull away. But Rachel only proceeded to grab and force Veronica's slender hand down into her boxer panties. Veronica hesitated for a moment, but upon feeling Rachel's wet pussy she responded so enthusiastically that Rachel nearly came right then and there.

Veronica moaned, positioning herself closer to her busty brunette roommate, and Rachel picked up Veronica by forced sex mia khalifa cry ass, wrapping her around so that she had Rachel's torso between her steamy wet thighs.

"Oh, Rachel," Veronica breathed, nearly moaning. "I never imagined it could be like this." "Veronica," said Rachel, her breath heavy and rapid, "I always have." Veronica stood still for a moment, and Rachel stole her chance.

She kissed Veronica's neck and down to the tops of her breasts as Veronica sighed, leaning back. Veronica's hand was still down Rachel's pussy, massaging her rosebud, and she reached behind Rachel and slowly probed her back with her long nails, and then unhooked her bra from the back. Instantly, Rachel's large, hard tits burst forth from where they had been trapped.

Veronica gasped. "I never knew they were so big, so.delicious." Her surprise led her to stand, while Rachel took her turn, She grabbed Veronica's legs and pushed her onto the bed, then lay down on top of her. Now Rachel's wet boxers were in Veronica's hands, being smelled and licked, and then the two pulled together in a full naked embrace, rubbing both clits and tits, grinding them against one another.

"Oh God, Veronica, I want you so bad," said Rachel. "Please let me give it to you. I promise you'll love it." "I.oh baby, just do me hard," Veronica breathed.

That was all Rachel needed. She moved down to Veronica's large, sopping tits and twisted the right one while squeezing the shit out of the other one. Veronica cried out, only making Rachel more willing to twist. She finished with the hard right nipple and then switched to the left, and all the time grinded Veronica's large pussy with hers. They were both so wet.Rachel moved her fingers down to Veronica's clit and rubbed it up and down as Veronica moaned sexily, and Rachel without pretense stuffed two slender fingers into Veronica's waiting pussy.

Her long-since loved roomate squealed and groaned with part of Rachel inside of her, and cried out as Rachel twisted her index finger deep inside her. Veronica's hands came up to each of Rachel's tits and twisted them, making Rachel cry out in pain and pleasure. Veronica's slender fingers then moved down to Rachel's wide, wet pussy lips, and two of them slid inside of Rachel, probing her pussy and tickling it with such force and excitement that Rachel moaned. A wet burst of cum leaked onto the sheets and Veronica's fingers, which Veronica promptly lifted to her own mouth to taste.

But Rachel wanted more, she took the vibrator out from underneath her pillow and turned it on high. "Oh, no!" cried Veronica upon sighting the large, buzzing vibrator in Rachel's hand. "Please, don't stick in inside me.I might burst." Rachel grinned and allowed Veronica to play with her breasts. "Baby, you know you want it in you." and she spread her roommate's legs wide, trying to force it in, but Veronica refused.

"Bad girl, said Rachel. "We'll have to tie you up if you can't cooperate." She grabbed a pair of pantyhose from her dresser drawer and proceeded to bind Veronica's arms crossed to the bedpost, while spreading her legs wide and revealing Veronica's large, supple and certainly soaking pussy.

"Now will you behave?" asked Rachel, to a positively screaming Veronica. Rachel knew that Veronica hated things that vibrated inside of her, which made the effect all the more desired. She took the long pink vibrator, placed it in her own clit first, and then spread Veronica's pussy lips wide and stuffed it inside.

"Oh God," cried Veronica, "'s amazing, Rachel! Fuck me." Rachel drove the vibrator into Veronica's pussy repeatedly, again and again, feeling her own end getting soaked with furtive pussy juices as Veronica moaned and screamed, her arms flailing against the bonds she was unable to break.

"Take it from me, baby, take it," said Rachel over and over, as she put the vibrator still deeper into Veronica. This was it, she knew, the moment that she had wanted since she was only a freshwoman and first got wet at the sight of Veronica. She savored it, loving Veronica's sexy squealing and twisting the blond girl's huge, bouncing tits as they flailed together off of the bed, up and down, harder and faster.Rachel could feel an orgasm building in both of them as they drove themselves together, Veronica rubbing her own clit and asking for more.

"Ohhhh.UNHHH!" Veronica screamed, and with one last shove Rachel drove the vibrator as deep as she could go into Veronica. They both screamed at once, at the peak of orgasm, and instantly, the sheets were covered in thick white cum from both of them as the vibrator fell out from their wide pussies onto the bed. "Oh.oh.oh." sighed Veronica, lying back onto the bed as Rachel breathed heavily on top of her.

"That was amazing, Rachel. I've never climaxed like that before." "I'll never do it again for anyone but you," Rachel sighed, laying her face onto Veronica's right nipple and sucking it lightly as Veronica breathed heavily above her. "You make me want you even more when you say that," cried Veronica. "Oh please, Rachel, fuck me again, and this time, in the ass!" Suddenly, the bedroom door burst open.

A figure stood in the doorway, staring in on the both of them. He walked quickly into the room and shut the door. By the dim bathroom light, Rachel could see that it was.Veronica's boyfriend, Jake. He stared in with surprise upon the scene, his sweet and sexy girlfriend Veronica tied to the bed and soaked all over her face, tits and pussy with Rachel's cum, and Rachel sitting on top of her with a vibrator, shaking like a literal earthquake and looking like she was going to stuff it back in Veronica's asshole.

"What the hell is going on let us into the high teen club naughty risque asked Jake in an angry yet sexually interested tone. "Oh, Jake!" cried Veronica, quite obviously embarrassed. "I didn't see." "So it is true what they say about you," said Jake, walking over to the to girls and their cum-soaked mattress. "Veronica really is bisexual. That's why she won't let me fuck her.I can't believe she kept this from me!" Jake seemed genuinely angry.

Rachel repositioned herself closer into Veronica as though to protect her, but something gave Jake away: the huge, popping bulge in the front of his pants. Rachel grinned slightly as Jake said what she had hoped: "Such a bad little girlfriend needs to be punished, don't you think, Rachel?" "Oh yes, Jake," agreed Rachel, getting up from the bed and trailing her cum behind her onto the still moist tiled floor.

"I think that some punishment is exactly what she needs." "Oh no," said Veronica in the most sweetly sexy voice, but still completely genuine. "I'm so helpless and embarrassed.what are you two going to do with me?" "I have some ideas," said Rachel, and she grinned as she pulled Jake's belt and let his pants hit the floor, revealing a bulge beneath his boxers so big that both girls made the ground and bed even wetter.

"But first, we should properly tie her up," suggested Jake. "I have something that will work." He reached over into veronica's purse on the bedside table and pulled out a thick, stretchy nylon rope. "Oh no!" cried Veronica.

"How did you find it?" But there was only the answer of Rachel's excited panting and Veronica's anticipation that had become a low moan. Then, Jake wandered over to the side of the bed and tore the rope in half, taking one end and tying Veronica's right leg to the right bedpost, and doing the same with her leg leg and the left bedpost.

It left the horny Jake and delightfully sexy Rachel with a picture of Veronica, hands above her head and big breasts hanging in the open, with her legs spread wide to reveal her soft, pink and brimming pussy.

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"Now," said Jake, dropping his boxers to reveal a long, tan and hardening cock. "Show me what you two were doing before I got here." Veronica squirted a tiny bit at the sight of her boyfriend's sexy dick.

"With pleasure," replied Rachel, and she climbed back on top of Veronica. The blond girl's sweet blue eyes looked into Rachel's brown ones, and Rachel was so overcome with need for Veronica that she squeezed herself tight to her and began massaging one breast in each hand, while kissing her lips, licking them and then delicious katrina pleasures a massive meat pole interracial and pornstars her tongue into the back of Veronica's throat.

There was a moan from Jake, who stood behind them, giving himself a hand job, running his fingers down his long juicy shaft that was dripping wet. Rachel wanted to encourage him and, lifting up her ass so that Jake could see, she began massaging her long index finger over Veronica's clit. It was very wet, and Rachel stuck her nail inside and began fucking Veronica's little pussy with her finger. Immediately, Veronica began to breathe heavily, moaning to Rachel.

"Oh baby, that's so good.but I've been so bad, you've got to make me hurt.more." Veronica's pleads excited Rachel's pink pussy, which exuded a beautiful thick juice all over the covers. Jake was moaning louder, rubbing his enormous cock harder and harder, and as Rachel stuffed her third finger into Veronica's wide cunt, Jake's head shot a thick load of cum all over Rachel's ass. It slid down her cheeks and dripped into her flapping pussy lips as she humped a fourth finger into Veronica.

Jake couldn't stand it anymore and came up behind Rachel as she was moaning and humping hell out of Veronica's pussy with her hands, and leaned under her to lick up her adorable pussy. Veronica, at the sight of her girlfriend's pussy being tongued and licked clean, moaned and cried, "Oh Rachel, let me have some!" Rachel crawled onto her sweaty, sexy chest and was about to let her when Jake butted in, too needy to let Rachel have all of the beautiful Veronica.

"No, no, slave, no requests. But I'm feeling nice, so you can have some cock instead." Jake kneeled on top of Veronica.

"Change her bindings," he ordered Rachel. Rachel tied veronica so that her arms were off the bedposts but folded tightly behind her back. Then. Rachel secured Veronica's bonds around her own wrists so that she could hump her from behind at the same time.

"Suck this," Jake ordered Veronica, and without pretense her stuffed his long, hard head into her mouth into her throat. Veronica began sucking wildly, pumping the shaft through her mouth hard and fast with her dounload free xxx shemail story massaging the tip of Jake's head. Rachel heard him moaning, and this turned her on.

While Veronica tasted sweet dick, Rachel wrapped her legs around the moaning girl's ass and humped her with her wet pussy to Veronica's ass cheeks. "That's it, harder now," said Jake, and her grabbed the back of Veronica's head and forced her mouth further into his shaft.

Rachel's legs were dampened by the squirt of Veronica's pussy juices as she humped faster.

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The humping only forced Veronica's sweet mouth further into Jake's cock, nearly swallowing it. With one final push, Jake had all he needed.

He let out a loud cry and immediately Veronica's mouth was dripping with Jake's cream chunky cum. He pulled out his cock and let another squirt go on Veronica's face, and then all over her large, swinging breasts.

Her tits grew as hard as two pink diamonds, and seeing her lying there, just begging to be fucked, he gave a loud moan and spread her pussy lips, then shoved his thick cock hard into her pink pussy tube. "Oh, GOD!" cried Veronica.

The hard cock pumped through her body like iron, forcing her into Rachel's crotch. The sight of Veronica being fucked shatika hollis porn from elyria oh hard and mercilessly like this made Rachel want to come onto Veronica so terribly. She slipped her hands from beneath the ropes and grabbed Veronica's hard nipples, twisting them, groping her breasts and moaning as Veronica' s screams pierced the room.

A hot burst of cum spurted from Rachel's pussy all over Veronica's ass, which was being pumped like hell. Veronica thrusted her ass between Rachel's hips as Jake drove his cock deep inside her. Veronica's tight pussy had never been stretched like this, and was threatening to rip. Small rivulets of blood dripped between her legs, but they made Jake fuck all the harder.

"Oh baby, kill my pussy! I'm getting what I deserve.UNNNGH!" Veronica's moans and shouts drove Rachel to squeeze her tits and bite down on her ear, licking it, fucking it with her tongue. Veronica's tits let out a thick white juice as they were squeezed and probed by Rachel. Her tits were tickled and squeezed, twisted until they were red raw, and Jake still fucked her. "Come on, you bad girl, take my cock, cum and I'll return the favor," Jake said, coolly.

He drove the shaft through her one final time, swift and harder than ever before and then Rachel heard Veronica's final scream, the one that meant orgasm.

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A large flow of thick cum burst from both of the girls' pussies at the same time, and bright lights flashed in Veronica's eyes as she was struck with the strongest orgasm she had ever had. A few moments later, Jake let out a loud cry, sliding out of Veronica, and his penis erupted thick white bursts of cum all over both girls' pussies and bouncing breasts.

They lay there together, Veronica and Rachel, panting and laying on one another with looks of complete pleasure on their slimy faces. With one swift movement, Jake walked behind Veronica and let her binds die. Instantly, Veronica pulled Rachel on top of her, groping her, kissing her and thrusting to her as she had never done before.

The two girls humped each other like wide beasts, Rachel's left leg over Veronica's torso so that their clits ground fully into one another.

Veronica squeezed Rachel's tits, twisting them all the way around, and until they were finished, Jake stood watching and grabbing his own balls, pleasing himself while watching the two horny and oversexed girls. They moaned and screamed together, fingering each other's slits as hard and fast as they could.

Even the nonchalant Jake was as erect as ever, cum flowing from his cock down onto the tiled floor. The girls fucked the life out of each others' pussies until there was nothing left in them, then, when Veronica could no longer go on, Rachel laid down on top of her sweetly and sexily, running her fingers in Veronica's mouth so that she could taste Rachel's sweet, delicious cum.

Jake stared in sexual pleasure at the scene before him, both girls completely drained, fucked until the inch of their lives and covered in each other's cum not to mention his. They frisky lesbians fill up their monster asses with whipped cream and ejaculate it out over each other, nipples dragging across each other, and pussies so sweet and damp rubbing against each other as they locked together in a passionate embrace, kissing so deeply that Jake could almost feel it.

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"Well, my work here is done," he said, walking to the door. "I'll punish you properly soon, girls," he said, winking sexily. "See you around the sorority house." "Oh, you horny devil," said Veronica. "Don't you need your clothes?" "No, baby, let him leave," said Rachel, pulling Veronica's lips back to hers.

"That sexy dick needs to be punished." Jake left the room as the two horny sorority sisters pulled together in a close passionate embrace. They humped together, missing and thrusting, and then resting in each other's sweaty and sticky arms.

"Oh, Rachel." sighed Veronica, rubbing Rachel's hard tits. "I wish it would never end." "Who says it has to end, you sexy angel?" asked Rachel, kissing Veronica's sweet red lips and then leaning down to whisper in her ear, "We have all night. Do you still want me?" "Rachel, you know I want you " moaned Veronica, and the two kissed passionately, ready for the most amazing night ever.

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Part 2 is still to come!

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