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Vr porn busty teacher katerina hartlova seduces and sucks student
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Jay and Amy part 4 "Open your eyes baby," I try snuggling back into the warm spot but then I'm move onto my back. "Baby, you're killing me," why does Jay keep talking while I'm sleeping. "Babe," I finally I open my eyes and Jay's above me with a strain expression. "What's wrong?" I ask. Jay doesn't answer me but looks down so I look down too, and I see that both my hands are on Jay's dick and I have a very firm grip of it. "Um&hellip.sorry" I mutter cute and sexy babe gets her tight pussy Jay.

"Baby, you got a dirty mouth when you sleep." "What?" I tilt my head a little to the side looking back up to Jay's face. "I was asleep, then you gripped my dick, waking me up. You were talking in your sleep. Got closer and heard you say somethings." "What'd I say?" I did always talk in my sleep.

"Things from how hot I am to how hot I make you. Then you said you wanted me to fuck you&hellip.fuck you hard actually," Jay growls lowly then starts to kiss my neck. Am I ready for sex? I know there will never be anyone else like Jay. Someone that can give me so much support and confidence. Someone that makes me full. He's like my rock, and apparently he's hard as a rock right now. Jay can be possessive, quite, intimidating, but he's always there for me.

He's always making me like the only girl in the room. And then it hits me hard. I love Jay. He's mine, and he's mine forever. I'm ready. With my hands still on Jay's dick, I pull it a little towards me until it's touching my pussy lips. Jay pulls back making me loose my hold of his dick. "What are you doing babe?" Jay asks me. "I.um&hellip.what?" I stutter back to him. "Taking it slow baby." "I thought it was my pace?" "It is. But you ready?" "Yes." "How about we get ready first?" "Ready?

I thought we did that last night?" The memories of last night makes me smiles. "No babe. That was just my tongue, not nearly as big as my dick.

More ready. Okay?" "Okay." Jay immediately pops my breasts in his mouth making me arch my back and moan loudly. Jay lets my boobs go then lines his dick up with my pussy lips and slides up and down my lips. I'm moaning out in ecstasy. "Fuck baby, can you imagine me sliding in your tight pussy. That pussy is so damn wet for me.

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Can't wait till I get in there, I'll never leave. It's my pussy baby." His words are making me hornier and I can feel myself getting wetter. He's right, I can't wait till he does the deed. Jay moves his dick back making me groan out in protest. But before I can think I can feel his finger touch my pussy lips. He moves around and then he finally sticks one finger inside me. "Oh my god Jay!" I scream out loud. "Who does this pussy belong to?" Jay asks me.

It's too foggy to answer him so I don't. Jay pulls his finger out making me open my eyes. "Jay! What the hel…" "Who's baby?" "It's yours! It's fucking yours! Now stick it ba.Oh God! That's it babe!" Jay continues to finger me and I can't help but move my hips down on his finger. Jay adds a second finger and he's really finger fucking me now. I grab hold of his shoulder and hook one leg over his leg. "That's right baby. It's my pussy. I own it, I don't fucking share it.

Fuck me, you're so fucking tight, my fingers can barely move." "I'm close babe, soooo close, please don't stop." "Harder?" "Yes!!!" Jay starts to pump his fingers fast and then he adds his thumb to my clit making me scream loud.

"Come on baby, fuck yourself on my fingers. Get yourself there." I grind down harder on his finger and finally cum. I arch my neck, close my eyes, and grab Jay's shoulders hard. While still on Jay's cloud nine, I come out with an idea. But will Jay want to do it? It's a little out there but I know he'll feel good. I finally open my eyes and Jay's looking down at me smiling.

"Better baby?" Jay asks me. "Not yet&hellip.can&hellip.you&hellip.I mean want.want to &hellip.try something&hellip." "I told you baby, you wanna try, you tell me." "I&hellip.you&hellip.um&hellip.fuck my mouth&hellip." I whisper to him.

"Babe, why you nervous for? We did that, just tell me." "I mean, will you climb up on&hellip.on&hellip.my.um…" Jay's eyes flash with surprise and then he starts to nod slowly."You sure baby?" "Yeah&hellip.I want to try it." Jay climbs up over me until his dick is over my face and my hands are holding his thigh.

Jay places his dick on my lips and I slip my tongue out and take his dick in my mouth. Jay moans and pushes a little down into my mouth. I push his thighs to let april amateur babe flashing her tits and acting naughty in public know I'm fine.

He pushes all the way down till his dick is touching wild sex at private yacht throat. "Fuck baby. I'm fucking the shit out of your mouth. Fucking deep throating. Can't hold out too long. Watching you cum almost made me cum." I humm around his dick and start to play with his balls. "Fuck baby, that humming shit is killing me. Fuck.fuck.fuck.that's it. Let me fuck your face. My baby loves my cock. My cock belongs to you baby and no one else.

You use it when you want." I can feel his dick all the down my throat, most people would feel use but I feel so empower knowing that I can my beautiful strong man moan this badly. "Here it comes baby&hellip.fuck.fuck.yeah&hellip.fuck!!!! Swallow baby swallow all of it!" And I do swallow it all. Jay gets off of me and falls beside me, breathing heavy.

"Hurt you baby?" "I'm okay babe. I promise you. Now that was fun." Jay faces me and pulls my hips to him until we're front to front. "I swear baby, you got me up in ties. I have never felt like this before. It's not about fucking sex, playing, or fighting. It's all about us." "Babe" I say in my own emotional way. His eyes flash hard at me and then he smiles big.

"Love you Amy." My breath catches and I find it hard to breath. "I love you too Jay." Jay hooks my neck and kisses my forehead, my nose, and my lips.

We finally get dress, but it took us forever since we keep stopping to kiss each other. I've never felt so love and happy before. I'm like bliss out with happiness. When we walk out to the living room, Jay's phone ring. He answers it while I walk to the kitchen to cook some breakfast for us. "Yeah?" Jay answers to the phone. "Can't. Only one fight monthly." "Fuck, how much?" "Hold on, let me ask Amy what she thinks," Jay lowers the phone and looks at me and asks me "They want me to fight tonight, you okay with that?" "Um.babe, it's up to you.

You're fighting, not me." I answer truthfully back. "Baby, you're my girl. What's your opinion?" "It's extra money for you, more exercise, and you get to see your brothers.

And we stay and dance a little. Oh and Michelle can come too." Jay smiles and me and answers to the phone "Yeah we'll be there tonight&hellip.good luck man&hellip.bye." "Good luck?" I ask curiously to Jay.

"Luke is making his move to Michelle tonight." I scream with joy and run and jump into Jay's arms with him catching me around my butt. "Oh my god! Really babe? He's going to make a move on Michelle?" "Yeah babe, they meant to be together.

Ain't no one stop when she legal." "Mhm, her uncle won't be an issue anymore." I pull Jay's face closer to me and I make out with him. When I finally pull away, I smile and get down and go back to cooking while humming. "Fucking cute" Jay mutters quietly. After eating our breakfast, Jay and I are sitting comfortably on the couch watching tv. "Let's play a game," I suggest to Jay. He nods and I whisper to him "Let's play nervous." I then lean over and start to lick his ear.

I see his right hand grabbing the couch arm. I start to lick down his ear to his neck but then stop when my phone rings. "Hello?" I answer and I can see Jay moving closer pickup cute barista and fuck her in the ass me. "Oh my god bitch! Luke just called me!" Michelle screams into my ear. "Oh my god!! Really? Tell me?" I'm so excited that I don't even notice Jay pushing me down to my back on the couch. "He was like 'hey honey'!" Jay starts to lift up my shirt and bra up and latches on the my left boob.

"Awee.ahh…" "You okay bitch?" "Yu.pp.go on" "He was like 'you're going with me to the fight tonight, pick you up at 9. Bye honey,' holy shit girl. I'm like freaking speechless. It was cute and hot but I'm fucking confuse as a mother fucker.

Do you know what's going on?" I push Jay's head back and glare at him and put a finger up to signal hold on. "I don't have long so listen up. Luke's back and you're legal now. He has no reason to hold back now. You love him so don't be scare, fucking embrace that shit. I did and now I'm on Jay's cloud nine. You're his and he's yours." Jay tries to lower his head again but I push him back, and my right leg back against the couch and is able to roll us over but we both fall to the ground with Jay on his back and with me on top.

He tries to flip me over again but I lower my hand into his short and boxer and grab his dick. He stills and groans.

"Shit, are you guys getting it on right now?" Michelle ask me over the phone. "Nope, I want to but Jay is taking it slow.

Right now, I have a hold on his dick to stop him from attacking my boobs again so that I can finish this conversation with you first so that we can get back to having fun." "Alright, I'll hurry. I'm happy as fuck but mad too. He left me hanging last time and I'm still pretty mad about that. He just kiss me and left it at that. What should I think about that?" "That isn't your fault and it isn't his. If you really want to know, ask Luke tonight.

But remember, he was trying to do the right thing until the time comes. And now the time has come. Now listen to me carefully, hold the fuck on and enjoy it. See you tonight, bye bitch love you," I hang up on Michelle and throw my phone over my back and lean down to kiss Jay. But before my lips touch his, my mom yells from upstairs "Come upstairs&hellip.the both of you." Jay and I both freeze. We get up and fix our clothing and run up the stairs holding hands.

When we reach the kitchen, mom and dad are already standing there waiting for us. They both have their arms cross over their chest and this makes me more nervous. "We know you guys are serious, and things are going to happen. We want you guys to be prepare, we have brought you guys a box of condoms," Mom says to us. Oh my god, she did not just really say that.

"We also know that this is going to last, so when you guys are ready, we would love to meet your parents Jay," dad adds in. "We also know that Jay has been sleeping over night and well to be honest, that doesn't bother us at all so you can park the car the driveway instead of down the street," mom adds in again.

"No offense at all but I have the protection part cover. But I do appreciate the extra condoms. I would love to have kids but right now we're both too young right now so I'll make sure we'll both never take risks that will make you guys early grandparents.

My parents would love to meet you both. I apologize about sleeping over without your permission," Jay says to my parents. I wonder if my parents would mind if I kiss Jay right now. He looks so hot talking all caveman and all long at the same time to my parents. "So, this was fun, now never buy us condoms again, it makes things awkward. Jay and I are going back downstairs to watch tv." I walk over to the counter and grab the box of condom and grab Jay's hand and walk us back downstairs.

I can hear my parents laughing and I can feel Jay's soft chuckles behind me. "Fucking cute" Jay mutters to himself. After hanging out all day together, Jay suggests that I bring my stuff to his house so that I can get ready cute girl has fun with two cocks with him.

We're both getting out the car and Jay grabs dirty whores compilation and blonde teen masturbation kyra rose in military sex bag for me and we walk inside his house. Mike and Luke hear the door slam and they both run down the stairs and they reach the bottom, they smile at us and smirk.

I start to get confuse until I see his parents Daisy and Malcolm walk out to us. "Hey kids, we have something to talk about real quick with you two," Daisy starts to say. "You both are feeling a lot of emotions right now, and a lot of it will cloud your judgement so when the time comes you guys won't be live xcam hot shower show from fufuana clearly so we both decided to get you condoms," Daisy ends with taking out a box of condoms behind her to give to us.

"Oh god not again," I start to say. "Amy's parents already did this. We got condoms," Jay takes out the box of condoms that my parents brought us to show to his parents. I try to grab the box from his hand and hide it but he holds it above his head so I can't reach it and he's smirking. Mike and Luke break out laughing and grabbing their stomach.

Someone knocks on the door and Luke walks over to open the door to let Michelle in. "Hey, why are you guys are laughing about?" Luke is still laughing when he tries to explain to her, "Amy.Amy's parents&hellip.and .and.and.our parents gave&hellip.gav.gave them con.cond.condoms.hahaha," he finally finishes his sentence and he wraps his hands around Michelle's head and leans down and kisses her cheek and then then pecks her on the lips.

Jay's parents gasp behind us but no one dares to look away from what's happening in front of us. Michelle looks stun by the kiss and then she unexpectedly knees Luke in blonde gf plays with her toys hardcore cumshot balls.

Jay, Mike, and Malcolm all hiss in pain and Luke falls to his knees. "What the hell? You think you can just to kiss me like that? I want you, and I want you back but I'm so mad at you right now. You wasted so many years by never being with me. i'm not fucking happy right now," Michelle states to Luke with hands on her hips. "Fuucckk honey, your uncle didn't want us together. Threaten to.to.call cops on me and shit when I turned 18. Had to stay away&hellip.now you're 18, you're legal, I don't have to be scare of your dad anymore.

You always been mine, I'm just claiming you now and forever," Luke replies back looking up at Michelle from his knees. "My uncle? That's why?!? We could've sneaked around! I would have climb down that tree at my window for you! You idiot.I can't believe this right now," Michelle shouts to Luke but then slowly starts to get on her knees just like Luke. "I didn't want to be together that way, I want to proudly hold your hand down the street in the open. I want to hug you whenever I want.

I want to kiss you in front of your uncle and not worry about my dad coming out to arrest me cause I'm too old for you.

You're 18 and I'm 20 now, nothing your uncle say now can stop me," Luke replies with his hands arounds Michelle's neck. "After tonight's fight, I'm going to verbally kick my uncle's ass!" Michelle shouts again. "Okay honey," Luke then kisses the hell out of Michelle.

They're kissing so long that Jay's parent finally cough to catch their attention. "This.this.fuck! This is amazing, two of my sons have found their forever girl. Only one left." Malcolm says while clearing his voice a couple of times. "Nah, I'm good," Mike says out loud. We out break out laughing at that. We all know he's doom so now we're just waiting for his girl to come. "Alright, condoms given, sex talks cover, love talks done, lets get ready," Jay says loudly.

Jay and I are in Jay's room getting ready for the night. I decided to wear a black mid-thigh skirt, white lace trendy tank and silver short heels. Jay's wearing black jeans and a black button on shirt. Jay, Mike and I are downstairs waiting for Luke and Michelle. When they finally get here, both their hairs are messy and Michelle's lip gloss is all over Luke's lips.

We start laughing and finally head off to Jay's car. The underground is crazier tonight, there are way more people than yesterday. Everyone decides to dance first before the fights start, Mike states 'no dance' and then walks away. I swear these guys and their caveman talk. For the first time, I finally realize how to tell the twins apart. Luke has this unforgettable vibrations going throughout her whole body vibe around him.

He seems more friendly and more approachable. Where Mike has this bad boy vibe, like he's dangerous. His vibe tells you to back the fuck up. I saw that last night when he was banning Andrew and his crew out. His word went and no one dares to talk back to him. It was intimidating and intense.

He has this foul mood thing going on, but that foul mood just makes him hotter. Who ever is his forever girl must have a strong back and not scare to talk back to him.

Michelle and Luke are dancing a couple of feet in front of Jay and I. We're in a close hugging dance even though r&b music is blasting through the speakers. When all of a sudden a security guy runs to us. "There's big trouble outside," security guy says to Jay.

I look around and notice Mike and Luke also have security guys talking to them too. We all head out the mead underground entrance and we stop immediately. There are cops out there with guns pointing at us and they do not look happy. We all put our hands up and they're giving us commands to get down to the floor.

Malcolm finally steps up and tells young skinny babe with a cups milena devi urgently wants a fuckmeat, "lower your guns boys, they're my sons and daughters in law." "We got a tip son forcely rape mom without her permision there was a hostage situation inside," Malcolm starts to say to us.

"What the fuck?" Mike explodes out. "Fucking playing games," Jay says out loud. "It must've harlow harrison is a horny tattooed babe Andrew and them," says Luke. After we explain our selves, the cops tell us to close up shop tonight. We decide to listen to them since we weren't going to get arrested for holding an illegal club and illegal fight club.

The customers weren't too happy about us closing but when they stepped outside and saw all the cops, they quietly and quickly left. To say the guys were upset is the biggest understatement! You can feel the 'i'm killing someone' vibe bouncing off their bodies. Even Luke has the vibe and he's usually the happy twin. "This is war," Michelle says to me. Oh damn, I was scare she was going to say that.

We were all getting ready to leave when all of a sudden a red camaro pulls up to us. Mike, Luke and Jay push Michelle and I behind them. The door opens and black boots steps out, follow by long legs cover by a pair of jeans follow by the body of a very beautiful white girl.

Beautiful barely describes her, she's about 5'7, she has blonde hair with baby blue eyes. She's wearing skinny blue jeans with a white tank top and a leather jacket covering it.

She leaves her engine running and her car door open and steps up to us. Michelle and I immediately moves in front of the boys. She stops and smiles, and then proceeds to blow us away. "It's nice knowing that girls will protect their men.

You guys don't have to worry about me, I'm not here as a threat. Michelle and Jay, you guys probably know me. I'm Andrew's and Emily's older sister Nicole." We're all stunned to silence but then she continues on. "Those two idiots are always starting trouble wherever they go. I heard our cousin Chad got his ass beat by Jay.

He deserve it too, always walking around acting hard and shit. Fucking soft as a pillow. I also you guys banned them, and they ain't too happy about that. They're out for revenge, all three of them. I don't care about revenge, I never got along with any of them. I heard them setting something up, they were going to send a friend in your club and make her act like she was kidnapped and shit.

I stop the friend at a red light but pretending my car was broken. She stop to help me and I put her in a choke hold. She's good so don't worry about her.

I couldn't do shit about them calling the cops but hear there was a father who's a cop, so I know he got you out of it." I'm still stuck on the choke hold part.

But she goes on again. "You guys gotta watch yourselves. They want to fuck you guys over, and they want it bad. They're willing to whatever it takes for a little revenge. I suggest you guys be careful. I wanted to stay out of this but they're talking it too far. I'll try my best to girl with a perfect ass fucked hard you guys a heads up when I hear shit.

Give me your number." Michelle and I don't move a muscle, and Nicole walks closer to me and takes my phone out of my skirt pocket and presses some number and then her phone rings. "Alright there you go, see you. And good luck," Nicole says to us. She looks up and nods to Jay and Luke but pause at Mike.

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Her cheeks flush red and her eyes gets daze. She starts to shake her head as if she's trying to clear it. She turns away and then drives away.

Mike steps out from behind us and walks into the street after her car, watching Nicole drive away. "Fuck&hellip.that didn't just happen," Mike says to himself. "Fuck yeah!" Jay, Luke, Michelle and myself say at the same time. "My heart is beating hard as fuck right now. Shit.I didn't want this&hellip.and now&hellip." Mike starts to pace in front of us.

"Do you guys know Nicole?" I ask out loud. "Kind of, she's older than the twins by like three years. I heard she was like the black sheep of the family," Michelle says to me. "Heard she got into some trouble, force to move away. Guess she's back now, and she's picking a side," Jay says.

"Did anyone notice how fucking hot that was?" Luke asks us. "Yeah," Michelle, Jay, and myself say together. I mean it was really lavish sucks and fucks big white cock holy crap. "I have to get to know her.fuck.maybe I shouldn't," Mike says to us.or more to himself. "Why not?" I ask him. "I'm fucking tainted," Mike says angrily to me. "Back the fuck off," Jay says coming to my rescue.

"She fucking knows, so why she fucking asking?" Mike says back to Jay. "She doesn't fucking know," Jay replies. Mike visibly steps back with shock. He looks at me and lowers his eyes a little "Sorry Amy, I didn't mean to snap at you. Jay, fucking tell her. I'll walk home." "What was that about?" I ask, Michelle and Luke get into the car leaving just Jay and I alone out on the sidewalk. "When I was 14, and Mike and Luke were 16, some shit happen.

We were at a party, and a guy smacked a broad. We didn't even fucking know them but the three of us got into it with the guy's crews. Mike says he was the loudest, making us back him. Shit got out of hand, Mike fucking took four guys down by himself. They had broken fingers, arms, legs, and ribs. The guy that had his hands on the girl came out with one blinded eye. Mike wouldn't stop punching his eye, cops had to taser his ass.

Shit was bad, dad couldn't get him out of it so he had to learn his lesson. Went to Juvenile detention center for one year, came out mad more than ever, always trying to fight. Couldn't control his temper, lashed out at everything. But Luke and him took the anger and turned it into the underground.

Went through hell to come out with a good outlook." Jay says to me. "And the guy who's blind in one eye?" I ask back quietly.

I wanted to know but I didn't want to know. "Press charges, restraining order, moved away. Mike wrote to him to ask for forgiveness, he gave it.

Mike paid for his eye operation too, now guy can see. He's a surfer now, lives good, talks to Mike occasionally. All's forgiven." "But Mike still blames himself," I state. "Yeah, thinks he'll lose his shit again and do something worse. Scare of a relationship where he might hurt someone he loves. Lashes out to push people away." "Did she Nicole's reaction to Mike?" I ask Jay. "No, was looking at Mike's reaction&hellip.fucking love at first sight," Jay says to me and finally smiles.

"Yeah, Nicole had that look too. But she pushed it away and locked it up. This is going to be a tough one," I say and then walk up to Jay, sliding my arms around his waist.

"Yeah baby it is, but we'll help," Jay replies and then kisses the air out of me. Comment for part 5