Gmb id babe sex stories porn

Gmb id babe sex stories porn
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Mistress Iona 2 One day when I came to Iona there was already a naked young man around 20 there on his knees in front of her licking her tits as she was sitting in her usual big chair wearing the usual garters, stockings and high heel shoes.

Everything she had on was black and silky.

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Her legs were far apart and she was smoking a long cigarette with closed eyes. I waited in my normal position which comes from my name, OnKnee, on all four and naked with my cock dripping with precum from me working on it to get a full erection before entering her house, as was the rule.

Finally she said: "Slave OnKnee, prepare for housework". Yes, Mistress, I said and crept over to a drawer where I today found a red garter belt and red stockings plus a pair of red high heel shoes in my size.

"Stand up slave and put it on". "Yes, Pov dicksucking babe rubs cock against cunt, I said and stood up and felt the exciting feeling when I rolled on the silky stockings and then hooked them on the garter belt.

My cock raised hard again and the precum glistened on top. The shoes fit me perfectly and had 4-inch heels which is just on the limit for me to be able to walk in when doing work in her house.

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"Do my bedroom", She said and off I went envying the young man who enjoyed the sucking and licking of Iona's wonderful breasts as much as he could without shooting his 10 inch weapon that stood straight up with precum glistening all the way down to his balls and then dripping on the floor.

Suddenly there was a ring on the door." OnKnee, open the door", Iona commanded, "dressed as you are!" When I opened there was a beautiful, very elegant lady standing there smiling when she saw this maid open the door.

She turned around so I could take off her furcoat and guess what. under she was totally naked and tripped into the room on her high heels. "Hi, Iona", she said and sat down in a chair opposite Iona's meaning that she saw the ass and the dripping balls of the young man working on Iona's tits. "You know that I prefer girls", she said, "don't you think we could hide the cock of this fellow so he can go for a maid?" As all hair on my body is removed it was not a too bad idea.

"Slave", Iona said, "go to the closet and get the tightest pants you can find and put them on threesome with teen loulou red and patricia blonde please my friend!" I went to the closet and found a pair of the tightest thongs I could think of, pressing my poor penis to nearly nothing and nicely dividing my back.

I looked in a mirror and got horny when I saw what a sweet little girl I looked like. Iona's friend said that I looked terrific and named me Liz. "Come here, Liz", she said. "Kneel in front of me so I can put on some lipstick and some mascara and tie your hair up in a sweet knot!" "Aren't you sweet, Darling".

"Yes, Milady", I said, "to you service". "Go and find a dildo, because I love to get fucked by sweet girls like you, Liz". I went to the closet and put on a dildo strapped around my back and went back to the lady.

She moved to the edge of the chair, opened her legs and ordered me to fuck her. Standing on my knees in front of her I put the dildo into her wet pussy and started to work hard. Of course, at each push, I felt the pressure on my squeezed cock, which gave a certain sensation I never felt before.

"Harder", she said and I understood that she wanted to climax immediately, which was very different from Iona, who wanted to draw her cums out in time as much as possible. Sure enough, the lady soon came with a scream and then hugged me and thanked me for the good job. She then asked for her coat and kissed my lips and off she went.

"Slave, become a man again", Iona said, "and go and find a pair of very big, green silky pants short 1 minute lesbian story the bottom drawer in my bedroom".

I took off the wet dildo and the wet and tight thongs and came back with the green panties. She then told the young man to stand up and put these pants on. They were far too big but gave room for his cock to stand straight out and immediately I could see how some of his precum dripped through the thin fabric. She then ordered him to stand in front of her with the legs far apart and ordered me to stand close behind him so my newly erected penis stood out in under his balls in the panties.

"Closer", Iona, said and I had to press myself onto the back of the young fellow. Iona started to slowly play with her pussy and told me to jerk his cock now standing straight out and up in the pants. "OnKnee, I imagine this cock to be mine and you are responsible for letting my pussy and my cock come at the same time!" "Yes Mistress", was all I could say but getting worried when I felt how close to coming the young fellow was.

Iona started to work herself up and I saw the wild look in her face when she looked at "her own cock" that I played with through the fabric in front of her.

"Harder", she cried and I had to do it harder. but too hard because I felt the shooting coming. I hold my hands still but felt how his cock swelled even more and the biggest load came into the pants. Some drops even pressed so hard through the thin fabric that it landed on Iona's hand and stomach.

"You worthless slave", she shouted. "Taking the pleasure away from your Mistress. You will get punished hard. Next time I will call in Jack to do it for me". I fell on my knees lovely busty bbw sashaa juggs fucks bf under xmas tree tried to kiss her toes to show my obedience and my sorrow for what happened but she just kicked me away and ordered the poor guy to take the panties off and give to her.

She took them and a scissor and made a hole in the back of the pants dripping from the fantastic load just blown into them. Handed them to me and said: "Slave, take these on and don't take them off before next week when you come here and of, course, no shower. Never take them off, peeing you have to do in them. Be happy I was so kind to make a hole in the back for your big jobs.

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If you get wet dreams and happen to shoot your load in them when you sleep you tell me. There will be 5 strokes for each time you dream about me and 10 if you dream about someone else. Understood?" "Yes, Mistress Iona" was all I could say. The coming week was hard as I started to smell myself of my own pee and the cum from the boy and my own 5 loads shooting when I had wet dreams. 2 about Iona and 3 about other women. That makes 40 strokes that I should receive when the week was over.

Also, at work I had to wear long T-shirts in order not to show the wetness creeping through from my underpants to my dress. A hard weekbut as always dreaming about getting back and being dominated by Mistress