Fucked by her casting agent pornstars and hardcore

Fucked by her casting agent pornstars and hardcore
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It was a free weekend. My sister decided to take the baby to sleep at the doctor's house and Jill was staying at the college, so I was alone. How strangely quiet everything was.

I worked at organizing and cleaning for the entire day and had just stepped out of the shower, when the doorbell rang. Instinctively, I looked at the clock. 10:00pm. Who would possibly be coming to visit now?

i opened the door to see a strange man, and as i asked "may i help you?" he presented a small business card. i hesitated before taking it. It was late, i was ready to write to Master and go to bed. still, something inside me told me i should read it. He placed it in my hand; i turned it over and read the 2 words printed on the front.

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"Permission granted". I opened the door and let him in, my head was bowed. As soon as i closed the door and locked it, he turned me around and pushed me to my knees. His cock was exposed and ready for me and i took him into my mouth. As i licked him and sucked him, his cock became erect. He was thick, but not to long. I have to stretch my mouth to accommodate his size.

He grabbed my hair and held me still as he began slowly fucking my mouth. My hands wrapped around him and grasped his buttocks pulling him deeper. It was not long before he began to throb. He pulled his cock from my mouth and covered my face and hair in his cum. Turning away from me he pulled his jeans up, opened the door and left. Not a single word was spoken.

I stood up, closed and locked the door and went back to the bathroom to clean up. Finishing up, i black thug blowjob me love you lengthy time a cup of tea and took it to the desk; i sipped it slowly as the computer came to life. AOL was slow tonight, even with the cable connection and i sipped my tea and thought about what had just occurred; preparing to write and tell you about it.

I had just typed "my loving Master" when the bell rang. Rising from me chair i went to the door, opened it and took the business card from the man before me. he walked into the living room as i closed and locked the door and when i went to him, he was undressed and sitting on your couch. Pushing me to my knees, he indicated that i should suck him.

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He was already fully erect and the sight of his long cock made me hungry. I slid my mouth over him and slowly took as much inside as possible. Up and down i sucked him, long for him to feed me. He just sat there relaxed, enjoying the warmth of my mouth. I let my mind drift as i sucked him and there you were, sitting by him watching me and smiling.

I could hear you whisper "this is your job now. My whore slave. you are doing what you are meant to do" lost in my thoughts, it took me a moment to realize the bell was ringing i had a brief moment of panic wondering if it might be family, but i looked at my visitor and he was very calm.

He son fucks mom after dad moved, just sat there, naked, his hard cock waiting to be serviced. He nodded once, an indication for me to answer the door. As i opened it, 4 men appeared. all held business cards out to me. as they walked into the living room, i read each one already knowing what they said "permission granted".

I walked into the living room to find them all undressed and in various states of arousal. The man i had been sucking was now laying on the floor, his hard cock waiting for me to mount. As i spread my legs and lowered myself onto him the others began a parade past my mouth.

I would suck one each cock until it was hard and then it would be replaced by another. My cunt was open and throbbing. full of this strangers cock. As i sucked each cock presented to me, i fucked the man under me. I was dripping wet, covering him with cum and it was flowing as easily as water from a faucet.

When all 4 of my visitors were fully erect, they circled around me.

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My ass was spread and I felt the painful pressure as one thrust deep into me. My open mouth was not left empty, no. Strong cock was thrust deep into my throat. On each side of me, my hands were stroking two others. The only thing I moved was my hands as I slowly, but firmly stroked two cocks. The other three men began to thrust into me with incredible force. I was on sexual overload! Every nerve ending was on edge. I was keenly aware of everything around me and I relaxed and enjoyed being used by 5 men at once, knowing you had sent them to me.

Every orifice filled to capacity, I could feel the painful pleasure as I was brutally taken. cum poured out of me as I gushed again and again I could feel them throbbing, hot, burning me inside. As the man who was fucking my mouth began to cum, so did both of the men in my hands.

He pulled out of my mouth and the three of them sprayed my face hair and breasts with cum! The silky cream was dripping from my face and breasts.

They took their hands and began rubbing it into my skin, washing me with their cum! The men who were fucking me became more aroused at the sight of this whore being covered mother and son hran mother cum.

they began forcefully fucking me, deep and hard. I felt as if I was being torn apart, yet I wanted it harder and deeper! My screams of lust drove them on and they both began to throb. Simultaneously, my cunt and ass were filled with burning hot cum.

and they both continued to thrust deep! Finally the man behind me pulled his cock from my ass. He rolled me off of the man in my cunt. Laying me on the floor, they all went to clean up. As I lay there, they dressed and walked out the door. I pulled myself up to a sitting position, my body ached and I felt weak with dehydration, yet I was able to crawl to the bathroom.

Kneeling on the shower floor, I let the hot water run over my aching body. As I began to feel stronger, I pulled myself up, washed and prepared for bed. I turned all the lights off and turned to walk up the stairs.

when the bell rang.