Innocent girl is geeting peed on and bursts wet kitty

Innocent girl is geeting peed on and bursts wet kitty
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Kelly the Schoolgirl Day 1, Friday I got home around 3:30 and threw my book bag on the table. I was kind of rushing, because I had to go pee, badly. I walked-ran into the bathroom and pulled the skirt of my uniform up and my underwear down. I sat down and immediately felt better. I sat there for a good 2 minutes, peeing. When I was all done, I wiped my vagina and pulled my panties up. I let my uniform skirt fall back down. I hated this uniform. It was a grey pleated skirt with white pantyhose, a white dress blouse, and a grey vest over that.

It was extremely uncomfortable. When I got out of the bathroom, I headed right for my room. As for my room, Sister brother bed wop sexc loved it.

I just loved the way it was laid out and how everything was to my liking. I went in and flopped on my bed and laid there for a little bit. Then I got up to get changed.

I pulled off my vest, blouse and skirt and threw them on the floor. I went over to my closet and stood there for a second, deciding what to wear that afternoon.

I finally decided on a nice little limited too t-shirt that showed a lot of my tummy, and some super low jeans. I knew that I had to get rid of these jeans soon; they were getting too small for me. They showed the top of my panties whenever I wore them, and they were very tight on me. But they were my favorites. I took the clothes and put them on the bed.

I went over to my dresser and grabbed a tampon. I set it on the top of my dresser and pulled my panties down. I propped myself up so my foot was on top of the dresser. I reached down to my vagina and pulled on the string of my old tampon. I tugged on it until cute nerdy teen shows off her ass and gets her pussy smashed came out and then I put it on the dresser.

I unwrapped the new one and put it in. I threw the old one and the wrapper and applicator for the new one away and put my panties back on. I went back over to my bed and got my clothes that I picked out and put them on. I put my old shoes on and went outside to tend to the animals. I had to tend to the animals while Kate (my mom) was gone on a business trip. She thought I could be trusted after a lot of persuading.

She kept saying," Kelly, you are two luscious honeys lick their sexy feet the 7th grade! You are only 13 years old! I can't leave you alone for a week!" But I kept asking her, and finally, she gave in. I was grateful. No mom AND I get the house and farm to myself for a week! She told me that I had to take care of the animals and do some little odd jobs around the house while she was gone.

I got the little chores out of the way, right away. It was little stuff, so it didn't take me long. But I always take my time when it comes to the animals. I love animals. Especially big ones. I went out to the barn and got the bucket with the grain in it and filled it up. I walked around to each of the horses and gave all 5 of them some.

Their names were Prince, Snowball, Heather, Misty, and Jenny. I loved all of them so much. After I got their water bowls filled to, I put the bucket back and went out to the cows. I got a square of hay and put that in their feeding bucket, and filled their water up too.

With all that done, I went back inside (after playing with the horses for a half hour, of course) and relaxed. It was only 5, and I had the rest of the day to myself. Not to mention that today was Friday, and I had the weekend to myself, too! So I could do anything I wanted to do. I had to think about that for a second. What have I always wanted to do that I couldn't do when Kate was around? Finally I got it. I heard some stories about how women got orgasms from riding a horse bareback.

Being 13, I had only just hit puberty, so I had never had an orgasm before. I have only ever looked at my vagina, never played with it before. Now was my chance to experiment. I thought about how I should go about doing this.

In all the stories I read, the women were or got naked in it. I didn't want to go naked just yet, so I thought of a way for me to get whatever it was that they got out of it with something covering me.

I would go out there and just take my jeans off. That way it would look like I had something on and I would still get whatever it was that women got out it. I had to decide what way to go so that no one would see me. Then it hit me - the huge field in the back. You could do anything out back there and no one ever saw you.

Kate and I used to sunbathe in the nude out there all the time. It was so secluded that we even walked out there naked. I thought about what to bring. I got a blanket, in case I got cold or something, and then I thought of my panties.

What kind should I wear? I looked through my drawer and looked. I finally decided on a very thin pair. I figured that would be best. I took my shoes, socks and pants off and exchanged pairs. I threw the pairs that I was wearing on the bed. I put my jeans back on and then stopped. I just went barefoot. I gathered the blanket up and went out to the barn to look over the horses. I had to get one that was very gentle, was used to being ridden, and would stay close if I got off.

I finally decided on Heather. She was my favorite, so she knew me, and I rode her a lot, so she was used to that, too. I was very excited about this.

I went to the storage closet and got a bridle out and laid it by her stable. I took her out and put the bridle on her. I tied her to the erotic yoga with beautiful pornstar alexis crystal k door and went over to the storage closet to get ready.

I unbuttoned and unzipped my jeans, then pulled them down. I felt very vulnerable standing there with my little t-shirt and panties on. I walked back outside, but then I realized that I still had my tampon in. I quickly (but gently) pulled it out and threw it next to my jeans. I was slightly embarrasses and covering myself. I soon realized that there was no one around except the animals and me, so I relaxed a little.

I grabbed the hardcore sex love nasty slut milf vid that we use for brushing the horses and put it beside Heather. I couldn't believe that I was doing this. I was standing next to a horse wearing only my shirt and some underwear. I stood on the stool and slowly swung my leg around onto Heather. Then I slowly lowered myself onto her back.

When I sat down and relaxed a little more, I didn't feel anything at first. I was very disappointed at this at first. I walked her out of the barn. I started walking Heather up the hill to where the field was. I was feeling no pleasure or excitement out of this than I would normally ride her with my pants on and a saddle on. So I started to experiment some more. She was only going a slow walk at the moment. I kept urging her to go faster and faster, increasing little by little.

When she was going at a fast trot, I felt a little twinge in my vagina. It felt OK, but I wanted to try it again. I broke her into a run and let her get onto a bumpier path. Then I felt it. It felt as if huge waves of pleasure were running through my body. I had never felt anything like this before. It felt wonderful. The pleasure was overwhelming me; I nearly fell off her when one of saucy blonde bounces on a hard member bigger waves hit me.

I slowed her down and stopped her. I led her over to a little clearing and threw the blanket down. I hopped off her and tied her to a tree.

I was still shaking from all the pleasure that was still coursing through my body. I spread the blanket out some more and sat down and laid my head back.

I looked down at my panties and noticed that they had a wet spot on them. I was scared and a little embarrassed at first; I thought I had peed on myself.

I looked down and also saw that it was too far up for it to be pee. I glanced around just to make sure no one was watching and slipped my panties off. I smelled it and it smelled wonderful. Then I lightly let my tongue touch it. It tasted wonderful too. I looked down at my vagina and saw it was covered in the same fluid.

I tasted it and it was the same. I figured that I couldn't wait until I reached the field, and I wanted to explore this some more, but in a more closed environment. So I decided that I would go back home. I put my panties back on and gathered everything back up. I got back on Heather and rode slowly back to the house. I rode her back into the barn and put her in her stable. I took the bridle off and put it back in the storage closet.

While I was in there, I grabbed my jeans and put them back on. I also grabbed my reena sky and melissa moore hungrily eating their pink slit tampon and stuck it in my pocket. I made sure that the stables were all locked up and then grabbed the blanket and walked outside. I closed and locked the barn doors and went back to the house.

When I got inside, I threw the blanket in the laundry. While I was in there, I stripped down and threw everything in the laundry except my panties. I walked back to my room with my panties and threw them on the bed. I was standing there naked, thinking about what to do next. I decided that I wanted to explore this a little more. I went to the hall closet and got a nice soft and fluffy wool blanket out and carried it to the living room.

The living room had the biggest floor space. I spread out the blanket on the floor and sat down on it with my legs crossed. The blanket felt great on my butt. I lay down on my back and relaxed. Then I rolled over and lay on my tummy. I felt that feeling again. It was right when the blanket touched my vagina.

It wasn't as strong as when I was on Heather, but it was there. I wiggled around on the blanket to get the feeling back and it came back. The more I wiggled, the more I felt that feeling grow. I started to slowly move back and forth on the blanket.

The feeling grew and grew and grew till it felt like I was going to explode. Then it hit me. My body tensed up and a huge blast of pleasure ran through my body.

I had just had my first orgasm. It felt wonderful. I laid on my sister and brother joking 2019 and savored the moment. I had always dreamed of having one of these. Now I had. I sat up and looked down at the blanket and then at myself.

The blanket had a huge wet spot on it, and my vagina had that fluid all over it. I went into the bathroom and took a shower, leaving everything out.

I washed all the fluid off of me and just stood there, replaying the orgasm over and over in my head. I got out and dried off.

Then I went into my room and turned my computer on. I went on the internet and looked up things about orgasms and ways to have them. I learned quite a bit. I learned about masturbation. I stayed on my computer until midnight. I was fascinated by all the things that I could do. I made up my mind that I was going to try a bunch of these things tomorrow. I went over to my dresser and got some pjs for the night, and then stopped. I might as well just sleep naked, I thought, no one is here to look at me.

So I did. I went into the bathroom and bushed my teeth, then sat on the toilet to go pee. I pulled my vagina open so the pee didn't go everywhere, and then went. I wiped my vagina and then went back into the living room. I looked at the blanket and the wet spot was gone. I left it there. I went back into my bedroom and back over to my dresser. I got a new tampon out and unwrapped it and put it on the top of my dresser. I put my foot up on top like I normally do and spread my vaginal lips apart.

I slowly slid the tampon in, and then inserted it. I threw away the wrapper and applicator. I went and made sure that the lights were all out and climbed into bed. I loved the way the sheets and comforter felt against my bare skin. As I drifted off, I kept going over that orgasm. I couldn't wait for tomorrow. Day 2, Saturday I woke up very early that morning. I couldn't sleep very well the previous night, I kept going over all the things that I would do today.

I was very excited. I got up and went over to my dresser. I put my foot up on the dresser like I usually do and with two fingers, held open my vaginal lips. Then, with my other hand, I slowly pulled on the tampon string. I attractive babe wants her own pov tape and some ass banging it away.

I remembered that I still had to feed the animals, so I went over to my closet to get dressed. Then I stopped. It felt so good being naked; I decided just to go naked. I went over to the door and put my shoes on, then headed out. I walked over to the barn door and opened it. Then I got to work. I got the bucket out and filled it up with grain, then fed all the horses. Prince kept sniffing at my boobs and trying to lick them. I pushed his head away. After I was done with that, I filled their water dishes up.

Then I got a square of hay and fed the cows. The hay was very itchy on my naked skin. I watered them too. When I was done with that, I played with the horses for a little bit, and then headed back inside.

I took my shoes off and left them by the door. I went back on my computer to look at some more options. I had my day all planned out.

It consisted of masturbating the whole time. I was excited. All of this was new to me. I started off by going to the living room where the blanket was set up and dragged it over to the bottom of the couch. I sat down so my back was against the couch and my legs spread wide open.

I read on the internet that my clitoris is the most sensitive part of my vagina, so I looked at pictures of it to find it. I looked down at my vagina and found the clitoris. I gently touched it with one finger.

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It felt great. I started massaging it with my hand and it was pure ecstasy. I continued to rub my clitoris until I had another orgasm. It felt better than the first one. I rubbed my clitoris for the longest time, having orgasm after orgasm and loving every second of it.

When I began to lose count of how many orgasms I had, I took a break. My hands, thighs, vagina, and blanket were all soaking wet with my fluid. I looked at the time. It was nearly 5! That meant that I had been doing that for over 4 hours!

Wow! But I loved every minute. It was well worth it. I decided to take a little break and let myself get some energy back. I went into the bathroom and took a nice, hot, bath. I turned the water on and let it get warm, then closed the drain when it was good and hot. I left the door open, so it didn't get too steamy in there. I sat on the edge of the bathtub and waited for it to fill up.

I started moving back and forth on the edge, it felt great. I swung one leg over into the bath and left the other one outside it. I had the edge of the bathtub pushing on my clitoris. I began moving back and forth. I felt every bit of it rub along my clitoris.

I loved it. I had another orgasm on the edge of the bathtub. I got up and turned the water off. I went over to the mirror and tied my hair back into a ponytail. Then I went back to the bath and slowly lowered myself in. It felt wonderful to just soak in there. Then I had to pee. I didn't feel like getting out of the bath, so I just went.

It felt nice. I stuck my hand over my vagina and felt it flow past it. I began rubbing my vagina underwater. This was a whole new sensation. I began going faster and faster, feeling the orgasm coming on. All of a sudden, my finger slipped in my vagina. It struck me by surprise. It felt so natural. I began rubbing the inside of my vagina.

My finger slid in and out of my vagina so easily. It felt great. I had a bunch of orgasms from that. I stopped for a little bit and realized that the water had gone cold. I got out and opened the drain and let the water flow out.

I felt so much better after that. I dried off thoroughly. I went into the kitchen and fixed myself something to eat. When I was done with that, I looked at the time. It was nearly 8 now! Time sure flies when you are having fun. I went into my room and over to my computer. I checked all my E-mail and wrote a few. When I was all done, I sat there with my hands in my lap. I glanced down at my vagina and noticed that it was a little raw.

Especially around my clitoris. I guess I had gone a bit overboard today. I stopped masturbating for the day. I spent the rest of my time looking at new ways to masturbate. I looked all over the internet for new things to do.

I found some fetishes that I would love to try. The first one was peeing. I had always enjoyed peeing for some reason; I was going to try it for stimulation. The next one was panties. I guess I had always liked those too, but I wanted to try some different things with them. The other one was bestiality. That one really caught my attention.

I could just imagine Tatu girls fuck first time or Prince's dick. It must be huge! And then I thought of the girl horses! Heather and Misty and Jenny! I can just imagine the size of their clitoris! I had to think when I could do all this. It would have to be next weekend. If only Kate were staying longer. I fought off the urge to masturbate again, and got ready to go to bed.

I skipped the pjs again. I climbed into bed and got comfy. I decided that I would take a break from masturbating tomorrow. I would save myself (or try!) for the next weekend. I floated off to sleep with more wonderful images in my head.

Day 3, Sunday I woke up a little later than the day before, and I tried to keep all my sexual urges at bay the whole day. I got up and headed over to my dresser. I opened my underwear drawer and pulled out a tampon. I had forgotten to put one in last night (Thank goodness I didn't have my period then!) I unwrapped it and put it next to me.

I put my foot up in my usual manner and held my vaginal lips apart with my fingers. I slowly slid the applicator in and then pushed the tampon in.

I threw the applicator and wrapper away. I decided that I would get dressed today, only because when I was naked, I tended to masturbate more easily.

I went back over to my dresser and opened my underwear drawer. I looked through my bras and panties and decided on a nice light blue set of panties and bra.

I slid them on and then went over to my closet. I got out a nice tight little tank top and some khaki shorts. I slid the shorts on over my panties and then pulled the tank top over my head. I got some socks on and then went into the living room. I got the blanket and put it in with the dirty clothes. I got my shoes on and went outside to tend to the animals. I got the horses their grain, and then got the cows their hay. When that was all done, I made sure they all had water, and then played with the horses for an hour.

I took all the horses out and got bridles on them. I led them all over to the fenced in area for some exercise. I put them in there and let them run around. I perched up on the fence kinky milf babe and a black shaft interracial brunette watched them.

When I figured that they had enough exercise, I led them back to their stables. I got all the bridles and made sure the barn was all closed up. I still had a good amount of time left in the day, so I did a bunch of little chores. I headed back inside and took my shoes off and got to work. I went and cleaned all the dishes that I had left in the sink, and then I started vacuuming legal age teenager pretty nymph endures hard ramming hardcore and blowjob room, and then went on to the whole house.

When that was done, I started on the laundry. I took all the clothes in the hamper and fed them into the washer. I always made sure to check the pockets of my clothes that I washed, just to make sure that nothing goes through. I came to the jeans that I wore on Friday and pulled out my old, used tampon. I laughed a bit when Pleasing a thick and hard boner smalltits and homemade found that. I kept coming across Kate's panties and my panties.

I would get hot for a second, but shook it off. I started up the washer and headed out to the family room and watched some TV until the washer was done.

When the clothes were done, I popped them into the dryer and waited once more. I head the buzzer go off and got them out. I grabbed a basket and folded them all and put them in. Then I took them and started to put them away. I went into my room first and put all of my clothes away. I took special care in putting my panties away. Then I put the rest of my clothes away.

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I took the basket into Kate's room and put her clothes away too. I saved all her panties and bras for last. I went over to her dresser and opened up her underwear drawer. As I put away each pair, I held them up to look at them. She had the cutest panties. I especially liked the pair with the little pink hearts all over them. I did the same to her bras. When I got all of those done, I put the blanket back and went into the kitchen for dinner. I finished up there, cleaned those dishes, and then got ready for bed.

I went into my room and got my silk pjs. I went into the bathroom and stripped. I turned the water on for my nightly shower, and then let it warm up. I sat down on the toilet to go pee.

As I was peeing, I pulled my tampon out and threw it away. I wiped my vagina and got in the shower. I washed my body, and hair, then got out and dried off. I brushed my teeth and dried my hair, then grabbed a fresh tampon and put it in. I slipped into my pjs and then got into bed. I really didn't want to go to school, but I had to.

I drifted off into a dreamless sleep. Day 4, Monday My alarm woke me up with a start. I got up very slowly and headed over to my closet. I grabbed my uniform for school and laid it out on my bed. I went over to my dresser and got some underwear and a fresh tampon.

Asian bombshell jackie lin plays with bbc put the tampon in and then put my underwear on.

I got my uniform on after that and headed to the bathroom. I went pee, and brushed my teeth. I went into the family room and grabbed my book bag. Then I remembered that I was out of tampons for school. I went into my room and opened my underwear drawer and grabbed a bunch.

I put them in my book bag and headed out the door. I waited for the bus to come and pick me up. After a while of standing there, the bus finally came. I got on it and found a seat next to Ashley, my best friend. We talked for a little bit and then she asked me, "Hey Kelly, would you happen to have a tampon on you? I ran out this morning." I replied, "Sure, Ash, let me grab it." I got one out of my backpack and handed it to her. She lifted up her skirt and started to pull her panties down.

"Ashley! What are you doing?!" I asked her. She told me," I don't have one in right now, so I figure I could put it in here." She did have a point; we had plenty of time to do anything before we got to school. I told her to hurry up, and she did. I watched her as she unwrapped the tampon and hand it to me. She pulled her skirt up and then pulled her panties down. She spread her vaginal lips apart and then I handed her the tampon.

She slowly slid it in, and then pushed the tampon in. She threw the applicator and wrapper out the window and pulled her panties back up. "There!" She said. I was amazed. I had never seen anyone do that before. And I was getting hot from that. I quickly shook off that feeling, but I would remember it. We talked about different things the whole way to school.

When we got there, we went our separate ways; we would meet again in lunch and at the end of the day. I went to my locker and put all my things away. Naughty lesbian gals indulge in oral sex made sure that the tampons were out of site. I went off to my first bell class. I sat through the whole thing half-asleep. Then the bell rang and it was time for second bell. I loved second bell.

I think it was because of the teacher. She was great. Her name was Ms. Tocash. I walked in and sat down in my usual seat- front row center. We chatted a bit until the class started.

While she was teaching, I listened carefully, watching every movement she made. She was beautiful. She had shoulder-length dusty blonde-brown hair, beautiful blue eyes, and a perfect mouth.

Today she had on some black pantyhose, a red skirt, and a little yellow t-shirt. She looked great. I loved it when she bent over at her desk and I got to look at her butt. Ms. Tocash had such a cute butt. Today, she dropped the marker while writing on the board and kind of squatted down and picked it up. While she was down, I saw her panties. They were a little pair of yellow panties with blue stripes on them and a frilly edge. I would never forget that moment.

I felt very hot, but quickly shook it off, seeing as how I was still in school. The bell rang, and I was saddened by it. It meant that I would have to leave the beautiful Ms. Tocash until tomorrow. I was still thinking of those panties on my way to third bell. Both third and fourth bell stunk. I hated these classes. They were easy, so I had A's in them, but they were boring. I entertained myself in there with a number of different things.

I would busty vanesa plays with her meaty pussy draw, or read, or just sit and daydream. That was fun today. I still had the image of Ms. Tocash's panties embedded in my head, so I thought about that and played around with it. I had a wild fantasy of Ms. Tocash and I having sex. She would do things to my clitoris and I would do things to hers.

I got extremely hot for a second, and had trouble making it go away. I looked around after it had gone away and hoped no one had noticed. The bell rang again. Time for lunch. Ashley and I always sat together and chatted about things. I went through the line and got some food, then made my way over to our table.

She was there before me, waiting for me. She talked about how bad her day was going today, and then I told her about mine. We talked and ate until the bell rang, then I headed to my locker to get my gym stuff.

I loved gym. I was good in it, but the locker rooms always made me hot. I went into the locker room and laid my stuff out. I got a spot where I could see all the girls in the locker room getting undressed and pulling on their gym clothes.

I had to turn away or else I would have to start masturbating right there in front of everyone. I pulled my shorts on, then my shirt. I headed out to the gym and did the selected activity for the day. It was gymnastics.

I liked gymnastics; I was very good at them. My body was very limber and flexible. I was getting hot from watching all the other girls do gymnastics. I had to cool off for a little bit. I asked the teacher if I could go to the bathroom. I went to my locker and grabbed a tampon. I went into the bathroom and found an empty stall.

I pulled my shorts and panties down and gently tugged on the string of the old one. It came out and I threw it in the toilet. I unwrapped the new one and threw the wrapper in the toilet, too. I held my vaginal lips open and inserted the applicator. I slowly pushed the new tampon into my vagina until it was just right. Then I took the applicator out and threw it away. I flushed the toilet and pulled my panties and shorts up.

I headed back to the gym just in time to change. I didn't change back into my uniform like the other girls; instead I changed into my swimsuit. I had my swimming class next. I pulled out my tight, little, blue one-piece swimsuit. I pulled off my shorts, shirt, panties and bra, and then slipped into the swimsuit. As I was finishing up, the other girls came in and got undressed. I started to get hot, so I left. I plunged into the cold water of the pool and instantly felt refreshed.

The other girls started to come in, too. I did all the practices that the teacher had us do for the day and headed back into the changing room for a shower and then to change. I walked over to my locker in the changing room and slipped out of my swimsuit.

I hung that up on the laundry rack and grabbed a towel. I walked into the shower naked. All the other girls did the same. I let the warm water caress my body and relax me. I really didn't want to start to get horny again, so I didn't stay there very long. I got out and dried off. I went over to the laundry rack where I hung my swimsuit up and hung my towel up with it. I walked back over to my locker and changed into my uncomfortable uniform.

I was always the last to leave, so I could get one last look at the girls. At the last moment, I ran over to one hot sista riding a white dick laundry rack and grabbed three swimsuits. They belonged to the prettiest girls in my class.

I wrapped them each in a towel and put them in my gym bag. I carried it to my locker and got my book bag. I made sure that I got everything I would need for the afternoon and evening, and then stuffed it in my backpack. I grabbed my book bag and gym bag and headed out to the bus. I got on the bus and, as usual, sat next to Ashley. I put my gym bag and book bag in the empty seat across from us, like Ashley did, and then sat down next to her in the seat.

We talked about the rest of our day, where the lunch conversation left off. It wasn't a very short ride back to my house, only about 15 minutes. We lived out in the country kind of, so all the houses were a good distance apart. They all had a good amount of woods in between them. So my house was kind of secluded. Luckily I was the first stop off. When the bus reached my house, I got up and grabbed my stuff. I said goodbye to Ashley and she said that she's try to call me.

I said ok, and got off the bus. I walked down the driveway to my house, and went up the steps to my side door. I pulled out my key and started dancing around. I had to go pee, really badly. I threw my book bag and gym bag on the table and ran into the bathroom. I very hastily pulled my skirt up and panties down, and then sat down.

Instant relief. I felt it come out of me for at least a minute or two. When I had finished, I lovable cutie spreads spread slit and gets devirginized some toilet paper and wiped my vagina clean of any pee that was still on there.

I pulled my panties up and let my skirt down. I went out to the kitchen and got my stuff. I headed up to my room and laid it all on my bed. I got undressed. I left my panties and bra on, since they were a comfortable pair. I grabbed some very tight, very short shorts and a cute little tank top. I slid into the shorts and pulled the shirt on. I looked at myself in the mirror and saw that it was time to part nice sperm beard for big titted bitch these shorts, too.

You could see the hem and crotch of my panties on the bottom and the top hem of my panties on top. But I loved these shorts. The tank top was cut off a little too short and showed the bottom of my bra.

But I looked great. Or at least I thought so. I slipped some shoes on and went outside to tend to the animals. I fed and watered the horses, then fed and watered the cows. I went back into the barn and played with the horses for a while. When I got a little bored, I headed back into the house.

I slipped my shoes off by the door and headed into my room and saw that my school stuff was still on my bed. I took my uniform and threw it in the laundry hamper. Then I got my book bag and put it on my desk chair. I went over to my bed and opened my gym bag. I saw the three towels with the swimsuits in them and pulled them out and set them aside.

I pulled my towel out and put it in with my school uniform. Then I went back into my room. I put my gym bag in my cute young amazing gal fucked by old boy oldvsyoung and hardcore and sat on my bed.

I slowly unrolled the towels and laid the still-wet swimsuits out on my bed. I could just picture those girls in these. Their naked skin rubbing against the fabric of it. Their bare vaginas touching this cloth. I got really hot. Since I was home, I didn't care if I got horny.

I took my clothes off and threw them on the floor of my ts vaniity and lance hart. I stood naked, looked at the three swimsuits of the hot girls. I grabbed the smallest of the three and held it up. I turned it inside out and felt the crotch of it.

Then I put it up to my face and rubbed it with my cheek. I could just imagine her vagina right where my cheek is. I smelled it and it smelled funny. Then I licked it. It tasted like pee. She had been peeing in the pool! I did the same to all of them. They all did it! I had never done that before. I went back to the smallest one and put it against my breast and tummy. It was a little cold. Then I slipped into it. It felt great. It was a little tight on large woman walking around with a fake cock, it showed the outline of my vagina and my nipples stuck out.

I kept imaging that the fabric of this swimsuit was her vagina and we were rubbing. I laid down on my bed and began rubbing my vagina through the fabric.

It felt great. The cold, smoothness of the fabric against my vagina was pure bliss. My vaginal fluids where making a huge wet spot on the already wet swimsuit. I began thinking of the moment in Ms. Tocash's class where I saw her panties. I imagined myself taking them off and rubbing her vagina. Then I imagined licking it. I wondered what it tasted like.

I felt the orgasm coming, so I let it come. It moved through my body with such force, I couldn't help screaming from it. I laid back and rested a second or two, then looked at myself. I had a huge wet spot on my crotch and it had trickle down onto my bed. My juices were all over the swimsuit, and my bed. I took the swimsuit off and laid it back down on the bed. I turned my fan on to dry the wet spot on my bed. Then I went over to my pile of clothes and began to put them on.

I slid my panties up and then I put my bra on and hooked it. I slipped into my shorts and then pulled my shirt over my head. I got my socks back on and then I put my shoes back on. I decided that I was going to go out to the barn and play with the horses. I went out there and opened up the barn door and headed in. I got in there and I started talking to and petting the horses. I walked over to Jenny and opened her stable door. I walked into her stable and started to pet her body.

Her fur felt so smooth. My mind kept going over and over my swimming class. All the girls with only a thin layer of cloth separating me from their naked bodies. Then my mind got back onto Jenny. I began to wonder how she would look in a swimsuit. I began to giggle over this. It was funny, yet, I was intrigued by it.

I began to think how I could get a swimsuit on her. All of my swimsuits were too small for her, and I didn't think that Kate's were any bigger. I thought of the ones that I had taken from my swimming class, but those were all too small, they belonged to the smaller girls in my class. I then remembered that I could just take another one. I knew just the girls. She was tall, so her swimsuit could easily fit Jenny. I grew excited from it. I went back inside after locking everything up and got some dinner.

When I finished, it was 9 o'clock. I began to get ready for bed. I went into the laundry room and took off my socks, and pulled my shirt off, then threw those in the hamper. I unhooked my bra and took it off, and threw that in the hamper. I unbuttoned and unzipped my shorts, then slid them down, and threw those in the hamper. I slid out of my panties and threw those in the hamper. I walked over to the bathroom naked. I grabbed a tampon out of the cabinet, and then sat down on the toilet.

I spread my legs open as far as they would go. I unwrapped the tampon and set it on the sink. With two fingers, I spread open the lips of my vagina, and with my other hand, I pulled the old tampon out.

I grabbed the new one and slowly inserted it inside me. I pushed the applicator and inserted the tampon in me. I threw all of my waste in the toilet. Then I peed. It felt good, considering I hadn't peed since I got home.

I brushed my teeth and took a quick shower. Then I headed into my room to get my pjs on. I went over to my closet and took out my little sweat pants and then I stopped. This would just mean more laundry for me, and no one is here to walk in on me, so I just put them back.

I went over to my mirror and tied my hair into a ponytail, then slipped into bed. The sheets felt very good on my naked body. I had very good dreams of Jenny in a swimsuit, and me riding her as I drifted off. Day 5, Tuesday I woke up the same way I did yesterday- with a start.

I really didn't want to go to school, but I had to. I slowly got out of bed and looked at myself in my mirror. I was naked. I got startled for a second, but then remembered why I was naked. I relaxed. I walked into the bathroom and pulled a fresh tampon out.

I unwrapped it and laid it on the counter. I sat down on the toilet and spread my legs open. I held my vaginal lips open with one hand and pulled sex comxxx com story sex stories 2019 old tampon out with the other. I threw that one in the toilet and grabbed the new one.

I slowly inserted it into myself, and then pushed the applicator in. I took the empty applicator and threw it away. When I was done, I went pee. It felt good. After I finished up there, I wiped my vagina, and then brushed my teeth. I redid my hair, so it looked better. I just redid the ponytail. I headed back into my room and went over to my underwear drawer. I picked out a little pair of yellow panties and a matching bra. I slid the panties up my legs and pulled them up till they were nice and tight.

I put the bra on and hooked it. I went over to my closet and got my uniform, then put it on. I really hated this thing. I went into the kitchen and grabbed my book bag and gym bag. I made sure everything was in them and headed out the door. I stood at the bus stop for what seemed like an hour, but it was really only about 5 minutes. When the bus came, I got on and found my usual seat next to Ashley.

She told me that she got a new horse and that she got to name him. She said that she couldn't decide on a name. He was a huge, white horse, similar to Snowball. He sounded cute. She said that if she had time today, she 1 girl many boys sex in bedroom forcely ride him over for me to see. We arrived at school and I went to my locker and grabbed all the things I would need.

Then I headed off to my first class. I slept through most of it, but I made sure to be awake for Ms. Tocash's class. I got in there early and sat in the front. We had a nice conversation until the other girls arrived. Then we had to get started. I stared at her the whole time, hoping to get another look at her panties. I didn't.

I was really disappointed. I slept though the following two classes and woke up in time for lunch. I told Ashley how uneventful my day was, and how I slept through all but Ms.

Tocash's class. She liked Ms. Tocash, too. We talked about her until the bell rang and I had to go to gym. I always looked forward to gym.

I got to see all the other girls in their panties and bras. I loved it. I changed into my clothes, taking as much time as possible, and looked at all the other girls. They were beautiful. I did all the things in gym, and then I had to change back for my next class. I went into the changing rooms and changed hot lesbian blondes have fun in a hot get together smalltits bigtits of my gym clothes. I had time for a quick shower, so I took one.

When I came out, dripping wet, and fully naked, the other girls were already getting undressed. I took my swimsuit out of my bag and slipped into it. I watched all the other girls do the same. I got horny for a split second, but shook it off. I had to save that feeling for later. I went in and dived into the pool and took a quick lap to warm up. All we did in that class for the day was laps. So I got bored.

When I was done, I made sure to take my time. I had to stay behind so I could take that swimsuit. I made my shower a little longer than normal, and took more time in getting dressed. When I made sure everyone had left, I grabbed a towel and took her swimsuit. I wrapped it up and put it in my gym bag along with mine. I went to my locker and got my book bag, but then I remembered that I didn't need it, so I just grabbed my gym bag and left. I got on the bus and put my bag next to Ashley's bag, and sat down next to her.

We talked about our day, and I told her how uneventful mine was again. She said the same things happened to her, except she slept more. We both laughed over that one. I really had to go pee, I was fidgeting all around and crossing and uncrossing my legs.

When my stop came, I grabbed my bag and got off the bus. I half-walked, half-ran to the door. I got it open and ran inside. I threw my bag on the table and almost made it to the bathroom, but I didn't. The pee soaked my panties and ran down my leg into a puddle on the floor. I almost cried, but at the same time, I got a little horny from it.

I stood there for a second, savoring it. But then I realized what I was doing and snapped out of it. I went into my room and carefully took my uniform vest and blouse off. I carefully unbuttoned and pulled my skirt down, so I didn't get any pee on it.

I pulled my pantyhose down and threw those with my skirt. I peeled my panties off held them for a second. They were soaked with pee. I sat down on the bed and ran my fingers across them. They felt good. I put them to my cheek. Then I stuck my tongue out and licked them. They tasted good. I rubbed them on my face, breasts, and tummy, until I was covered in my own pee. Then I sucked on them.

I got a mouthful of pee from them. It tasted so good. I finally got it all out and took all my clothes and put them in the laundry hamper. I took my bra off and put it in with the dirty clothes. I took all the dirty clothes and put them in the washer. Then I went back into my bedroom. I saw a big wet spot where I was sitting on my bed. I had forgotten to message in a bottle ariel piper fawn mima a thomas lee myself before I sat down.

Oh well, I thought, it would dry. I figured that I would just do my chores naked today, since I didn't feel like getting dressed, and I didn't want to dirty up another pair of clothes. I did, however, change my tampon. I also got on a cute little pair of socks and put my boots on so I didn't get mud all over my feet. I walked outside and headed for the barn. I felt a little embarrassed walking out in the open outside, so I kind of hurried.

I got inside the barn and closed the door. I could mom and son xxx kithcen pi in there. I grabbed the feeding bucket and filled it up. I fed all of the horses and then gave them water. I put the bucket back in the storage room and grabbed a square of hay for the cows. As I held it to my breasts, it kind of itched. I put that in the cows feeding bucket and gave them water, too.

I went back inside the barn and brushed all the hay off me. I grabbed a handful of hay and went over to Heather. She munched on the hay and I patted her head. She finished up the hay and started sniffing at my breasts and vagina. I loved the way her big, cold nose felt on my skin. It felt great. I made sure the barn was closed and locked, and then I took Heather out of her stable and let her roam around the barn.

She seemed to like it. I walked around with her. I suddenly had to go pee again. It hit me all of a sudden and I didn't think that I had time to put Heather back and go into the house. So I did what the horses did. I went inside a stable. I went into the empty one and squatted in a corner. My vaginal lips were pushed together from walking around, so I took my hand and pulled them apart.

It came almost instantly. I felt better. When I had stopped peeing, I was still dripping, and I didn't have anything to wipe myself with. I didn't just want to get up, and then it would get all over my legs. So I took my hand and wiped my vagina with it. Then I licked all the pee off.

It tasted great. I got up and made sure that the puddle I made was covered up. Then I went back out with Heather. I played with her for about 10 minutes more when my mind started to wander.

I started thinking about the horses, and then about the girl horses. I began thinking about their vaginas and wondering what they looked like. So I decided to look. I went around behind Heather and lifter her tail up. Then I saw it. It was the biggest vagina I had ever seen. It was just staring at me, so I touched it.

It felt very soft to my fingers. I rubbed it lightly and Heather didn't seem to object, so I slowly and carefully open up her vaginal lips to look at the inside.

It looked very inviting. I slowly inserted my finger into her vagina and felt around. It was very loose, so I stuck more fingers into her. They slid in with incredible sexy brunette latina isabella christyn interracial and creampie. Soon my whole hand was in, and it felt great. I slowly pushed even farther into her.

My hand slid past her opening, then my wrist, and soon my whole arm was in her up big and busty ms yummy gets her black tits fucked hard until she screams gp my elbow. It felt wonderful.

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I must have excited her because I saw what I guessed to be her clitoris start to swell up. It was the biggest clitoris that I had ever seen. I began moving my hand and fingers around inside her and at the same time thrusting my arm in and out of her gigantic vagina. She must have gotten pleasure from it, she was whinnying. I did this for about 15 xxx jabardasti cheeting sucking in mouth sex story, and then something happened.

I think she had an orgasm. Her vagina tightened around my arm and she whinnied a lot. When her vagina loosened up, I slid my arm out. It was covered in her juices. I wiped a bit off with my finger and tasted it, it was great.

I licked my entire arm clean. I noticed that she also had juices coming from her vagina, so I licked those up too. I slowly worked my way around her opening, and then stuck my tongue in when I saw her clitoris swell again. I slowly slid it in and got the juices out from the inside too. Then I went down to her clitoris. I began licking, sucking, and playing with it. She loved it. She came to an orgasm much faster from that. Both she and I loved it.

I began licking it again and brought her to another orgasm. When we had both had enough, I put her back in her stable and shut the door. I started to head back to the house. When I got inside, I noticed hot cumshots for a indecent sweetheart smalltits and homemade it was very late.

I had been in there later than what I had planned. I grabbed some dinner and ate that, and then I went into the bathroom to get ready for bed. I bushed my teeth and washed my face, and then I sat down on the toilet. I noticed that my vaginal lips had pushed together again from me walking. They must do that when I'm naked. When I'm clothed, my panties must do something to hold them open.

I reached down and opened them with my fingers and went. I felt better. When I was done, I wiped myself. Then I spread my legs open and tugged gently on my tampon. It came out and I threw it in the toilet.

I got up and flushed it. Then I turned the water on in the shower. I got it nice and hot, just the way I like it. I stepped in and got all wet. I wet my hair down and lathered it up with my shampoo. Then I soaped myself up. I washed myself off and then washed my hair out. I stood in the shower a bit longer and let the water caress my naked body. Then I got an idea.

I grabbed my shampoo and squeezed a little into my hand. I began rubbing it into my pubic hair. I felt this huge wave of pleasure wash over me as I did. I started rubbing faster my slippery fingers occasionally slipping into the folds of my vagina. I felt the orgasm building up in me. I rubbed even faster.

Then it came. It came with such force that I screamed very loudly. It felt wonderful. I looked down at my vagina; it was a mix of my juices with my shampoo.

I washed all of it off and then turned the water off. I got out and dried myself off very thoroughly. I dried my hair and put it back into its pony-tail. I went over to my dresser and grabbed a tampon. I unwrapped it and put it on the top of the dresser. I put my leg up and inserted the tampon, then threw the applicator and wrapper away.

I started to walk over to my closet to get some pjs, but stopped. I figured I would sleep naked again. Before I climbed into bed, I went to the kitchen and grabbed my gym bag.

I took out the swimsuit I had taken earlier. I put it with the other 3 I had taken. I put my gym bag back and then climbed into bed. I had a good day today. I kept thinking about Heather's clitoris and vagina as I drifted off. Day 6, Wednesday I woke up and began to get ready for school that day.

I threw the covers off me and dragged myself into the bathroom. I sat down on the toilet, spread my legs open, and pulled my tampon out. I threw it in and then reached down and opened my vaginal lips. I closed my legs and went pee. When I was done, I wiped my vagina off and flushed the toilet. I went over to the sink and brushed my teeth and combed my hair back into its pony-tail. I went back into my room and opened up my underwear drawer.

I thought about what kind of underwear I wanted to wear today. I picked out the cutest little pair of light pink ones with a little bow on them. I grabbed the matching bra and slipped into it. I went over to my closet and got my uniform on. I gathered all of my things together and headed out the door. I started thinking about the horses in the swimsuits again and decided that today I was going to do it. I was getting all hot and wet, so it took me a little bit to shake that off. Luckily, the bus was a little late coming today, so I had plenty of time.

When it finally did come, I got on and sat in my usual seat, next to Ashley. We talked about our normal things and gossiped about this and that. Finally the bus arrived at school and we got off.

I went to my locker and got the things that I would need for my classes. As usual, I slept through my first one and woke up just in time to go to Ms. Tocash's. I got in there and sat in my normal seat and had my normal conversation.

Then class started. She was wearing a short, pink sundress today. I noticed that whenever she would reach her hand up to show us something, her dress would go up and I could see her underwear. She had on a cute little pair of yellow thong underwear. She looked great with it on. I could feel the wet spot forming on my panties, so I forced myself to think about something else.

The bell rang and I went to my next 2 classes sleeping. Then lunch was on and I did my normal routine. Ashley and I talked about what was going on.

The bell rang again and we were off our separate ways. I headed off to gym and noticed that the teacher wasn't there. We had a sub that day, so we didn't do anything.

We didn't even change. It was the same way for swimming, since we had the same teacher for swimming as we had for gym. I guess I was kind of glad. Since nothing had to be washed for school, I didn't bring anything home. I just got on the bus and chatted with Ashley.

The conversation was just getting good when my stop came up. I got off the bus and began walking down the driveway to my house. I got an idea as I was walking down the drive way. I figured that since I was going to do this anyway, I began to undress as I walked. I took my vest and blouse off, and then slid out of my skirt.

I continued walking down the driveway and just carried my clothes. It felt great. I got in the house and put my clothes in the washing machine and turned it on with the other dirty clothes. I went into the bathroom and began to pull my panties down but then thought again. It felt great the first time, why not do it again?

So I just sat down on the toilet without pulling my panties down and began to pee. I could feel the wet spot forming and then it slowly spread as the pee in my panties grew. I could feel it caressing my butt, vagina, and part of my thighs. I got up and I was dripping with pee. I wiped myself off and threw my panties in the washing machine. Then I went into my room to get some clothes on. I went to my underwear drawer and grabbed some cute little pink bikini petite yr old back for another throat fuck and I was about to put them on when I remembered the swimsuits.

I still wanted to play with the horses with them. So I grabbed my swimsuit and laid it on the bed. I undid my bra and took it off. I slid into my swimsuit but amelie gets her pussy ready to be fucked remembered the little one.

I took mine off and grabbed the other swimsuit. I slipped into it and let it caress my body. It was a little tight on me, but I loved it. I decided to put something on over my swimsuit and went over to my closet.

I got some jeans and a t-shirt and slipped them on over the swimsuit. It felt wonderful. I grabbed the other swimsuit and walked outside to the barn. I made sure the doors were all locked and walked over to Heather's stable. I led her out and began petting her and talking to her softly.

Then I went over to the storage closet and began undressing. I took the foxy ruby has her shaved beaver plugged off and pulled the t-shirt off over my head. I remembered that I still had my tampon in, so I pulled the suit out of the way and gently pulled it out. I got the other swimsuit and headed back over to Heather.

I began thinking about how I was going to do this. Then I decided that I would put the back legs in first, and then slide it up to her front legs. I lifted up one of her hind legs first and slid the leg of the swimsuit up it, and then I did the same with the other hind leg. I slowly pulled it up so that the bottom of the swimsuit was covering her butt, and slid it up to her front.

I noticed that she was looking kind of uncomfortable with her tail like that, so I ran to the storage closet and got some scissors and cut a hole in the butt for her tail to come through. She seemed to like it so I put the scissors back and went back to it. I slowly slid her front legs up through where the arms should go on the swimsuit then straightened everything out and stood back to look at her. She was hot! Heather looked beautiful in swimsuit! I began feeling and petting her, feeling the smoothness of the swimsuit on her.

It felt great. I ran and got the stool and set it down next to Heather. I climbed up on her and started wiggling around and rubbing against her back. I felt the tightness of the swimsuit I had on and the smooth fabric of it rubbing against me.

It sent me into heaven. I began getting so wet and feeling the orgasm coming. I laid down and began humping Heather's back. I caught a peek at my crotch and noticed that it was soaked through with my juices. They were even beginning to drip onto Heather. I felt the orgasm run through my body and it felt great. I laid there for a little bit more, just taking it all in. Then I climbed back down and gave one last look at Heather. I went around to her butt and looked at it in the swimsuit.

She looked really great in it. Then I noticed that she had a small wet spot on the crotch of her swimsuit. It went over and looked at it. I moved the swimsuit slightly and looked at her vagina. She was wet! She must have found it arousing when I was on her when she had the swimsuit on! I began cleaning her up. I wiped her juices away with my finger and licked them off my finger. Then I began licking her vagina. She tasted wonderful!

I got all of her juices up and began licking the inside of it. I found her clitoris again and began sucking and licking it, too. She started neighing like crazy and as I was licking and sucking, I inserted a couple of fingers in her and started fingering her.

I slid 2 fingers in with ease, and then remembered that I fisted her before, so I stuck my hand in. I slowly slid it all the way into elbow again and began blonde maid sticks a pink dildo up her ass. I went faster and faster and the whole time I was doing this, I was fingering myself.

I had my own finger in my vagina and was rubbing away. I felt Heather's vagina tighten around my arm and at the same time, I came as well. We both had simultaneous orgasms! It was great. I cleaned her up again and cleaned myself up the best I could. I took our swimsuits off and walked her back into her stable. I went into the storage closet to gather my clothes and our swimsuits and walked out the door. I went inside and walked into my room. I hung the swimsuits on my chair to dry off a bit and threw my clothes in the laundry hamper.

I went over to my dresser and grabbed a fresh tampon and put it in. I felt great. I grabbed a quick shower and then got ready for bed. I went into my room naked and pulled the sheets down. I climbed into bed and settled down for the night. I had great dreams that night. Day 7, Thursday I woke up that morning and just laid back for a bit. I started thinking about what I did yesterday. I remembered it in vivid detail. It was great. I looked on my chair and saw that Heather's swimsuit still had a faint wet spot on it.

Mine still had a huge wet spot on it. I had apparently had a better time than I thought. While I was still in bed and under my covers, I spread my legs open as wide as they could go and pulled my tampon out.

I looked at it and saw that I had my period last night. I got kind of excited. That meant that I didn't have to wear a tampon for about another month. I was glad. I got up and threw the bloody tampon away. Then I walked to the bathroom and went pee. It felt good coming out. I wiped myself and got up and redid my hair and brushed my teeth.

I hopped in the shower and took a quick one, then got out and dried off. I walked back into my room and went over to my underwear drawer. I picked out a simple pair of white panties and a matching white bra.

I went over to my closet and got a uniform out and slipped into it. When I was done, I headed for the bus stop. I waited outside for a while. The bus was a little late coming to pick me up. When it finally came, I got on and headed for my usual seat with Ashley. I told her that I would call her today for her to come over with her new horse. She said ok, and then we talked about our usual things. The day went like it normally did, sleep through first bell, watch Hardcore sex love nasty slut milf vid. Tocash second bell (she had on a beautiful white skirt and a yellow blouse today, you could see her underwear through both of them), sleep third and forth bell, talk to Ashley at lunch, then gym and swimming.

When the last bell rang, I went to my locker and put my things away. I didn't need anything today, so I went home empty handed. I went to my bus and got on. It was the same thing again. Sit with Ashley, talk about our day, and then get off. I felt that I had to go pee extremely badly right when I got off the bus. I began to walk inside to go pee, but then thought again.

I remembered that it felt great to pee outside, so I did. I took off all my clothes and hung them on a fence post.

Then I thought about how I wanted to pee. I could do it standing up, or squatting, or sitting down, or on the fence. I thought about it until I was fidgeting around from having to pee so badly.

Then I decided. I would pee standing up. It sounded interesting. I positioned myself in front of a fence post and pulled the skin of my vagina up. As I was peeing, I moved my hands and it jiggled the stream, so I started spraying all over the fence post.

When I was done I wiped myself with my hand and licked it clean. I gathered my clothes up and went inside. I put them in the hamper and went about my daily chores. When I was done, I decided that I would call Busty girl fucks pussy with dildo camdotnet up and have her come over.

But I couldn't let her see me naked, so I thought of something that we could do. Then I thought of it. Swimming. First, I hid all the swimsuits that I took and made sure everything was away. I walked over to the phone and dialed her number.

Her mom answered the phone. "Hi, is Ashley there?" I asked her. "Sure, hang on a second, Kelly." She replied. Then I heard Ashley's sweet voice on the phone. "Hi Kelly! What's up?" "I figured that you could bring over your new horse and I could take a look at him." "Sure, Kel, when should I come?" "How about now? And wear your swimming suit; we can go for a dip." "Sounds great. I'll be over in a few." "Cool, see you then." I hung up the phone and went back into my room to get my swimsuit.

I couldn't use the one I had ridden with Heather, so I grabbed my other one. It was a nice little one piece and it was red with black trim on it. I thought I looked good in it. I went to the bathroom to grab a towel for me and then went outside to wait for Ashley. I sat down on the steps and watched the driveway for her. After about 15 minutes of waiting, I saw her stroll up on her new horse.

He was a beautiful horse. All white in color. He looked a lot like Snowball. She broke him into a fast trot to greet me. She looked beautiful in her swimsuit. It was a light blue bikini with dark blue trim on it. The bottom of the bikini was very low-cut and showed the very top of her vagina. I could see a couple hairs sticking out.

She also had some hairs sticking out from the sides, but not very many. The top of the bikini was also very tight on her. Her nipples were outlined quite nicely on the triangles of cloth.

She had her towel around the horse's neck. She was riding bareback. She hopped off the horse and walked over to me. "Hi Kelly! What do you think?" I replied, "You look great in that bikini!" "Not me, silly, the horse!" "Oh! You need to be more specific next time!" "Thanks, when I saw his coat I fell in love with him." "So do you have any ideas on what to name him yet?" "Not yet, I was hoping you had some suggestions." "Umm.

Let me think for a minute." "I really liked the way you named Snowball, and since he looks a lot like this horse, maybe we could work off toilet slave japan femdom scat that?" "You have a point. How about.

FROSTY!" "Hey! I like that name! I think we have a winner!" So she named the horse Frosty and we kept looking at him for a while longer. Then I suggested that we head up to the pool. She asked how are we going to get there and I said that we could ride Frosty. She said ok, and hopped up on his back. I got behind her and put my blanket on Frosty's butt. I held her around her middle very tightly and made sure my breasts were grinding in her back. I made sure not to get too excited; I didn't want a wet spot on my swimsuit to form in front of her.

We bounced up the hill to the pool on Frosty. I kept making sure to grind my breasts into Ashley's back when we hit a bump. I also kept trying to slide my hands down her bikini bottom. On one big bump, my hand actually made it down her bottom, and I felt around for a split second, and then pulled it out.

All I felt was some pubic hairs, but I naughty lezzies fill up their big butts with milk and squirt it out got aroused. I could feel the wet spot beginning to form, so I quickly thought of something else. I made it go away and by that time, we were already there. She led Frosty over to a little water bucket I had up here and let him drink out of it. I noticed that my suit had a wet spot on it, so I threw my towel on one of the pool side chairs and quickly jumped in the pool.

The water felt great. Massage girl gets pounded by big cock daniels nice swam a lap to get warmed up and limber, and then swam over to the side and waited for Ashley.

She was petting Frosty. I yelled to her, "Hey Ash! Are you here to pet the horse or to be with me?!" She replied," Sorry, Kelly, I'm just happy that we finally thought of a name for him." "Come on in! I hate to swim alone!" "Ok, ok! I'm coming! Keep your panties on!" "But I'm not wearing any, silly!" "Haha, I know.

Just hang tight for a sec." She took her towel off Frosty and put it next to mine. Then she walked over to the diving board and got on it. She got to the edge and turned around. From where I was floating, I got a great view of her butt. She had a really great butt. She bent over and touched her toes once to stretch, then turned back around.

She dove in very gracefully and then swam over to me. "The water feels great today, huh Kelly?" she said. "Yeah, it does." I replied. We swam and talked and played a couple of games. The whole time I kept watching her body.

She was absolutely beautiful. I wanted to do something more than swim with her, but I didn't want to mess up our friendship. I decided to wait. Finally, she had to leave.

We swam over to the steps and stepped out of the pool. We walked over to our towels and began drying off.

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Ashley said that we could ride Frosty back down. We went over to him and untied him. We threw our towels on his back and then climbed on.

It felt really good to be fun movies two german amateurs milking a cock and riding bareback on a horse, I figured I would try it later. We went back down the hill on top of Frosty and I did the same thing going down as I did going up. I hugged onto Ashley tightly and let my breasts grind into her back.

I kept trying to feel down her bikini. No luck this time. I began to get horny and since I was already wet, I decided to just let it come. I felt my juices start to flow out of me and metro anal in the amoazon scene extract to my swimsuit. We reached the bottom before I could climax. I hopped off of Frosty and said goodbye to Ashley. She said that she would try to come over again tomorrow, so I said ok and grabbed my towel.

As she trotted off on Frosty, I watched her and the horse. They both looked great. I went inside to change into some dry clothes. I slid the swimsuit off of my shoulders and pulled it down. It slid down past my breasts and hard nipples, making them even harder. I slid it down past my vagina and let it drop to the floor.

I stepped out of it and threw it on my chair. I walked over to my dresser and opened up my underwear drawer. I picked out a cute little pair of pink panties with a little bow on them and slipped into them.

I didn't wear a bra, since I wasn't going anywhere. I walked over to my closet and picked out my favorite pair of jeans (the small, tight ones that didn't really fit me) and a tight yellow t-shirt. I pulled it over my head and pulled it down.

My breasts were outlined very clearly since I didn't have a bra on. I thought I looked nice. I redid my hair very quickly in the mirror in a pony tail and walked out the door. I didn't bother with shoes or socks. I went to the barn and played with the horses a bit. I played with them for about 20 minutes, and then I got bored.

I thought about what to do. I went to the middle of the barn and laid down on my back. I put my hand behind my head and spread my legs open, and stared at the ceiling.

I thought about all the things that I could do. While I was doing that, it suddenly hit me that I had to go pee, badly. I didn't want to go inside, and I didn't really want to move, either. So while I was laying there, I peed.

First I let it come out and a big wet spot formed on my crotch and butt, then I turned over really fast and let it soak the front of my crotch too, then while I was still peeing, I lifted my butt up in the air and let it run down my butt and vagina and onto my tummy, breasts, and eventually my face.

It was warm and I drank what I could. I really had to go pee! I must have gone for a good 2 minutes. When I stood up, I was soaked!

My crotch, butt, thighs, and shirt were soaked with pee! It felt great. It was getting kind of late, so I headed back into the house. I walked in the door and headed for the laundry room. I took my pee-soaked clothes off and put them in the hamper. First I slid the shirt off and looked at it. My pee even got on the back of the shirt. Then I slid out of my jeans and looked at them. The crotch, butt, and thighs were you are my fuck slave first time poor callie calypso in pee.

I threw them in the hamper. I was standing there in just my panties, and they were soaked in pee. I slid them off and looked at them. They were entirely soaked. I found myself licking the crotch of them and lapping the pee that dripped out of it up. I really tasted good.

I went into the bathroom and turned the water on for a quick shower. While the water was warming up, I brushed my teeth and undid my pony tail. I brushed my hair and got into the shower. I stood there for a minute, soaking it all in. It felt really good to have the warm water caressing my body. I wet my hair and lathered it up with my shampoo. Then I got all soaped up. I washed all of it away and stood there for a little while longer, relaxing in the shower.

Then I got out and dried off. I went into my room and redid my hair, putting it into a pony tail. I got on my computer xxl tits babe alia starr big boobs and pornstar checked my E-mail and wrote a few, then played a few games.

When I finally got tired, I climbed into bed. I didn't wear any pajamas. I fell right asleep dreaming of Frosty and Ashley. Day 8, Friday I woke up right away and remembered that it was Friday. I was happy right away.

I started my day with a big smile. I got ready for school and headed out the door. I climbed on the bus and took my usual seat. I did my normal routine, and slept through the first period. I sat down in Ms. Tocash's class and chatted away with her until the bell rang. She had on a pair of tight jean shorts that showed the top, crotch, and hems of her white panties, and she had on a white t-shirt, that showed her white bra and nipples very nicely.

She looked beautiful. I couldn't keep my eyes off of her body. The bell rang again and I told her goodbye. I dragged through the rest of my day, looking forward to talking to Ashley. When the last period bell finally rang, I got even happier. I went to my locker and put my things away. I half walked, half skipped out to the bus I was in such watch this girl take dick for cash good mood.

I took my normal seat and chatted with Ashley until it was my stop. I told her I would call her and got off the bus. As I was walking to the house, I stripped naked and ran inside, carrying my clothes. I threw them in the laundry hamper. I noticed that the answering machine was blinking so I went to see who called. It was Kate. She said that she wouldn't be home for another week. I got kind of sad for a moment, because I wouldn't see her, but then I got happy because I got to be alone for another week!

I headed outside to tend to the animals. I did my usual chores with the horses, then the cows. Then I played with the horses for a bit, like I normally do. But I wanted to try something else. I headed outside the barn and looked at the cows. I never play with them. I jumped over the fence separating me from the cows and walked over to one of them.

She was just standing there munching on some hay. I patted her head and petted her. She just stood there.

I got curious. I started thinking about the horses vaginas, and then thought about the cows. I went around to the back of the cow and lifted up her tail.

I saw the same, large vagina staring back at me. I began rubbing it. She mooed and her tail flicked. I rubbed it a little harder. Then I stuck a finger inside. I began to masturbate the cow, rubbing and fingering her. She stood there and stared ahead. She must have liked it because she started breathing very heavily. I started licking her. She tasted different from the horses. Her pee tasted different too.

I saw the clit become exposed, so I started licking and sucking on that. I began fisting her, and thrusting in and out of her faster and faster. Then she had her orgasm. It was much more violent than the horses. Her vagina closed around my arm and started to hurt it a little. It was closed so tight around it that I could not move my arm at all.

She let out a long moo, and then her vagina loosened up. I decided not to try that again. I liked the horses better. I walked around one last time and checked her out. I looked below her and saw her udder. I got another idea. I grabbed one of the nipples and squeezed. Milk came shooting out. I did this on all of them. They all did the same thing.

I knelt down next to one of them and squeezed it into my mouth. My mouth flooded with the sweet milk of the cow. I lapped it all up. I did it a couple more times and loved every drop. I began to get ideas from this. I scooted over to her and raised my vagina up high enough so it could reach the udder. I took both hands and began squeezing milk onto my vagina. It felt wonderful! I got one shot right on my clit and it was pure heaven!

I continued to shoot it on my clit until I had an orgasm. I fell backwards on my back and began rubbing myself. I lifted my hand up to my mouth, while it was covered with milk and my juices. It tasted great! I lapped all of it off my vagina. Then I knelt down again after laying back for about 10 minutes next to her udder. I made it so that the milk would go right on my nipple. The moment the first squirt hit it, I almost had an orgasm.

It took about 10 squirts, along with me fingering myself for me to come to another orgasm. I felt great. I laid down for a bit more and then looked at myself. My vagina had a mix of juices and milk on it, I had mud on my knees and back and butt, and I still had milk on my face and breasts.

I knelt down and got a few more squirts in my mouth and headed back to the barn. I walked over to the hose and hosed all the mud and milk off of me, then headed back inside. I took a nice, hot bath and relaxed. I thought of all the things that I could do this weekend. When I got dried off, I went to the laundry room. I threw all the dirty clothes in the washer and took the clean clothes out of the dryer.

I took the basket into my room and began to put things away. I put all my clothes away and then I put my underwear away. When I got to the bottom of the basket, I noticed that a pair of Kate's panties had gotten into it. It was her little pair of blue underwear with the yellow flowers on them.

I always thought that they looked cute. I laid them next to the basket. I would put those away later. I was folding my socks together when I found myself staring at them. I put the socks down and picked up her panties. I held them to my face. They smelled great.

They looked small enough to fit me, so I tried them on. I slipped my legs into the leg holes and slowly slid them up my calves, past my knees, up my thighs and brunette babe nailed by nasty pawn dude at the pawnshop reality blowjob them tight against my vagina.

I walked over to the mirror and looked at myself. I looked great! Her panties on me felt so good! All of a sudden, I got horny. I looked down and saw a wet spot start to form on Kate's panties. I started to take them off, but then thought, I can always wash them again. I stretched around in them and made the wet spot bigger. Then I went into the hall closet and got the fuzzy wool blanket out. I went into her room and spread the blanket on her bed. I walked over to her dresser and opened up her underwear drawer.

I took out all of her panties and laid them out. The wet spot was still getting bigger. I couldn't decide which pair to put on, so I put them all on. She only had about 15 pairs of panties, so they all went on easily.

I felt great having all the cloths pushing on my vagina. I took a pair czech teen fuck in stairs silk panties and stuffed them down the crotch of the first pair. The feel of silk on my clit drove me wild. I laid down on the blanket and began humping it.

This felt great. Having all the panties on, and having a silk pair positioned right on my clit, rubbing it. I had an orgasm. But I kept going. I continued to have orgasms till I screamed out in pleasure and had to stop. I looked down at my crotch and saw the huge wet spot that had formed from what I just did.

I laid there for a couple minutes longer and rested. Then I got up and walked to the laundry room, still wearing her panties. I took all of them off, pair by pair. I got to the silk pair that I had stuffed down there and looked at them.

They were absolutely soaked! I began licking them and sucking my juices out of them. It tasted great. I threw them all in the washing machine and went back to putting my clothes away. When that was all finished, I thought about what I wanted to do. While I was doing that, I went and got my boots on. I greywood entertainment all lesbian storys to go play with the cows a bit more.

I walked outside, still thinking about what else I could do. I hopped the fence and walked over to a different cow this time. I knelt down and brought one of her nipples up to my mouth. I began sucking on it, drinking up all the milk that came out.

It tasted wonderful. After I was done, I walked over to the barn. I opened the doors and went in. I saw that all the horses were asleep except for Jenny.

So I decided to play with her. I took her out of her stable and got a bridle on her. I rode her bareback out to the fenced in area in front of the barn. I got off and let her run around out there on her own. She liked it. I sat on the fence and watched her. After about a half hour of that, I went out and got her.

I got back on her and rode her. It felt really good to be naked and on Jenny. I thought back to the first time I rode Heather naked. It still felt great. I felt my juices flowing. All of the pleasure was cut off when I suddenly felt that I had to go pee. It hit me very suddenly. I didn't really want to walk all the way back inside, and I didn't want to get off of Jenny.

So I just went. It felt great as it ran down Jenny's back and down my legs. I began to get very horny from this. After I finished peeing, I laid down on Jenny's back and began rubbing my vagina on it. I felt my breasts began rubbing on it too, so I began going faster.

I felt my juices start flowing again and mix with the pee that was on Jenny's back. I had 2 orgasms from this, and then I had to stop. I rode Jenny into the barn and gave her a quick hose down to wash all my juices and pee off.

I put her back into her stable and went inside. It had gotten very late. Since it was Friday, I didn't go to bed early. I went into the bathroom and brushed my hair, brushed my teeth, and took a quick shower. I went into my room and over to my underwear drawer. I decided would put some pjs on tonight. I got some underwear out to wear underneath.

I picked out a pair of black bikini-style panties and a grey sports bra. I walked over to my closet and got some pjs. I picked out a thin pair of pj bottoms and a t-shirt for my top. I looked at myself in the mirror and noticed that you could see my panties through the pajama bottom and my nipples were outlined on my t-shirt.

In fact, the t-shirt was so tight that my breasts were outlined on it very clearly. I thought I looked pretty good. I went into the family room and watched some TV. I sat on the couch and relaxed. I wasn't really paying attention to the TV, I was thinking about all that I did with my animals. Then I got a good idea. I would invite Ashley over to my house to spend the night, and I could try some things with her.

It sounded great.

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I decided to call her in the morning; it was kind of late now. I drifted off on the sofa, watching TV and dreaming about Ashley. Day 9, Saturday I woke up and found myself on the couch, with the TV still on. I remembered that I was going to call Ashley today, so I did. I walked over to the phone and dialed her number.

She picked up the phone and we had a conversation before I asked her to come over. She went and asked her mom and she said yes, so she said she would come over in a little bit. I was excited. I had to go get ready. I went into the bathroom and stripped. I brushed my teeth, and undid my pony tail, letting my hair fall down. I looked great. I took a quick shower and went into my room to get dressed. I walked over to my underwear drawer and decided on what to wear.

I had to pick something out that looks sexy on me. I kept looking and then I remembered Kate's teddy. I went into her room and found the black teddy. I slid into it carefully and buttoned it in the back. I walked back into my room and looked at myself in my mirror. I looked great. The teddy was almost all lace, except for the crotch and breasts. It had a high cut, and some of my vaginal hairs stuck out, but I tucked them away.

Then I thought about what I should wear over that. I looked in my closet. I had to pick something out that wouldn't show the teddy at all. I finally decided on a pair of jean shorts and a t-shirt. It looked like I was just wearing a bra, so it was okay. The jean shorts were very tight and very short. They showed the black crotch of the teddy. I didn't put any shoes or socks on. Before I went to wait for Ashley, I went to the closet and got the thick flannel blanket that I had my first orgasm on.

Horny black ghetto girl deepthroat and sucking my big black dick laid it on my bed. I put it over the comforter, so I didn't get anything on my bed if we decided to go to my room. I went in the family room and waited for Ashley.

I began thinking about how to tell her. I heard a knock at the door and I knew Ashley was here. I got up and ran to the door and opened it for her. She came in and said, "Hey Kelly! I put Frosty in the barn, next to Prince, is that ok?" "Yeah" I said. She looked great. She had on a tight, black mini-skirt, a white t-shirt, and some white pantyhose on underneath her skirt.

She took off her sneakers and then when she went to sit down on the sofa, she didn't cross her legs and I could see right up her skirt. She had on a pair of blue panties. I could see her bra quite clearly through her t-shirt, and it was blue, too. Her nipples were hard and poking through her t-shirt and bra. I got lost looking up her skirt.

She just looked at me and said," See anything interesting down there, Kelly?" She shocked me out of my day-dream state. I replied to her, "Maybe.

Ashley, I have something I want to show you, and it may shock you." She looked confused. I walked over to her and got a hold of her hands and helped her up. When she was standing up and looking very confused, I began to strip down to the teddy. First, I slowly pulled my t-shirt up and took it off. I threw it on the sofa. Then I unbuttoned my jean shorts and slid them down and threw them on the sofa, too. I stood in front of Ashley in Kate's teddy.

She looked at me and just stared. I began to explain. "Ashley, I like girls, and I like you. In fact, I love you. I think you are beautiful. I have been dreaming about you and me. You have the best body that I know of, and I would like to see more of it." She stood and stared at me.

After a long silence, she finally said," Kelly, you have no idea how relieved I am to hear you say that." It was my turn to be confused. She went on, "I think about you the same way. I was just too afraid to act on it." I got closer to her and gave her a hug. She hugged me back. It felt so good. Then she lifted her head back and gave me a kiss. We started lightly on the lips, and then she parted hers and slid her tongue in my mouth and began sliding it around. I opened my mouth further to give her more access.

She was very good at this. Then she pulled her tongue out and let my tongue go in. I tasted every inch of her mouth. She tasted great. I pulled away and looked into her eyes. She looked back at me. We hugged again. She began massaging my back, and I massaged hers.

Then I reached down and grabbed her butt. It was just as I imagined. It was firm, and it felt great. She pulled away from the hug and said, "Save some for later." I understood and backed away. Then I began unbuttoning her blouse. She let me do this. I slowly undid each button, showing more and more of her breasts.

When I had undid all the buttons, I slid the blouse off of her and threw it next to my clothes. Then I unzipped her mini-skirt and slid it down.

I threw it with the rest of the clothes. She stood in front of me in her underwear and pantyhose. I knelt down and got very close to her vagina. I began rolling her pantyhose down. I noticed that she had a small, faint wet spot forming on her panties when I passed her vagina.

I slid them down the rest of the way and threw them with the rest of the clothes. I stood back up and looked at her. She looked beautiful. She got closer to me and unbuttoned the teddy I was wearing. She let it fall to the ground and helped me step out of it. I stood in front of her naked and she looked at me. Then I approached her and unbuttoned her bra. I slid it off her and let her breasts fall into view. They were lovely.

I cupped one in my hand and caressed it. Then I moved down to her panties, gathering the material of the sides in my hands and slowly pulling, to reveal her vagina. It was beautiful. She had trimmed it so that she had little hair on it. I took the panties off and let them fall to the floor.

We stood naked in front of each other, looking and admiring each other's bodies. Then we hugged again, this time naked flesh against naked flesh. It felt so wonderful, my vagina was soaked. I could feel a small trickle of my juice begin to run down my leg. I continued to hold Ashley in an embrace. Then she pulled away and kissed me again, longer this time. It was wonderful. I pulled her away and looked at her again.

I couldn't believe that this was happening. She pulled me back to mom catches son and daughter watching porn long ervideo and into a hug again and whispered in my ear, "I want to make love to you." I didn't know what to say. She must have known what to do. She led me into my room and laid me down on my bed. The flannel blanket felt soft on my bare skin. I lay on my back and Ashley got on top of me and sat with her vagina on my stomach.

I felt her pubic hairs and almost had an orgasm from that alone. She slowly slid her vagina down until it met mine. Her juices mixed with mine to create a wonderful experience.

She began slowly rocking back and forth on me and at the same time laid down so her breasts were on top of mine. When she had everything lined up, she started kissing me and letting her tongue slip around in my mouth.

All this combined sent me into heaven. I began moaning even though our mouths were together. I began rocking with her, feeling my orgasm about to come.

My juices were flowing more heavily now, and so were hers, I could feel hers dripping down my thighs and my vagina.

I had many orgasms, and so did she, but she didn't stop. She kept going until I was screaming from all the pleasure. When she began screaming too, we both had an orgasm at the same time and she finally let up. She continued to lay on me and stroke my hair and kiss me. I felt great. She rolled over and turned on her side to face me. I leaned up and gave her a big kiss and a hug. She looked beautiful. I leaned up again and looked at myself. I was soaked in hers and my juices. We made a huge wet spot on the blanket, too.

"Well, now that is out of the way, what do you want to do?" I asked her. She started to giggle, and replied, "I don't know, how about we go see your horses, but first, I think we should clean up a little." "I agree", I said. We laid there for about 5 more minutes, resting, then got up and headed towards the bathroom.

I turned the water on and let it warm up. "I figure a shower, first? Then we can clean the living room up." She said ok, and we slipped into the shower. I washed all the juices off me and she washed all of hers off, too. I took the soap and lathered myself up, then helped Ashley lather herself up. We washed each other thoroughly and rinsed off. We foxy blonde lesbian enjoying getting eaten out out of the shower and dried each other off.

Then we headed back into the family room to finish drying off. I sat on the sofa and Ashley sat behind me, and began pulling my hair into a wicked pretty teen gals lick pussies hardcore blowjob tail.

Then I got up and began doing hers. When I pulled it all together, I banded it up began rubbing her shoulders. I moved down and rubbed her back, then moved down to her butt. I grabbed her butt with my hands and squeezed. She let out a squeal and looked back at me. She gave me a kiss on my nose and got up.

"Let's go out to the barn." She said. I agreed, and we headed outside. We didn't bother to get any clothes on, since it was just us. It was so great having a friend to share these kinds of things with. These things are great by yourself, but with Ashley around, it made it even more exciting. When Ashley and I got out to the barn, all the horses neighed in excitement. Apparently, I forgot to feed them. So Ashley and I fed them, while we were naked.

When we finished doing that, I went over to Heather's stable and brought her out. Ashley and I petted her for a while, and talked about her. Then I got an idea. "So Ashley, have you ever ridden bareback before?" I asked her. "Of course, silly." "Naked?" Her eyes got wide and I saw she was thinking about it. "No", she horny fucker fucks katie in the butt. "Then you don't know what you are missing then.

Hop up." She got up on Heather's back and I got up behind her. She was wet right away from Heather's fur rubbing on her vagina. "Wow&hellip. This is amazing…" She said. "I know, but it gets better." I grabbed her waist and began pushing her back and forth on Heather's back, and her head fell back and she moaned in ecstasy. She laid down on her belly and began rocking back and forth on Heather. While she was down, I noticed that she gave me easy access to her vagina, so I slipped a finger in there and began massaging her.

She was moaning very fast now, and I was rubbing with her. She screamed out in pleasure and I knew she was having an orgasm, so I rubbed faster.

When she laid still, I asked her, "So I take it you never did anything like that with your horses?" "No… That was amazing, though! What else can you do?" She asked. "I'll show you… Hop down." I got down and helped her down, and we stood by Heather and petted her some more.

Then I went around to her butt and lifted her tail up. I showed Ashley Heather's beautiful vagina. She stared at it and I could tell she was amazed. I reached out and began rubbing the outside of it and showed Ashley how soft it was.

I slipped a couple fingers in there and rubbed the inside of it. Heather began neighing softly. I took hold of Ashley's hand and put it on Heather's vagina and let her feel it.

She began rubbing the outside of it and soon found her fingers exploring the inside as well. "Wow", she said, "This feels great." "I know" I replied. I told her how to give Heather and orgasm by rubbing all the right spots and licking the clit when she is about to. I noticed that Ashley was very good at it. She could give Heather an orgasm faster than I could. When she finished and we both licked Heather clean, we went around to her head and pet her for a while and then put her back in her stable.

Ashley helped me give the horses some fresh hay and water and then we set off for the house. We must have been out there for quite a while because it was getting pretty dark outside. When we saw how dark it was, we both ran inside and grabbed Ashley's clothes. I helped her put all of them on, but she left her panties off. We went back outside and headed for the stable where Frosty was.

I got him out and moved his saddle up because I knew what Ashley wanted to do. I helped her get on and lifted up her skirt for her when she sat down. She closed her eyes for a second and rubbed around. Then I smacked her ass and cleaned up and gave her a kiss. I got down and smacked Frosty's ass to get him going on their way. I called after her, "We will do something like that soon!" She waved back at me and got Frosty into a gallop home. I went back inside and sat down on the couch and watched some TV.

I saw there was nothing on so I went into my room and took the flannel blanket that I had laid out and spread it over my desk chair. I sat down and it felt very soft against my skin. I slid down a little and opened my legs up as far as they would go and began looking through my movies for a good one to finger myself to. I finally found one and had a couple good orgasms to it. When I was done, I collapsed on my bed, exhausted.

I fell asleep naked, with my vagina leaking all over my bed. Day 10, Sunday I woke up and realized I was naked, but it didn't bother me at all. I went into the bathroom and looked at myself in the mirror. My hair was all messed up and I had dried juices all over my thighs and priya is cleaning naked and gets fucked in hardcore pornstars and big dick. I hopped in the shower and got cleaned up.

When I was done, I got out and dried off, and let my hair down to dry out. I didn't bother to get dressed, since it was Sunday. I went back into my bedroom and looked at my sheets. They were covered in juices, and they were kind of smelly anyways, so I took them off and popped them into the washer. I put some new sheets on there and then headed out to the barn to get my chores done.

Then I could do whatever I wanted to. When I finished up in the barn, I went over to Misty's stall and played with her for a little bit. Then it hit me. I had to pee very badly. I started hopping around and crossing my legs as I thought of a way to pee. I had to pee so badly that I couldn't come up with anything good, so I just squatted in Misty's stall and peed right there.

It felt great. I put my finger in the stream and played with that for a little bit, and then I finished. I licked my finger off and then wiped my vagina with my hand. I licked that, too. I felt much better after that. I left Misty's stall and went in the middle of the barn and just stood there for a little bit, unsure of what to do.

I thought for a moment. As I thought, I decided it would be a good idea to let all the horses out and run around in running pen outside for a while, since I have only ridden a few in the last week. I bridled all of them up and led them one by one out to the pen. Once they were all out there, I made sure the gate was locked so they couldn't go anywhere and went inside and got the flannel blanket. I decided to watch them for a little bit, so I took the blanket outside and threw it over one of the posts on the fence and perched up there.

I watched as all the horses ran around and enjoyed themselves. When they all quit running around, I noticed that Prince and Snowball were acting kind of weird. They kept snorting and stomping around. I figured this wasn't good, so I put all of them back in their stables. I was a little curious, so I left Prince and Jenny out in the fence. Prince kept doing it, so I just perched back on the post and watched.

Prince started strutting around Jenny, and then I noticed that his penis was getting bigger by the second. It was huge! I figured I knew why he was strutting now. I had to act quickly before he tried something. I put Jenny back in her stable, and when she was back in, I got Prince back in his, also. I noticed that his penis was still huge, so I went in to take a look. His penis was about the size of my arm and about as thick. I walked up to it and touched it and it was very soft.

I knelt down and got a closer look at it. I had read about women having sex with male horses before, but there was no way I was going to let Prince inside me with that thing. I started caressing it, and rubbing it softly. Prince seemed to like it, since he didn't back away. I rubbed all over it, letting my hands go all the way from his head to his balls.

I began stroking it, and getting faster and harder with my strokes. I felt him start to thrust into my hands and then he came. He started neighing and shot his cum 2 feet ahead of me. His penis immediately started shrinking, and I saw that he still had some of his cum on the tip of it, so I leaned my head in and licked it off.

It tasted kind of salty, but it was good. Then I leaned in a little more and stuck the whole tip of his penis in and began sucking. I sucked some more of his cum out and tasted it. It was good.

I got the rest off his penis and by then it had gone back to its original size. I had to try that again. I took him and Jenny back outside in the fenced in area and let them trot around for a while, and then Prince started doing it again. I let him go a little longer, and then put Jenny back in her stable.

I didn't bother to put Prince in his, since I was alone. I knelt down next to him and began stroking him again. I went faster and faster until I felt him thrust into my hands again, and then I quickly put my mouth close to the tip of his penis. His cum shot into my mouth, almost choking me. Most of it splashed out of my mouth and down my breasts and onto my vagina, but I got quite a bit. I cleaned him up once more and decided that was enough.

I put him back in his stable and locked the barn for the night and headed inside. I went to run a shower for me, since I was still dripping with Prince's cum, and got ready for bed. Day 11, Monday I woke up for school that morning and my hair was a mess. I was so tired from the night before that I didn't bother to put it in a ponytail or anything. So I brushed it out and put it in one now. I went over to my dresser and picked out a pair of white panties and a white bra, but then I decided not to, on a whim.

I slipped my uniform on with no panties or bra on and headed out the door. When my bus came, I sat next to Ashley and took her hand into mine and put it under my skirt. When she felt that I had no panties on, she was shocked. "Kelly! What are you doing?!" "I just got sick of wearing them, and I thought this would be more exciting." I replied.

"What if someone catches you?" "It will just make it more exciting." I told her. Then she decided she liked the idea too, and reached up her skirt and slipped her panties off. She handed them to me and said, "Here, you take these. For showing me such a good time Saturday." I was amazed she was so calm about this.

I put her panties in my backpack and we got off the bus and went into school. I went to my locker and put my bag away, all the while thinking about Ashley's panties in there. They were the cutest pair. They were white cotton with little pink hearts and a little pink bow on the front.

I loved them. I got my books and went to my first bell class and fell asleep, but I made sure to keep my legs together or crossed. When the bell rang, I woke up with paper stuck to my head and drool all over my face. I wiped it off nonchalantly and walked out to go to Ms.

Tocash's room. I got in there and sat in my usual seat, in the front. Ms. Tocash looked beautiful today. She had on a short black skirt that was a little tight, and a white blouse that had 3 buttons undone, showing some of her bra. I had to be careful not to get too aroused, or else I would leak on the seat. During class while she was teaching, I would slowly uncross my legs and take a little bit to recross them. I knew she saw once or twice, I had hoped she would.

She lingered a little longer than she should have when she looked at me the first time. I did this 3 times, and each time she looked surprised. When class was over, she told me that she wanted to see me at the end of the day, and I was a little scared. I didn't want to get in trouble with my favorite teacher, so I kept calm the rest of the day. I kept my legs crossed, and didn't do anything wild. The rest of the day went fine, and Ashley didn't have any problems.

I didn't tell her about what happened. The last two classes were fine, since I didn't have to be in my uniform. When they were over, I slipped back into my uniform, still not wearing any underwear (since I didn't have any) and went over to Ms. Tocash's room. She was sitting at her desk with her legs crossed, waiting for me.

Sucking a fat cock on cam homemade amateurs walked over to her and smoking hot ebony babe bustylaurau twerks her huge ass in showers alivegirlcom masturbation large la in the nearest desk to hers, and crossed my legs. "Hello, Kelly." She said. "Hi, Ms. Tocash." I replied, in the most innocent voice I could muster.

"I noticed what you did today." I looked down, waiting for her to punish me. She was staring at me; I could see her out of the corner of my eye. "Did anyone else see what you did?" She asked me. "No, Ms. Tocash. You're the only one I that saw." I replied. "Good. At least this won't get out. So how did you like it?" The question shocked me.

I looked up and stared at her, wide-eyed. "What…?" I stammered. "How did you like it? Was it more exciting showing me your bare vagina than just showing me your panties like you normally do?" I was shocked.

I wasn't expecting her to be so open about all this. I just stared at her. Then she said, in a very calm tone, "Don't get upset, Kelly. I'm not going to punish you." This shocked me even more. "You're &hellip. Not?" I managed to get out.

"No. Look." She opened her legs up and let me see that she, too, removed her panties. She must have done it before I got into her classroom. It was the most beautiful thing I had ever seen. She kept it very neat, with a small amount of hair right above her vagina.

I couldn't take my eyes off it. Then she closed her legs and walked over to me. She embraced me for a second, and then said, "Well, it looks like you missed your bus. But oh, well. Come on, I'll drive you home." We went out to her car and we both got in. I told her where I lived and she began driving there.

I rode the entire way in silence, shocked by the whole situation that happened. When we arrived she pulled up by the barn and stopped, and looked over at me. I didn't know what to say. I just sat looking at my feet. She glanced at the clock and exclaimed, "Damn, I guess it's too late to go back to the school for a couple laps in the pool. I was looking forward to that. But it's alright; I think I had more fun with you." "What do you mean?" I asked her. "Normally I'll stay at school for a while and do some laps in the pool.

It's a great workout." "You know, if you don't mind staying at a student's house, you can stay here for a while and use my pool." "But won't your mom mind if your teacher uses your pool when she's never met me?" "Nah… First of all, my mom isn't here, she's away at a business meeting and she left me alone to tend to the animals, and I've said nothing but nice things about you, so she already likes you!" "Really?

Hmm. This is very tempting. Well… I guess so. Why don't you show me around a little first? What kind of animals do you have here?" She shut off the engine and we got out of the car.

"We have quite a bit here. We have 5 horses in the barn, and some cows out in the pasture." I told her. "Do you really have horses?

I've always loved those animals. Ever since I was a little girl. I've only ever ridden them once, though. It was wonderful." I told her that we could go into the house and change into our swimsuits and ride one of the horses up to the pool, and she quickly agreed.

We went into the house and I showed her where the bathroom was so she could change into her suit and I went into my room to change into mine. I squirting webcam teen free teen squirting porn video sexy web cam chat tube porn to think for a second on what suit I should wear, because I wanted to look nice for Ms.

Tocash. I didn't want to wear my one-piece, because that was still a little wet from yesterday. I decided to wear my new bikini that I hadn't worn yet. It was a little white 2 piece with a triangle type top and a very small bikini style bottom. I put it on and looked at myself in the mirror, to make sure nothing was sticking out.

I walked out of my room and Ms. Tocash was already standing there, waiting for me. I stopped to look at her, and my jaw hit the floor. She was wearing the sexiest two-piece I had ever seen! It was a small pink bikini that had black outlines. The top covered a little more than mine did, and went around her neck and tied behind her back. The bottom was a little skimpier than mine and tied on both sides of her hips. She looked stunning. She had also tied her hair up in a ponytail. "Ms.

Tocash… You look beautiful." I stammered. "Thanks. I have to apologize, though. I normally wouldn't wear this in front of a student, but I think I can make an exception in your case." She gave me a wink that almost made me melt. "Well, shall we go out to the barn? I'll let you pick out the horse we can ride up." "That'd be great!" We went outside and headed to the barn.

I opened the doors and led her in. I showed her the horses she could pick from and she finally decided on Heather. I asked her if she wanted to ride up bareback or with a saddle, and she said she preferred bareback, since saddles were usually too uncomfortable for two people.

I went and grabbed the blanket I had used before to ride Heather up and threw it on her back. She still had her bridal on from before, so she didn't need another one. I let Ms. Tocash get on first, since she was so excited about riding a horse again. Plus this allowed me to hug her and get close to her. She swung her leg up gracefully and mounted Heather with no problem at all. I hopped on after her and grabbed her around her waist.

She looked back at me and smiled, I could tell she was excited about this. While we were riding up, we made small talk about different things. I was trying not to get too aroused by the gentle trot of Heather, Ms. Tocash's voice, and being so close to her. Inevitably, a wet spot started to form on my suit and the blanket, so I just let myself go.

I figured it would come out later. We arrived at the pool and I quickly hopped off of Heather and tied her up and got in, so Ms. Tocash didn't see how wet my suit was. She stood looking around for a second and said, "Kelly, this is great!

It must be so nice to have your own pool to come and swim whenever you want to." "Yeah, I've always loved to swim, that's why I take it at school, too" She stood for a second and stared at me, puzzled. "We forgot towels, didn't we?" She asked.

I looked back at her and hit my head with my hand, "I knew we forgot something. But oh well, we can just lie out here for a while and we should dry off enough that way." I secretly knew we forgot towels; this would force her to lay out with me for a while, and hopefully I could see more of her than she wanted to show me.

"I guess," She said, "I need to work on my tan anyway." She looked at me and smiled. She looked beautiful. She stayed out of the water for a little while longer and looked around.

I floated in the water just staring at her while she looked around. It was a good thing I was in the pool, because my suit would've gotten soaked either way. She finally decided to get in, so she walked over to the stairs that led in the pool and gingerly stepped into the water. I was swimming laps, like I normally do, but when she got in, I stopped and swam over to her.

She started swimming laps and I just sat on the edge of the pool and watched her. She was faster than I was when it came to laps. She was absolutely beautiful in the water. I was floating the water on my back when I noticed she had quit doing laps and was coming over to me.

"That was great, Kelly. Thanks again." She said. "I was going to end up doing this anyways. I can't just stay after to swim laps like you can, after all. Besides, it's nice to have some company up here with me. It gets lonely sometimes." "Well what say we get out and lay out for a while, hm?" I agreed and we went over to the pool chairs and laid down.

I kept sneaking peeks over at her while we were sunbathing. She looked beautiful laying down. I kept feeling a little nervous about what happened today, so I decided to bring it up. "So you're not going to tell anyone about what happened today, right?", I asked. "What? About you flashing me or the swimming part?", amateur cfnm stripper gets sucked at party replied with a smile.

"About me flashing you." "Of course not. It's not the first time this kind of thing has happened, you know. I've found the best way to deal with things of this nature is to just let it go, normally I won't even say anything to the student.

But in your case, I figured I'd give you a heads up that most teachers wouldn't be as forgiving as I am. I wouldn't want to see you missing any of my classes." "Yeah, I guess that was a pretty stupid thing that I did today. But to answer your question you asked me after school, about it being exciting it was. I never realized not wearing underwear could be so fun." "I'm glad you enjoyed yourself, I know I did." I was shocked.

"You… did?", I stammered. "Yep. I've seen the way you look at me, and I also see you staring at my butt when I bend over. You're not very subtle." I blushed, I didn't realize she could see me. Ms. Tocash laughed and explained, "Kelly, don't be embarrassed. If I didn't want you to see, I wouldn't drop my chalk as often as I do. Or take as long to pick it up. It's not often that I get such an intelligent girl in my class like you.

I need to hold your attention somehow. Maybe there are other ways, but this is the most fun for me." She smiled at me as I got what she was saying to me.

A wave of relief flowed over me. "Ms. Tocash, you have no idea how much of a relief that is. Ever since I first walked into your class and saw you, I fell in love with you. You are the most beautiful woman I have ever seen." "I'm flattered, Kelly. I've never had a student tell me that before. But I've always known you weren't a typical student.

I mean, just look at what we're doing now. I'm sitting half-naked by a pool at your house. That's not very professional of me. But professionalism aside, since we aren't at school, you don't have to call me Ms.

Tocash. Call me Eve." I smiled at her and replied, "Ok Ms. Tocash… I mean Eve." "Well now that is out of the way, what say you and I head back down. The sun's all but gone and I should probably be heading home." I agreed and we gathered our things and went back over to Heather to go back down. The whole ride down we chatted about everything, finding out we had a lot more in common than we first thought.

We got to the house and rode Heather back to her stable, and took the blanket and put it back. When Heather was back in her stable and tucked away for the night, Eve and I headed back to the house. We got inside and she went into the bathroom to change. I told her I was just going to change into my pajamas since it was getting late.

When Hot luscious chick cum hole pounding act squirting japanese got into my room, I thought about what pajamas I should wear in front of her.

I got a good idea while I was rummaging through my drawers. I found an old t-shirt that I used a long time ago as a nightshirt. It was a pink shirt that used to come down to my knees, but now it only came down to mid-thigh. It was super tight, too. It showed off my body as well as the fact that I wasn't wearing a bra or panties. As soon as I slipped it on, I knew that was it. I headed back out to find Eve waiting for me, again.

Her eyes got big when she saw what I was wearing. I could see that her eyes lingered a bit too long on my body, taking in the fact that I didn't have any underwear on. "How does this look, Eve?" I asked her, trying to break the silence. "Wow, Kelly, I don't know what to say." She replied. "How about you like it?" "I think I do." She smiled at me and walked over to embrace me.

"I had a wonderful time today, Kelly." She said. "I did too. I'm glad this is all out in the open now. So I guess now I don't need to be so subtle when I was looking up your skirt, huh Eve?" "No, I think you should still be subtle at school.

We really need to keep this a secret between us, Kelly. But if I'm ever in the neighborhood and you want to look up my skirt, I'll come over. Just as long as you let me ride those horses again." She leaned in and kissed me on my lips.

I was a little shocked by this, but melted as soon as she touched me. She tasted wonderful, and knew exactly what to do. I felt her hand slide down and grab my butt, so I did the same to her. Her butt was nice and firm, exactly the way I imagined it.

Everything felt wonderful. She pulled away and said goodbye, and headed back out to her car. I noticed she had a little more spring to her step as she walked away. As she teeny innocent mouth blowjob with servant huge old cock out, she waved and I waved back. I stood in the doorway until I couldn't see her car anymore and then headed back inside.

I just stood there for a moment reflecting on what just happened. I just felt so fantastic. It was pretty late now, so I decided that I should go to bed, since I had school tomorrow. I went into the bathroom to go pee and take a shower when I found some underwear sitting on the sink with a note on it. The note said," I had a great time today, but maybe you should use these tomorrow. I think you need them more than I do!

Love, Eve. P.S. Call me sometime after school… We need to do this again." Eve had left me her underwear! I was shocked. I wasn't expecting the kiss, and this is even more unexpected! I looked a little closer and saw that they were an adorable matching bra and panty set. They were pink with black trim and a black bow on the tops of the panties and the middle of the bra.

I looked even closer and saw that Eve had left a small wet spot in the panties. Apparently she found me as attractive as I found her! They were perfect. I stood in the bathroom holding them for a good while before I went in my room and put them on my dresser, so I could look at them later.

While I was in there I took my t-shirt off that I was using as pajamas and just went naked. Being naked just felt so good. I went back into the bathroom and took a nice, long, hot shower. I thought about everything that had happened today and just smiled to myself. I debated over whether or not to tell Ashley when I saw her tomorrow. I hawt legal age teenager fucked hard hardcore massage not to, even though she thought the same way I did about Eve.

I would talk to Eve about it tomorrow and see if maybe we could invite Ashley over to swim with us and see where that went. I pushed that out of my mind and thought about Eve some more and how good she looked in the swimsuit today.

I got hot just thinking about it, and I wanted to act on it, but it was getting really late, so I decided to just stop and wait until later. As soon as I got out of the shower, a wave of exhaustion swept over me.

I guess the whole excitement of the day was getting to me. I started to dry myself off but in the end my sleepiness won out, and I just threw the towel on the floor of my room and collapsed in my bed, still wet. I slid under the covers and was asleep almost instantly. Day 12, Tuesday The alarm woke me up from the most wonderful dreams of Eve, Ashley and myself having fun in the pool and riding the horses in the fields. I didn't want to wake up but I knew I had to or else I would miss school.

And now that Eve knew my true feelings, I didn't want to miss a single class. I sat up in bed and realized that I had to pee very badly. I was so tired the previous night I must have not realized it. I hurried into the bathroom and sat down on the toilet. The flow came right away, and instantly the pressure in my bladder was relieved. It felt great. As soon as I was done peeing, I looked at myself in the mirror and realized I should have done something with my hair before I went to be with it soaking wet.

It looked horrible. I brushed it and got it as straight as I could and then put it in a tight ponytail. After that was all set, I headed into my room and decided on what underwear I should wear today when Eve's set caught my eye.

I thought about it for a second, and then decided that I would save those for a special occasion. Then I remembered that I still had Ashley's pair in my backpack, so I walked out to the kitchen where I left my bag and got them. I slid them on and realized that they were about a half size too small for me, but they still felt great anyways.

The tightness of the fabric felt great on my clit as I walked. I went back into my room and got a bra that almost matched the panties, and then the rest of my uniform on. I glanced at the clock and realized I was actually running a little early this morning, so I walked out to the end of my driveway and just enjoyed the slightly chilly morning as I waited for my bus. I looked down at my blouse and realized just how chilly it was this morning; both my nipples were poking through the thin fabric of my uniform.

I rubbed at them a little bit, hoping they would stay like this for Ashley. When it arrived, I got my usual seat and had my usual conversation with Ashley. I made sure not to tell her about Eve, even though I wanted to very badly. I tried to think about other things, to try to get the conversation away from Eve and myself, so I showed Ashley what I was wearing.

While she was looking down, I lifted my skirt up to show her what panties I had on. "Say, those look familiar." She said, with a sly wink. "I have to admit, they feel great. I didn't know you wore smaller panties than I did." I replied. "I don't, I just like to wear small underwear, and it just feels amazing to have it constantly pressing on my clit." "I'll say, I feel great!

I just hope I don't get too excited today…" We both giggled over this and carried on a conversation until we got to school. We got off the bus and went our separate ways, but not before Ashley gave me a quick pinch on my butt. I squealed in surprise and blushed, making everyone around me stare, but I didn't care. I gave Ashley a quick wink and skipped to my first class. When I got to Eve's class, it took all my willpower not to jump up and strip in front of her and tell her what Rashod zatirki dlya shvov plitki v vannoy wanted to do to her.

I kept giving her seductive looks all throughout class, and she kept giving me back menacing looks, as if she didn't want me to be doing that during class. I stopped, because I didn't want to get her in trouble, so I went back to fantasizing about her and what we did. The rest of the day dragged by, everything else that I used to look forward to was boring compared to what Eve and I did.

I sat next to Ashley on the bus and we had a nice conversation, but my mind kept wandering back to Eve. We were about halfway to my stop when I reached over and starting rubbing Ashley's leg. I smiled at her and slowly worked my way up her skirt and found her wonderful pussy. I slowly started rubbing my finger up and down her slit, feeling her getting wetter and wetter. Eventually she started slowly grinding into my finger and enjoying herself. Just as she was about to orgasm, the bus stopped.

I looked up and it was my hottie in yoga pants sucking big cock. I pulled my hand out from under her skirt and licked my soaked finger. I gave her a quick wink and told her to call me tonight and got off the bus. As it drove off I beautiful big boobs bbw loves to fuck see her glaring at me for not letting her get off.

I smiled and waved. As I walked up the driveway to the house I began taking off all my clothes. It felt great. I went inside long enough to put my bag on the table and my clothes in the hamper. I stopped in the bathroom and put my hair up into a ponytail and headed out to the barn. I went over to Misty's stable and started talking to her and petting her. I figured it had been awhile since I've played with her, so I let her out of her stable and let her wander around the barn. As soon as I opened the gate she gave me a playful nudge with her head.

I got some hay for her to munch on while I tended to the other horses, making sure to spend time with everyone. As soon as I was done with all my chores, I opened the barn doors up and led Misty outside. I hopped up on her back and starting riding bareback up to the pool. I figured I didn't need a towel or anything else.

I started her off at a slow trot since I was riding bareback, but by the time I got up to the pool I had her at almost a full run, with her bounding along and me bouncing along and enjoying every footstep.

Huge boobs mom ava addams protects her precious family vagina was a soaked mess, but it felt wonderful. My juices had gotten Misty's back completely soaked and were running down her sides.

I slid off her and tied her up to the post by the pool. I walked over to the edge latina mirror show watch more of her at ulacamcom sat down, letting my feet dangle in the water. I splashed a little water on my vagina, to rinse it slightly and then just sat there for a little bit, enjoying the day.

As I was sitting down, I figured I would play around so I started thinking up ways I could have some fun peeing up here, since I enjoyed it so much outdoors.

I was laying down on the edge of the pool with my feet still in the water playing with my clit and decided this was as good of a position as any, so I let it come. It felt great to be laying down and lightly fingering myself and have the pee dribble out of me. I could hear it running off the edge and into the pool, but I didn't care.

I was enjoying myself too much. When I finished I lifted my fingers to my lips and savored the taste of my juices mixed with my pee. I stuck my fingers back down to my vagina and fingered myself to a wonderful orgasm. I laid there for a little while longer and then slipped into the pool to cool off and rinse myself off.

I did a couple laps, then decided it was time to head back. I got out of the pool and walked over to Misty, soaking wet. I went over to untie her and she kept trying to sniff my crotch. I figured she must have been a little jealous seeing me have all the fun so I left her tied up and walked around to her rear.

I lifted her tail and gazed at her big beautiful vagina. I licked my fingers and started lightly rubbing all around it, slowly working a couple fingers in and playing with her.

I eventually got my whole fist in there, and Misty looked like she wanted more. She kept kicking lightly and neighing softly. All of a sudden, she backed up onto my fist, shoving my arm in her all the way to my elbow. I was shocked! But she looked like she liked it, so I kept going. I used my free hand to rub her clit lightly and my other arm to thrust into her. I started taking short thrusts and then went deeper. When Misty climaxed, her vagina contracted all around my arm, and her clit moved up and down with the motions.

It felt great. Her juices were all over my arm, and leaking out and dripping down by my legs. I kept softly massaging her insides and knelt down and began to lick and suckle on her clit. She tasted great. I felt her climax even harder, her juices pouring out teen big dick the blue balled compeers brother her vagina and all over my face, breasts, and lap.