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In comparison with other similar establishments, St Saviour's orphanage is a large, bleak and imposing building.

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More a series of buildings attached to each other rather than one building, each builder trying to stamp his authority on the overall structure. Standing in its own private grounds and set back from the road, the only way into the property is by a long and winding driveway. At the rear of the main building are several smaller buildings, an enclosed courtyard next to the old stables and a large walled garden.

Foundered by the Marchant family in 1837, it has provided care and shelter for children who have lost their parents at sea, for the past 60 years. Located in the St John's Wood area of London, it serves, through the family connections with the navy, much of the south coast of England. In keeping with naval traditions, the day-to-day routines and discipline at St Saviour's are harsh and the children are treated very roughly.

This has always been justified as character building, but the staff has always taken full advantage of this excuse, to satisfy their own sadistic lusts.

[ part 1 ] Alice Marchant It was into this atmosphere that Alice Marchant was born in 1862, her childhood and teenage years spent learning all about the running of St Saviour's, that one day she would inherit. During her wonderings around the buildings and grounds, she would enjoy watching the children being punished. When she was older, she always took an active part at the special punishment parades, held in the great hall every Friday night.

Special, because the punishments were much more severe and carried out in front a packed hall of complete strangers. Concupiscent mother id like to fuck gets threesome would enjoy wielding the birch rods, which were always used without mercy. Full to capacity audiences, watched as the children were punished and thrilled to their screams and erotic struggles in return for helping to raise much-needed funds.

Alice would also enjoy helping matron with the children's daily hygiene, which included; genital cleansing and enemas of hot castor oil that were kept in for hours afterwards with stout mushroom bungs.

Many a child was thrashed for not co-operating during these treatments, although there were some children who were stoic enough to endure them. The result of this stoicism was that they would be treated even more cruelly the next time. Another of Alice's favourite pastimes was to assist at the children's sexual response sessions. These would included; forced masturbation and orgasm control training using special harnesses, that tightly encased their genitals and fitted snugly over their tenderised anuses making it very painful to sit and walk.

All this ignited a real passion in Alice for this type of activity and when she was twenty, much to her delight, her parents left her in charge of St Saviour's orphanage to retire and sail on the open seas.

Alice now had the chance to develop her passion for inflicting these painful abuses and punishments and she encouraged her staff to compete against each other to find new and exciting ways of making these routines and treatments even more entertaining.

Alice had been able to operate St Saviour's in her own special way since her parents left her in charge nearly fourteen years earlier, but then she received a telegram from the admiralty a couple of years ago, that changed everything. It was announced that new regulations in naval procedures, meant than those orphans who would normally have been sent to St Saviour's, would now be sent to a newly built naval institution nearer the coast.

This also meant that as the children got older and left to return to the navy or go into service, redhead chick gets her cunt drilled outdoors wouldn't be replaced.

As if that wasn't bad enough, the admiralty also cut its subsidy, making it more difficult for Alice, to continue operating in the way that she had enjoyed and large debts started to mount. The family capital that funded the running of the orphanage, also started to dwindle as her parents found new ways of enjoying their retirement, but then her world changed.

Alice's, dreams finally became a reality when she inherited St Saviour's a few month's ago, after the loss of her parents in a tragic accident at sea.

The funeral was a sombre affair, with only Alice, her staff and a few friends from the navy attending.

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It didn't take long for her to greave and Alice soon realised that this fate now gave her the opportunity to put the changes she so desperately craved into operation.

Heavily in debt and on the brink of her world crumbling around her, Alice made a brave decision.

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Like-minded individuals would be invited to a meeting and persuaded to become governors and introduce others as patrons. Alice, felt sure that they would take up this opportunity, but would she be able to persuade them to pay for the privilege. Specialist equipment and apparatus would be installed and changes made to the children's daily routines. Larger and better facilities including an infirmary would be built. A fresh intake of children, boosting St Saviour's dwindling stock would be purchased from other establishments, through contacts that Alice had made in the trade so to speak and there would be no restriction on how much she could pay to be sure that the children were healthy, attractive, and able to respond favourably to all the sexual and physical abuses they were going to receive.

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It was now time, Alice decided, to find new ways of measuring the children's responses to both pain and pleasure. To use drugs to calm their nerves and heighten the sensitivity of their skin making even the lightest spanking feel painful and real thrashings unbearable.

New treatments would be introduced such as; the use of nettles and rough massage to awaken tired and flagging genitals. A journal and a photographic record would also be kept, cataloguing the children's responses to the various treatments and punishments and used to show potential patrons who had been carefully chosen, in the hope of gaining their interest.