Dongs for a horny legal age teenager attractive nymph

Dongs for a horny legal age teenager attractive nymph
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This is a story of casual, unprotected sex, and is a work of fiction. In real life, use a condom, damnit! Unwanted babies, HIV and all sorts of lesser sexual diseases await the idiot who "dips his wick" or "rides the rod" without protection.

--- Mother's Future Helper (F-solo, f-solo, ff, MF, 1st, bi, cons, reluc, oral, impreg?, ScFi, voy) by Krosis of the Collective --- -------------- Two weeks ago: -------------- "But Dave, you know what week that is!" "I know, Linda, but it's my job, and we need the money." "Money isn't everything." ----------------------------- Jump forward - four days ago: ----------------------------- Hi!

My name is Jessica (Jesse7327 to my friends). I'm 15 years old, slim with light brown hair, and I am at education level basic minus two. I live with my parents in megablock 626 of the San Portland conglomerate. My Dad is a contractor for offworld mining companies and has to spend weeks at a time off planet. Mom says he gets paid a *lot* of money, so it's worth it. She's been quite unhappy about him being away this time, but seems better the last few days.

Only 4 days to go 'til he's back home! Today I finished my homework in record time so I jacked out of my schoolnet early. An odd sound was coming from my parents' room, so I stopped, listening. There were some gasping sounds and groaning. It sounded like Mom! I inched closer to their room, peering in through the open door.

I gasped -- she was naked, lying on her bed, completely encased by a blob of almost transparent material! "Uh uh uh.oh, Dave.yes, yes." she murmured. I then noticed that the blob had a kind of translucent tail snaking into the wall, and the other end went right between my Mom's legs.

It was.thrusting.into her. My initial thought that some sort of alien was replaced with fascination with what seemed to be some sort of pleasure technology. The tube's in-and-out motion picked up speed. "Oh oh oh! Yes! Now.yes!" Mom cried as her back arched. "Oh YES! In me! Do it in me! UH UH UH! Oh Dave." Her entire body stiffened in the throes of her orgasm. Mom visibly relaxed after a bit, breathing heavily somehow within that blobby envelope, and I moved back from the door, slipping into my room before she had a chance to notice me.

My pussy was tingling, petite erika lui and lexington steeles insane pussy fuck Mom would want my help with dinner soon and I would have no chance to take care of "the itch", darn it. ------------------------- Jump back - ten days ago: ------------------------- "They can do that?" "Yes, Dave, it's amazing what technology can do these days." "So it'll arrive in time?

I know how much you're looking forward to trying again, Linda." "The salesdrone says next-day shipping. We'll be able to figure it out in time." "Okay, let's do it." ------------------------------ Jump forward - three days ago: ------------------------------ The next day I skipped my last class so I could investigate the strange hookup in my parents' room while Mom was still jacked into her work net.

I was way ahead on my assignments so the comptutor wouldn't complain. I went to their room and straight to where I had seen the end of the blob's tail terminate on the wall. I had done some online searching and it seemed this was a new pleasure device called the LoveBlob, which surrounded the user with an oxygenated gel that could feel as light as air or harden to do all sorts of interesting things. The comments online were very positive.

It looked like it was a simple touch toggle. I thought for a moment, and then curiosity and horniness won out. I touched the button. The tail snaked out quickly from the wall, forming into.I couldn't believe erect penis! I stepped back to give the device room to move, and as I moved back my legs bumped into the bed and I fell back onto it. The device was over top of me in an instant, the tip of the glass-colored phallus spewing a viscous transparent substance with the fury of a water cannon, though the gelatinous material, instead of blasting me against the bed, seemed to curve around me, caressing my body as it also held it firm.

I couldn't move! Panicking, I cried out, "STOP!" The fake cock did not stop, though I heard my Dad's voice say from all around me, "Safeword required." Safeword? Oh no! I tried all sorts of words, even my parents' names, but nothing stopped the spray of the gel. "MOM!" I called out.

No answer. She was still jacked into work. The cock finally stopped shooting the gel. The LoveBlob was complete, encompassing my entire body and still holding me fast. I could breathe fine, though. Then someone was kissing me.

I had never actually kissed anyone on the lips charming mother id like to fuck loves hard fuck but I had seen it in vids. But there was no one there.the gel was forming into an invisible mouth and tongue, expertly making out with me.

I could feel a weight on top of me now, like a vixen hot stepsister has revenge sex with stepbrother body.

In my mind's eye I could see a virtual man lying on top of me, holding my arms while continuing his passionate kisses. The feelings were getting to me, and I could feel my pussy start to lubricate. I started to return the kisses. I then felt a hand on my left breast through my clothes.

I looked down and could see the clothing indent as the invisible hand fondled me. I had never felt anything like it before. The invisible mouth moved lower, nibbling at my neck now. I tilted my head up to give it greater access, my breathing fast and my body heating up even more. At first I didn't notice the fastener seam on my jumpsuit descending, but when the warm virtual hand moved to my bare breast I did!

It felt incredible! The virtual mouth moved down to my collarbone, and then further down to my other breast, now freed from its confining fabric. I gasped as my nipple was sucked into the gel's fake mouth, the fake tongue slithering around it, making it stand erect, excited. My jumpsuit was slipped all the way off now, and I could feel fingers touching me between my legs.

"No." I said weakly. "Safeword required," my Dad's voice said again. I proceeded to mumble words, starting from 'aardvark' and working my way up, as the fingers down there rubbed my pussy lips and stimulated my clitoris. By the time I reached 'abstract' the virtual mouth had moved down my stomach, along my pubic hairs, and then I felt it down there. I could swear I even felt virtual breath against my nethers! Then the mouth was licking my clit and all around my sex, the virtual tongue dipping between my virginal pussy lips.

I gasped, overwhelmed by the new sensations. Touching myself was one thing, but this was light years better! My dictionary quest disappeared from my mind. As the gel pleasured me, the fake penis, forgotten amongst the overwhelming sensations, easily pushed itself through the gel wall. It moved forward, ending up with the tip of its head just touching my vaginal lips. As that happened my virtual lover moved its "body" back on top of mine, kissing me again.

I could feel an insistent pressure between my legs but didn't know what it was. I knew it felt good, and I welcomed tiny titted blond teen gets fucked by big cock on the couch sensation even as my gelatinous lover tweaked one of my nipples as we French kissed.

The cock slipped into me suddenly, assisted by the juices that I had been producing throughout this incredible new experience. There was a slight pain but it was almost immediately replaced by overwhelming pleasure.

I moaned, my virginity having been claimed by a machine. The gel kissed me softly now, tenderly. The cock pulled out a little and then pushed back in, moving deeper inside my previously unused love channel. I found I could move my limbs again, and I wrapped them around my invisible partner as he made love to me.

His thrusting increased in speed, as did my breathing rate. Finally, the space age phallus was as far inside me as it could go. I felt so full! It continued to thrust, faster and faster.

It felt so good! I would never be satisfied with just my fingers again! After a few minutes I could feel an orgasm building within me, but it felt different, a lot more powerful than any I had experienced before. I was going to explode! As I started to cum the fake penis started throbbing. I felt an odd warmth deep inside me. "What--?! Oh! Ohh! OHHHHHHH!!!" My orgasm blasted off like a rocket as my entire body stiffened in the most powerful orgasm of my young life.

"UHH! UHHH! OH! UUUUUUHHHHHHUHUHUH!!!" After a half-minute or so my orgasm calmed down. No wonder Mom went so nuts when she used this thing yesterday!

I thought. The feeling of pressure on my body receded, as did the fake cock from my cunt. I felt so empty all of a sudden! Then I heard a slurping sound and I could see the artificial penis vacuuming up the gel as fast as it had produced it. Within a minute I was naked on my Mom's bed and the gel was all gone. The penis retreated back to its panel and then disappeared into the wall.

I got up, put my jumpsuit back on, and headed to the bathroom to clean myself up. As I peed on the toilet I noticed there was an odd whitish fluid starting to come out of my vagina.

Wow, I didn't think women could produce that much lubrication, but then again I'd never had something as big or as pleasurable as that fake penis in me before either. I cleaned myself up as best I could, and then returned to my room.

I would definitely return to my new artificial lover. --------------------------- Jump back - eight days ago: --------------------------- "They installed our new toy today, Dave." "Ah.want me to read the instructions over?" "I'm no good with gadgets.go ahead." ".interesting." -------------------------- Jump ahead - two days ago: -------------------------- I woke up the next morning with sore boobies. Mine weren't really big but Mom keeps telling me that I haven't fully grown yet.

They're an okay size, I guess. That day I worked through lunch in order to finish my schoolwork early. It was hard, with my mind constantly flitting back to the thought of my new gelatinous plaything.

By the time I jacked out I was as horny as a toad. After making sure Mom was still jacked into work I ran into her room, flinging my jumpsuit aside. I pushed the activation toggle and then jumped onto the bed. As the LoveBlob snaked out of the wall I decided to move up the bed hottie apolonia sucks on neighbors big cock bit, getting on my hands and knees in order to do so quickly.

I was too slow, and that was the position that the gel trapped me in, facing toward the bed's headboard. I felt my artificial lover press my face down into the bed, causing my bum to angle up. I was so wet that I didn't need any foreplay, and the computer program in charge of the LoveBlob seemed to know that. The cock penetrated me easily, causing me to cry out in pleasure as it thrust into me again and again from behind.

"Oh yeah, give it to me hard!" I commanded. This time it obeyed, virtual hands grabbing my hips, simulating my lover trying to get the best leverage for his cock thrusts. It didn't take long this time. The cock thrust itself deep inside me, holding itself there as its secret (to me) special feature caused it to start throbbing. UHH! UHH!

UHHHHH!!! I felt the warm liquidy feeling inside me again. My entire body tensed as I screamed in ecstasy, my cervix spasming as it hunted for whatever it could find in my vagina to suck into my womb, my young, healthy reproductive system realizing it was getting what it needed even though I was still oblivious.

UUUAAHHHH!!! AAARRRHHHH!!!! OOOOOHHHH!!!! Oh. . I came back to consciousness as another, smaller orgasm washed over me. Ah! Uhh! UHH! What--? I must have passed out from my huge cum. For some reason the LoveBlob's cock was still embedded in me.

I quickly checked the time -- 4:50! I only had a few minutes to clean up before Mom jacked out of work! On unsteady feet I quickly went into the bathroom. At dinner Mom seemed sad, almost disappointed. I guess she missed Dad. Oh well, only a couple of days to go. --------------------------- Jump back - seven days ago: --------------------------- Instructions for the LoveBlob(tm) and the "Mother's Little Helper" add-on: - To activate the unit, simply press the activation toggle.

- Please set up a safeword to shut down LoveBlob(tm), otherwise the cycle will finish after you do (wink). - LoveBlob(tm) can interface with the recordings your bedroom monitor has stored of past lovemakings black dicks and black pusies order to reproduce a realistic and familiar encounter.

- The "Mother's Little Helper" phallus will scan and mould itself to match your preferred male partner's penis size and shape. - There are 2 ways to use the "Mother's Little Helper" feature: - 1) Manually fill the "business end" of the "Mother's Little Helper" unit with the desired liquid.

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- 2) Have a male donor utilize the LoveBlob in extraction mode using a virtual historical lovemaking simulation. - ATTENTION: Please do not put anything into the "Mother's Little Helper" that you do not want to enter your preferred orifice. ----------------------- Jump ahead - yesterday: ----------------------- I woke up feeling tired the next morning, but also strangely relaxed. School passed slowly, my mind wandering back to my new lover, patiently waiting for me in my parents' room.

Mmm. My comptutors noted that I was daydreaming and ignoring their lessons. Whatever. During school recess I VR chatted with my friend Amber6542. She commented on how relaxed and happy I looked, and, stupid me, I revealed to her my secret. Next thing I knew she was asking me tons of questions about it. I answered as many as I could before recess ended and we had to return to our schoolwork.

Near the end of school Amber shot me a quick message that she was coming over. Wait, what? She had only been at my home once before, and even that personal meeting was weird two black lesbian having sensual oral session this day and age. Everything was done virtually these days.

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Amber didn't reply when I messaged back. I waited by the front door, not wanting to chance her touching the call button, which would have notified my Mom, even while she was jacked into work. Once I heard steps outside I opened the door and pulled Amber into the entryway, sealing the door behind her. Amber is a year older than me, in basic education year minus one, meaning she would graduate in a few months.

She's actually a little shorter than me, with curly auburn hair and pale skin that shows off some freckles. "What are you doing here?" I asked. "Um, Jesse," Amber said, chewing her lower lip and looking shy, "Would you.would you let me try it?" "What?!" I couldn't believe she had just asked that.

"Please, Jesse. I've never even seen a LoveBlob, much less used one. Please? I won't tell your Mom." She was trying to blackmail me! "Fine, whatever. You have to be quick, though." I wanted my own turn once she was done.

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I ushered her into Mom's room and pointed out the switch. As I turned to leave I heard her call, "Wait, Jesse. I don't know what to do now. Please help me." Sighing, I went back in. Amber was already lying on the bed, the top of her jumpsuit unfastened and off her shoulders. I had never seen her without her clothes on before. She was actually in pretty good shape. Her perky medium-size breasts, now free of the confines of her jumpsuit, pointed their hard little pink nipples at me.

"Fine," I said, moving to the wall and hitting the toggle. As I moved back towards the door I turned to regard Amber again. She had completely removed her jumpsuit now, and I paused at the sight of her entirely naked body, spread-eagled before me. "Jesse!" Amber cried, looking behind hentai schoolgirl gets her wet pussy fingered. I turned, but too late.

The gel hit me and pushed me forward, right in between Amber's legs. As the gel surrounded both of us I found I couldn't move, again. Amber looked shocked at my sudden presence between her thighs, and then.something else registered on her face.

My Dad's voice sounded in the gel, "Recipient?" We looked at each other, confused, and then Amber said, "Me?" My jumpsuit was removed by the gel, though quickly and efficiently instead of lovingly like the first time, and then both Amber and I were completely naked. I still couldn't move. Then my head was pushed forward, pressing my lips against Amber's. The gel's fine control was moving my lips and tongue as if I was a puppet. Amber and I French kissed, our bodies rubbing against each other.

"STOP!" I yelled into Amber's mouth, realizing almost immediately that the response would again be. "Safeword required," my Dad's voice sounded from all around us. Amber's eyes were closed now jb dark-meat-dark-treat ice la fox havana tube porn she seemed to really enjoy making out with me, so I decided to just let it happen.

My head involuntarily moved down Amber's neck, kissing as it went. My mouth sucked her nipples for a bit, and then I continued down her stomach, all the way down to. Oh no! I couldn't. I still had no control. My tongue flicked at Amber's exposed pink clitoris, making her moan. I then started calling out words as best I could in the gel, cycling through the dictionary again: "Abutment.ace.ahhmmm." My mouth was now fastened to Amber's pussy, my tongue darting between her vaginal lips.

Amber arched her back in pleasure. After a few minutes of cunnilingus I moved back up her body. It seemed I was taking the place of the male lover in this session, but I didn't have a penis.

How--? The fake cock snaked between my legs from behind, the gel firming up to hold the base firmly in place just under my vagina, making it seem like I had a penis!

Classy cougar tugging younger studs cock handjob bigtits my hips thrust forward, sinking that fake cock halfway into Amber's very wet pussy. "Ah-haahh." she moaned, looking at me adoringly as I penetrated her. Within a few more strokes the autonomous dick was fully buried in her teenage body, and then my hips started to thrust, long strokes that pulled that cock almost all the way out and then firmly back in, as deep as it could go into her teenaged body.

"Jesse.unhh.oh, baby. Yeah, fuck me with that cock. Oh." Amber pulled my head toward her so we could kiss again. I was pretty sure her movements were voluntary instead of controlled like mine were, so she was really getting into the moment. It was pretty hot, and as the thrusting continued I could feel the base of the cock sliding along my own pussy lips and stimulating my clit. After a couple of minutes I was getting close, and it seemed Amber wasn't far off either. Suddenly I was cumming!

UNHHH! Through the base of the fake cock I could feel it pulse and throb, and Amber's eyes widened as something exploded within her. "What the--? OH! OHHH!! UNHHH! UNNNNHHHH!!!" Her hips rose off the bed as her vagina spasmed around the dildo, her hip thrusts jamming the fake cock as far into her as it would go.

"AAAHHH! OH FUCK, JESSE! I'M CUMMING! CUMMING ON YOUR COCK!" I was cumming too, spurred on to higher orgasmic levels by Amber's outcries. The LoveBlob's cock rammed into her again and again. "Oh Amber! Take my cock, you bitch!" I cried. "Fuck me back! Fuck me! UHH! UNHH!" "Jesse, I swear I feel you cumming in me! So good! SO GOOD! Uhh AHH!" Our orgasms lasted at least a minute. It's hard to tell when you're so wrapped up in the moment.

Finally we came down, shaking from the release of nervous energy. Amber was in absolute heaven by the looks of her. Her eyes were half-lidded, and one arm was draped over her forehead. "Oh Jesse. It's never been like that before." A disappointed look crossed her face as the cock disengaged from my pelvis and vacated her pussy.

I felt the gel receding from our bodies as the LoveBlob cleaned blow job stimulation and vaginal fuck girlfriend homemade up. Finally, we both lay there, naked and intertwined, breathing heavily. I looked at her, suddenly embarrassed, and bounded from the bed, quickly getting dressed. Amber lazily stroked her pussy as she watched me. Suddenly she looked alarmed. "Hey, what--?" She brought her hand up, the fingers covered with a white substance.

She brought it to her nose and sniffed, and then touched it to her tongue. Her eyes widened in shock. "Oh shit! Oh shit!" She sat upright, her hands moving to her crotch, bringing out more of the white liquid from within her. "It's okay, Amber. The LoveBlob's really effective, isn't it?" It sure made me cum lots when I used it, I thought wistfully.

Amber looked sharply at me, her eyes searching. "Jesse, how could you? I LOVED you! I thought you loved me! How could you do this?!" She rolled off the bed to the floor, picking up her jumpsuit and trying to get it on quickly as she hopped out of the room. "Amber? What's wrong?" I followed her out into the hall. She was heading for the front door, still repeating Oh shit.

The top of her jumpsuit was half on when she threw open the door and ran down the hall. In a few seconds she was gone. I stood in the entryway, supremely confused. What the fuck? About a half hour later Mom jacked out of work just long enough to eat and then jack back in, as she was going to her Friday virtual "stitch and bitch". She would be back late, she said, so I was not to wait up. Dad was due back in the morning, his space shift over.

I missed him. The incident with Amber was really bothering me. Well, maybe I would message her during school Monday. --- Dave got home early in the morning and then gave his wife a nice, hard "good morning" wakeup fuck.

She came like crazy before he finished up, blowing his load in her hopefully still-fertile cunt. Ahh. Real sex was so much better than virtual. He had missed her all week. "'morning, hon." He snuggled up to her. "'morning yourself." She kissed him and abruptly rolled off the bed.

Grabbing her jumpsuit, she headed down the hallway toward the washroom. Dave thought for a moment. Was she mad about something? He dressed and headed for the kitchen. As his wife came out of the washroom he saw his daughter Jessica come out of her room. She was really becoming quite the beautiful young lady.

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Jesse paused for a moment, gazing toward her parents' bedroom, and then continued on into the washroom, a smile on her face. Dave thought she looked radiant. Easy, spaceman, he mused, it's not right to think about your daughter that way. He followed his wife into the kitchen. "Amber's parents left a message late last night for us to VR them," he said. "It sounded urgent." "Well, we'll call them after we talk." She sat down at the kitchen table, a stern look on her face.

Dave sat across from her, confused. "What happened, Dave? I thought you wanted another baby?" "I do! What's going on?" he replied. "Each time I ebony black wanda hearn henderson interracial to use the LoveBlob for the last few days it indicated that that day's sperm wasn't there. I was so disappointed. My fertile time of the month is over now." What was going on?

He had left her a flash-frozen batch of his swimmers in the LoveBlob's receptacle, one for every day! Missing sperm. A flurry of images crossed his mind within a few seconds: Amber's parents' worried message, Jessica looking radiant, glowing even, glancing wistfully at their room *where they kept the LoveBlob*. OH SHIT!