Kat monroe bound for anal

Kat monroe bound for anal
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He Wishes He had Locked The Door Jim and Dianne drove up the driveway and Jim pushed the garage door opener. The door opened and Jim wheeled their bright red Mercedes SLK into the garage.

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He shut the door behind them and, as they exited the car, three men rushed out from behind their other car. The men had entered the garage through the back garage door, which was never locked, and were waiting for them. The couple were grabbed and pushed against the wall.

Each of them was shown a knife that was held by the man behind them and they were told to be quiet and listen closely. First they were told to go into the house. As the five of them entered the living room Jim said, "We won't make any trouble. Take what you want and leave." One of the men punched Jim hard in the stomach and he doubled over in pain and went to the floor on his knees.

"Don't say a word unless you are told to", Jim was told. Jim's hands were pulled behind him and were secured together with zip ties. "We don't want your stuff.

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We've been watching the two of you and we want to have some fun with your cute little wife here." Dianne was standing with one of the men behind her with his arm around her neck.

He was still holding a knife where she could see it. She did not move or say a word. Jim shouted, "Leave her alone and get the fuck out of here." Then he calmed a little and added, "If you leave now we won't say a word to anyone." The man who was standing bbw latina perfect huge legs from desirebbws com tube porn to Jim gave him a hard punch to the mouth.

"I didn't tell you to say anything." the leader of the three invaders said. With blood trickeling from his cut lip, Jim was dragged over to a chair that was brought in from the dining room and his arms and feet were tied to it. Jim and Dianne are a white couple who have been married, fairly happily, for eight years. Jim is 43 and stands 6 feet tall and weighs 170 pounds.

Dianne is 35 and a real knock out. She is five foot four and weighs about 110. She has a small waist and very firm 34C brests. She has shoulder length dark brown hair and dresses a little on the sexy side. Jim likes showing her off and enjoys seeing men look at her longingly. Today she was wearing a tight black skirt that came about half way between her knees and her sex, along with a white, front buttoning, blouse that showed a lot of cleavage and a little of her lacy white bra.

Jim had on tan slacks and a white dress shirt. They are not rich but money is not much of a problem.

They have a nice home and nice things and are socially active with other upper middle class people. The three men who were now controling them were all white and appeared to be in their early twenties. They were between five foot ten and six two.

They were all well built and clean appearing. One of the men stepped in front of Dianne and the one holding her, pushed her down to her knees. The man in front of her reached down and unzipped his pants and pulled out his seven inch manhood. It took a small effort as he was already fully erect.

"Alright little sweetheart, it is time for the fun to start. Suck my cock." The man behind her shoved her head forward till her lips were touching his cock head but she did not open her mouth.

Jim started thrashing about trying to free himself but gorgeous beach bikers shares a giant cock group sex hardcore was no use.

One of the men went over to him and drew back his fist. "Stop" cried Dianne. She turned and looked at Jim. "It's ok, Jim. I don't want them to hurt you. I'll do what they want. It will be ok." Jim hung his head and Dianne turned back to the cock in front of her face and opened her mouth. As the man's shaft started to enter her mouth Jim turned away.

Dave, who was the man with his cock in Dianne's mouth, twisted his fingers into Dianne's hair and pulled her to him, running his meat to the back of her mouth and causing her to gag.

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He pulled most of the way out and then shoved back in even more forcefully. Dianne had learned how to deep sucking a fat cock on cam homemade amateurs Jim's slightly smaller cock, so after just a few tries, Dave found himself balls deep in Dianne's throat.

Dave looked at the others. "Look at what we have here. This little lady is a real sword swallowing cock sucker." They all laughed and thought about the fun they were going to have.

After taking it several times, Dianne closed her eyes and let out a little moan. "Hey hey boys, she's enjoying having my cock down her throat. This is going to be better that we thought." Dave pulled his cock out of Dianne's mouth and told her to get up and take her clothes off and to do a slow and sexy job of it. Dianne did as she was told, kind of dancing and turning and slowly stripping and shaking her tits and ass.

First her blouse then her skirt. Next her bra, exposing her large erect nipples, and finally her panties, showing her thick hairy bush.

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She never shaved her pussy. Jim could not help himself. He turned back and watched her put on a show for her attackers. Now each of the men stepped up in front of Dianne and gave her a big kiss and grabbed her boobs and then reached down and put a hand between her legs.

Dianne never smiled or said a word but Jim thought he could see her opening her mouth as they kissed her. Now the three intruders stripped out of their clothes. It was a nice assortment of young hard cocks belonging to a nice assortment of good looking young men. Two of them were between six and seven inches and about four inches around, not much different than Jim's manhood.

Jim's cock was the only one that she had ever had in her, although in college she had seen many couples fucking at dorm parties and out under the trees on campus at night.

She saved herself for marrage. She had sucked a few cocks, including her brother's, and had a few fingers up inside her pussy from the time she was sixteen till marrage but that was as far as she would let any of her boyfriends go. The third man standing in front of her had the biggest cock Dianne had ever seen except in videos. It was nine inches long and over six inches around, almost as big around as her wrist. It proudly stood straight out with a slight upward curve.

Dianne hoped she could take it without it hurting her. Now that everyone but Jim was naked Dianne was commanded back onto her hands and knees. Hank stepped in front of her and Dianne opened her mouth. In one storke Hank, whos cock was about the same size as Daves, was down her throat. He held her hair and, with long strokes, he fucked her mouth like it was a cunt. After a few strokes he could feel her trying to respond to his movements so he let go of her and stood still. Dianne took over and ran her lips up and down the full length of Nick's manhood.

Dave now stood behind her and looked at her pussy. He could see that she was soaking wet so without any other preperation he put the head of his erection between her pussy lips and plunged deep into her. A moan escaped from Dianne's mouth around Nick's shaft.

Nick and Dave stood still and Dianne started rocking back and forth between them. Each time Dianne would rock forward, Nick's cock would disappear down her throat and each time she rocked back Daves pole would run up into her cunt and his balls would slap against her clit. Dianne rocked and moaned and shook as she had her first orgasm. Nick felt himself getting close to shooting into her mouth so teen kira adams sucks huge cock of plumber reluctantly pulled out and let Ron place his larger sized prick to her lips.

Dianne hesitated, not knowing what she could do with this monster that was presented to her. First she put one hand around the shaft. She couldn't reach all the way around it and the head of this huge cock still stuck out past her hand. Dianne licked and kissed the tip of its head and savored the pre cm that was dripping out of it. She opened her mouth as wide as she could and her lips stretched around the head. She slowly worked at getting more of it into her mouth till she had a little more than half of it in her.

All the while Dave continued his fucking of this older woman who was surprizingly still pretty tight. Dave felt his balls tighten and with one final hard thrust he burried himself in Dianne and unloaded his cum into her causing her to start a strong orgasm.

Dave's last hard thrust drove her forward and Ron's wrist thick cock slipped into Dianne's throat as she came. She felt it stretched like it had never been stretched before. Ron grabbed her hair and started giving it a good throat fucking. She managed to breathe through her nose each time he only had the head of his cock between her lips. Dave keep himself deeply in Dianne as his cock throbbed and he shot his load of sperm into her cunt.

Then he pulled out. Ron was about to come, but he pulled out too. Dave came to her mouth and she sucked his cum covered shaft clean and Nick moved behind her and filled that end back up with his cock. Dave and Ron switched back and forth using her mouth but not cumming, while Nick fucked her till he added his load to her pussy.

Then it was Ron's turn to fill her bottom. She was well used by now but although angie love oiled big tits ass continue on mypornox com was no pain, she still felt like she was being split in two as his large dick entered her pussy. After a couple minutes of being battered by this huge meat she had her strongest orgasm in her life and almost fainted. Jim had become transfixed with the sceen in front of him and watched intently, while he was bound to the chair, wishing he could get his hand around his cock.

At one point one of the men noticed the large bulge in his pants and the big wet spot on his tan slacks. He pointed it out to the other men who all had a good laugh. Twice more Dianne had the wonderful feeling of a hard cock pounding into her and hot cum blasting her insides, filling her to overflowing.

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After almost and hour of fucking and sucking Dianne had five loads of cum in her and it was dripping down her theighs as Ron lined up for his second shot at her cunt. She could hardly wait to get his monster back into her even though she was completely worn out. This time Ron flipped her over onto her back and fucked her in the missionary position.

After about ten minutes he came, but not in her pussy. Ron pulled just out of her and jacked his shaft and shot several large spurts of his cum into her thick black beaver, completely saturation it. Ron came to her face and she willingly sucked him clean. The men stepped back and admired their work as they viewed the exhausted Dianne laying there with her legs spred wide and five loads of cum filling her and the sixth load soaking her pussy hair. Dave went over to the chair where Jim was tied.

He cut him loose from the chair but did not release his hands. Dave pulled him over to the middle of the room and pushed him down onto his back. Ron helped Dianne up to her feet and led her over to Jim. "We are going to sit your lovely wife on your face and you are going to eat her snatch till it is completely clean.

You are going to bury your tongue deep up into her pussy and you are going to suck her clit till she comes. We're going to watch and if we don't think you are doing a good enough job, we are each going to take a turn kicking you in the balls as hard as we can.

Do you understand?" Jim nodded yes. Ron positioned her interracial fuck with a sexy beauty hardcore blowjob her husband's face and she squatted down. Cum was running out of her cunt as her bottom touched Jim's face. Her cum soaked pussy hair pressed against his face from his chin to his eyes. Jim knew that he had no choice so he slid his tongue into her snatch and accepted his first mouthful of cum from the three men and his wife.

Soon it was feeling so good to Dianne that she started rubbing herself back and forth on Jim's face with his nose rubbing her clit till she had a huge orgasm and flushed her cum and all the remaining cum from their three attackers into her husband's open mouth.

Just before she collapsed on the floor beside her husband she looked at the three men who were now dressed and headed for the door. Dianne smiled and blew them a kiss and mouthed the words, "Thank you." The three men smiled back and waved and Dave mouthed the words, "Any time, Dianne." 1108