Loads of face pissing for wild beauty

Loads of face pissing for wild beauty
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Wrestling with a twist The lower grades of our high school (aged 12-15yos) had compulsory sport on a Thursday afternoon. Luckily, we could choose the sport that we wanted to do. When I was 14 my best friend kept on badgering me to join him in wrestling, saying it was really cool. I wasn't really interested but decided to see what it was all about.

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When I arrived there were about 10 boys of all different ages (12-15). I'll tell you about the first time in another story, but the way the school ran the wrestling team was something else. Firstly, it was explained by the coach (Mr Giles) that once the term started no-one was to leave the wrestling group for the year or ever talk about the group to others outside the group if they did they would be expelled from the school.

Secondly, Mr Giles explained that in his experience, boys in the wrestling group usually tore each others school clothes during matches and parents would complain about that. Therefore, all boys would have to strip down to their underpants in order to wrestle. Mr Giles also had an added incentive for the best wrestlers the best boy wrestler would receive $500, 2nd $200, 3rd $100 (all of which were fortunes back then).

The points system was very unusual to say the least. All the usual rules applied then except for the following. Mr Giles said that 10 points would be awarded if you ripped or pulled the underpants off your opponent.

You were allowed to grab a hold of your opponents penis and try to pull it. If you did grab hold of it your opponent had to 'submit'. If the other boy got hard within 30 seconds of you pulling it you gained 20 points. If you then made him blow within a further 60 seconds you could earn 40 points.

If you managed to pin your opponent down and put his penis in your mouth (after having removed his underpants) it was worth 50 points. If he then got hard in your mouth as the result of you sucking it it was worth 100 points (but again there was a 30 second time limit).

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200 points were awarded if he blew his load in your mouth within 60 seconds as a result of you sucking it. There was a similar point system for pinning your opponent down with the full length of your body once you had him completely naked. If you had him in this position and your penis was against his arse (and you had your underwear on) it was worth 20 points. However, the same maneuver was worth a lot more if you were also without underwear. Mr Giles would call it a 'super pin' if you managed to wedge your penis between your opponents butt cheeks.

A super pin would only apply if your penis was hard enough to be sticking up when you were standing. Mr Giles had the final say on whether your penis was hard enough to count as a super pin.

If he adjudged it to be hard enough, your opponent had to submit and you would be allowed to stick your penis in your opponents asshole. You then had 60 seconds (timed by Mr Giles) to blow in his asshole if you did you scored 250 points if you didn't you scored 125 points.

Each match lasted five minutes. We all knew the implications of this system. However, the enormous amount of money on offer (huge at that time for anyone, let alone a schoolboy) and the consequences of leaving made boys stay. Matches occurred one at a time, all refereed by Mr Smiling handjob weekend crew takes a crack at the crack, with the other boys watching and egging the opponents on.

The door to the room where the wrestling was held was locked at all times of course.

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Boys would start by sitting in their underpants and watching the first bouts before being called up by Mr Giles.

Often, the boys would have hard ons already (which was an advantage to getting the big points). The boys who were soft while they were wrestling usually tried to rub their penises frantically against their opponents naked bodies faces, lips, penis, thighs, soft arse cheeks whatever it took to get them hard as it was an advantage to get a superpin.

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Of course, if you were pinned and your opponent got your cock in their mouth you would try hard not to blow that really cost you, although some boys at times were so horny they no longer cared about the money and actually pumped their hips towards their opponents mouths so they could fully blow their load.

Some boys took the approach of allowing their opponent to rip their underpants off so they could obtain the bonus points for fucking their opponents arse. Some boys would allow themselves to submit to having their penises masturbated or pulled as it gave them the opportunity to get their opponents penis in their own mouth and gain greater points.

Therefore there was often a lot for Mr Giles to watch and adjudicate on points wise. If you got a super pin, as I said Mr Giles would have to check on the hardness of your penis. If it was sticking directly upwards you could proceed straight away.

If it was below that he gave you the opportunity to get it hard enough via aziani iron brandi mae female bodybuilder with huge clit hand or mouth.

You had 30 seconds to achieve this.

If your penis got harder during this process, you were allowed to proceed, if softer, the match continued as normal. If he hadn't sucked you and you were judged hard enough, he would rub cream very thoroughly into your penis to get it all nice and slippery. He would then dip his middle finger into a container of KY jelly and then dip it a number of times into the hole of the other boy so it was wet enough for you to slide your cock in. Most of the boys were able to cum inside the other boy within 60 seconds, no matter which hole they were fucking (mouth or anus).

For some of the others it was not as easy, and so they had to fuck the other boy as hard as they could to beat the time limit.

A few of the younger littler boys couldn't get hard ons when they started so if an older boy was wrestling them then they had to try to get the big points by fucking the younger boy's arse. The older boy would usually try to suck the younger boy off first (to see if they got hard) but soon stopped that tactic if it wasn't succeeding.

You could usually tell if a boy was not capable of a hard on as he wouldn't have any hair on his body and he had a little pricklet, although points were still available for that. Mr Giles chose who wrestled who every week.

To be fair, he tried to make it as even as possible (boys of the same age wrestling together and boys of different ages against each other on occasions).

If you are interested I'll tell you about the first wrestling bout I had here, as Mr Giles chose me to wrestle my best friend.