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It had been awhile since I'd seen my little daughter Jessica. My wife and I had separated for a couple years, and I worked out of town. For Jessica's 14th birthday, I bought her a plane ticket to come visit me. It was almost two years since I had since her, and I was really excited. She jumped into my arms, "dadddy!!". She gave me a sloppy kiss on the cheek. Wow she was looking good. She looked just like her mommy.

Long blond hair, blue eyes, little b-cup breast, and a well toned butt. Her face was flawless. She had sexy pink lips that begged me to kiss them.She grabbed my arm, and we headed to the car together. I couldn't keep my eyes off her. I was really distracted while driving. The worst part was that she was wearing a mini skirt, and a couple of times I saw she was wearing thin lace panties underneath.

We spoke about her school, her family life, and I told her all about my job at the oil refinery. She told about her new friends, and that she didn't really go out with any guys yet. I was sure she didnt care much about what I had to say, because she angie love oiled big tits ass continue on mypornox com most of the conversation texting on her stupid phone. It was a short drive to the airport, and we got back to my place in no time.

It was a really hot day, so I suggested we both go swimming in my pool. I lived in a large apartment complex with an outdooor. She liked the idea, and I loved the idea because of how she looked in her pink tiny bikini. It was so tight on her, that I could see kendra lust fucking hung step son little bit of her 'camel toe'.

I Tried hard to calm myself so my boner would show. It was so wrong but I could not help it. I picked her up in the water, and threw her around 'accidentaly' grabbing her teenage ass.

I think she realized what I was doing because she kept splashing at me until I would throw her. The water was a bit on the chilly side, and her nipples were nearly popping out of her bikini.

I wanted to fuck her so badly. After a few hours of screwing around at the pool we headed inside to my apartment. She took her towel off, and made herself comfortable. I went to the fridge to grab a beer, and when I got back to the living room, She was standing buck naked in front of me!

He pussy was clean shaven a her clit looked so tasty.

Her little titties stuck out, and begged me for a nibble. "DAD!" she noticed me staring. "sorry" I murmured at her. "Its ok"-she said, smiling. "I'm naked for you!" she said, and ran to take a shower. She was in the shower for a few minutes; "DAD!" she shrieked. I ran up the stairs to see what she was bitching about. "The shower is all fucked!". "watch you language young lady". I fixed the pressure for her, and as I was doing it, something really strange happened.

She grabbed my cock through my pants. "You like seeing me naked, you fucking perv". Well I wasnt going to lie, "yep". She took my finger, and slid it into her sloppy soapy pussy.

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"ohhhhhhh you are so dirty"". "I cant do this your my daughter!" "well you already put your perv fingers in my pussy". There was no denying that. I bent her over, and spanked her tiny little ass. "Your shouldn't swear you slut!" I slapped her hard, and left a red mark on her ass. She bent over begging for more. I slapped her harder, and she moaned even louder, "fuuuuckkkkk".

Her teenage face was bright red with erotic pleasure, and I know she needed more of her Dad. "Dad, can you finger my ass?" I was a little bit shocked at the request.

I placed my finger into her mouth to make it nice and lubed up. She sucked it hard, and teased my fingertips by flicking her tongue back and forth on it.

My cock was so hard picturing her doing that to my cock. She grabbed my finger and placed it near her tight little asshole. I slid my finger inslowly, "oooohhhhhhh fuuuckkk". "Gimme your cock !" she demanded. I shoved my swollen cock into her tight asshole. "OHHHHHH MOOOREEE" she moaned. She was falling over, she couldn't take it. I placed a finger in her pussy as I fucked her asshole.I slowed down a little bit to let her enjoy it.

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. "Dad, your cock is so big" she marveled at the size of my nine inch cock filling up her tight asshole. My cock was the hardest it had ever been. She bent down, and placed my cock into her little mouth. "Let me taste my ass daddy" she said, smililing at me. She was bobbing her head back and forth.I was nearly falling over it felt so good.

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I could see a bit of pre-cum sliding down her face, and onto her body.She cupped my balls roughly and she gagged on my hard member. "Lets go to your room" she suggested. We both dried off, and headed to the bedroom. On the way she stopped and let me 'quick fuck' her pussy. I would place my cock in her, and than pull it out. I did this several times, and both of us begged for more. I was barely in the bedroom when she jumped on my bed, and got on her hands and knees.

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"Just fuck me, thats all I really want". I grabbed her asscheeks and shoved my cock deep into her pussy. "mmmmmmm wooooow" she muttered. I grabbed her back and shoved my cock into her even harder."fuuuuuckkk meee!" she yelled. I placed my finger deep in her ass as I fucked her "HOLY SHIT!" she moaned.!

louder and louder.

I grabbed her neck and choked her a little bit as I fucked her even more. I reached for her tiny nipples and pinched them really hard. "ohhhh daddy!" She screamed. She got off my cock, and lay down flat on the bad. She pushed her legs apart, and begged for me to eat her out."Taste me Daddy, Taste your sweet daughters cunt!" she demanded. I licked her pussy like it was a sweet candy, savouring every little drip of her cum. I placed my tongue on her young little clit, and licked her in circles.

I hot luscious chick cum hole pounding act squirting japanese her slow at first, but she really liked it when I flicked my tongue faster, and faster. As I licked her clit I placed my finger in her tight little pussy to get her ready for another solid fucking.

"Put another finger in!~ she yelled. I placed another one, and just as I did that she came all over my face. I loved the taste of my little daughters sweet nectar. I needed some attention. I kept her laying down, and shoved my cock in and out of her mouth.

She was gagging really hard, but I was able to see her smiling a bit. I wanted to cum all over her little face, but first I needed to fuck her really hard.I grabbed her ponytail, and pulled her onto the floor.

I got on top of her, and starting fucking her way harder than when I fucked her mother. "OHHHH FUUCCCCK!" she moaned as I felt her nails dig deep into my back.I could not handle in any more, I thrust deep into her tight pussy, and I felt my cock shoot a huge a load. She jumped off me, and swallowed the last bit of cum off me.

But she was not done at all.

She gave me a few minutes, and this time she opened up her suitcase, and showed me some very interesting toys she owned. She placed her dildo deep in her pussy, and demanded I fuck her ass. I readily complied, and did not even notice that my girlfreind was already completely naked, and little Jessica xxx full movies iad sax licking pussy for the first time.

We siwitched and she sucked hard on my cock. She placed her ass on my face, and demanded I lick her asshole. I had no objections. Her ass tasted really good, and I could tell by the way she kept moaning, and the way she shaking all over